How to Open ENC File in Android Laptop Windows 10 PC 2024


How to Open ENC File in Android Laptop Windows 10 PC – .docx is an extension of Microsoft Word, .pptx is an extension of Microsoft PowerPoint and .xlsx is an extension of Microsoft Excel .enc is encryption. Actually, there are a lot of extensions that not many people know about, there are hundreds or even thousands.

How to Open ENC File in Android Laptop Windows 10 PC
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How to Open ENC File in Android Laptop Windows 10 PC 2024

But for the occasion of this time, I will discuss extensions ( .ENC ). Maybe some of you are confused, why did I send the file on WhatsApp, how come it changed to ENC?

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Enc file stands for encryption. Encryption is data security. So if you find a file with an enc extension from WhatsApp, it is a WhatsApp feature for securing a file.

How to open an encrypted enc file from WhatsApp? Here are some ways you can extract enc files on your Windows and on your Android phone.

Open ENC File in Android Laptop Windows 10 PC

To open a file that has an enc extension, you can use compress zip / rar. Here are the steps. The Windows I use is Windows 10. So for those of you who use Windows 8 or 7, it’s a little different. But for how to extract files that have the same enc extension.

#1. Make ENC File into a ZIP

  1. First, please prepare the enc file that you want to open. If it’s still on an Android cellphone, you can move it to Windows first
  2. Then you right-click the file
  3. Then click Send to and select the compressed (zipped) folder. The file with the .enc extension will turn into a zip
  4. After making the enc file into a zip, then just extract the file
Make ENC File into a ZIP
Make ENC File into a ZIP
  1. The trick is to right-click the file
  2. Then select Extract Here
Make ENC File into a ZIP
Make ENC File into a ZIP

Besides making the file into a zip, you can also make an enc file into a rar so that the file can be opened.

#2. Make ENC file into RAR

  1. First, please find the enc file that will be opened
  2. Then right-click on the file
  3. There are several menus, select Add to “namafilekalian.rar”
  4. It’s become rar, then you can extract the rar file
  5. The trick is to right-click on the RAR file
  6. Then select Extract Here
  7. Previously I also discussed how to create and extract RAR files on Windows and Androids.
Make ENC file into RAR
Make ENC file into RAR

Maybe some of you don’t have a computer or Windows. You can open the ENC file with the Android smartphone that you are currently using. It’s easy to open files that have an ENC extension on an Android phone. Here’s how to open an enc file on Android.

How to Open Enc File on Android

#1. Using the ZArchiver application

ZArchiver is an application like the default cellphone file manager, but in this application, it is very complete. Lots of people use this application for their purposes because the default cellphone file manager application cannot extract files with the ENC extension. And also not only, in this application, there are lots of functions where the default cellphone file manager cannot fulfill the wishes of its users. Immediately, here’s how to open an enc file on an Android phone.

  1. First, please prepare the ZArchiver application. You can download it on the google play store for free.
  2. After you download and install it, please open the application and find where the enc document file is located. If you get the file sent from WhatsApp, you can find it in the file local-> WhatsApp-> media-> document.
  3. If you have found just click the file, there will be several extract options, just select it.
  4. If it is later a new folder will appear with the name of your enc file earlier. Open it and see what’s inside.
  5. Done.

Well, it’s possible to open an enc file on a cellphone that much. Using the help of the ZArchiver application is very, very easy. But there is another, easier way to open this enc file.

This method can be used on Windows and on cell phones. Not only on Android phones but on iPhone phones you can also use the following methods. Using a web-based application is one of the right solutions if you are lazy to install applications again. Here’s how to open an enc file online without software or application.

How to Open ENC Files Online

  1. First, you open the browser on Windows or on an Android smartphone.
  2. Then visit the site
  3. Then you can the Choose File tab (Select File)
How to Open an Online ENC File
How to Open an Online ENC File
  1. Please look for the enc file format on your Windows or smartphone
  2. Wait for the process to finish, if you can download it, click Save All as zipping (Save all as zipping)
How to Open an Online ENC File
How to Open an Online ENC File
  1. Done

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So, friends, that’s above on how to open an ENC file on an Android laptop or Windows 10 PC, If you are still confused, you can ask in the comments column. Usually, the enc file is the result of encryption from WhatsApp.

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