3 Ways To Unblock Website Using Psiphon on Android PC 2024


3 Ways To Unblock Website Using Psiphon on an Android Laptop PC – Websites or sites found on the internet provide information that is rich in benefits. Although some sites are negatively charged, there are still many benefits that can be taken from the internet.

How To Unblock Website Using Psiphon on Android PC
How To Unblock Website Using Psiphon on Android PC

How To Unblock Website Using Psiphon on Android Laptop PC 2024

The government, in this case, Kominfo, has blocked many illegal sites in India.

Blocking sites carried out by the government are intentionally done to minimize access to adult websites by minors.

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It is fitting, we appreciate the decisive steps that have been taken by the government, to restrict access to porn sites and adult sites in India.

Here’s How to open a blocked Website with Psiphon

There are already quite several banned sites blocked by the government. But unfortunately, some good sites from abroad are also blocked.

Although foreign sites that are blocked do not contain negative content, they are still targeted by Kominfo.

But on this occasion, Technadvice.com wants to explain how to unblock sites using Psiphon.

Psiphon is an application or software, which can be used to open a blocked site or make a positive internet bypass.

#1. How to use Psiphon on Android

How to use Psiphon on Android
How to use Psiphon on Android

First, we will try using Psiphon for Android. Please download Psiphon Pro from the Google Play Store

  • Open the Psiphon Pro application, then when the application permission request appears, please press OK.
  • Next, you just press the Start button at the bottom.
  • If the VPN is active, you can press the Open Browser button.
  • The first page that will be displayed after you press the Open Browser button is the site page that detects your IP location.
  • Now you can open a blocked site.

That’s him, how to use Psiphon on an Android smartphone, to open a blocked site.

#2. How to use Psiphon on PC Laptop

How to use Psiphon on PC
How to use Psiphon on PC

Above we discussed how to use Psiphon on Android. Now it’s time for us to discuss how to use the application to open this site on a PC. Unblock Website.

Previously, you can download Psiphon for PC directly through the official website, or please download it. here.

After downloading, just open Psiphon 3 for PC on your computer. No installation is needed to use this software, so you can immediately run it.

  • Open Psiphon, then select the location of the server you want to use. But for a faster and more stable connection, you should select the Fastest Country option.
  • Then press the Connect button. But usually, when you open this software, Psiphon will immediately activate the VPN service.
  • If you want to change the server to a certain country, you can directly choose it from the available Combo Box.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the application to open this blocked site if it’s finished using it.

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This is the explanation of 3 ways to unblock a website using Psiphon on an Android PC, Which method to open a blocked site or to make a positive internet bypass? Psiphon can be used for free, but unfortunately, the speed is limited, the maximum is only 2MB per second.

If you want to increase the speed limit, then you can subscribe to the Psiphon VPN service. However, the speed upgrade feature is only available for mobile platforms.

One thing to remember when using a free VPN is, never to do financial transactions like shopping online, mobile banking, and internet banking. Unblock Website.

This needs to be done, to prevent the theft of financial data and personal data, as long as you use a free VPN service.

In addition, don’t ever use this VPN application to open banned sites, such as porn sites and adult sites.

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