16+ Best Sites To Watch Free Korean Drama Sub Indo 2024


16+ Best Sites To Watch Free Korean Drama Sub Indo – In recent years, Korean dramas have been quite popular in Indo and other countries throughout the world. Millions of people watch Korean dramas that are produced and released at a very high frequency every month.

16 Best Site To Watch Free Korean Drama Sub Indo
16 Best Site To Watch Free Korean Drama Sub Indo

Here’s 16+ Sites To Watch Free Korean Drama With Download Sub Indo In 2024

Thanks to extensive resources on the internet, people outside of Korea or Asia can watch interesting dramas. However, it is always important to have a website or platform where they can stream or download the latest sub-Indo Korean drama episodes in 2024.

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One of the most amazing facts about Korean dramas is that they have very clean and cultured stories in them. That’s why users are pleased to watch every latest release of the latest episodes.

o watch this episode, you must open a website that provides sub-Indonesian Korean drama films for free. Most Korean drama streaming websites are full of advertisements or exclusively for paid users.

However, there are websites where you can download Korean sub-drama for free to a local disk drive to watch offline which I will write about in this article.

#1. Viki

16 Sites To Watch Drama Download Sub Indo
16 Sites To Watch Drama Download Sub Indo

Viki.com is known as the most famous site that explicitly plays drama in a large number of countries. This website also provides users with subtitles so that drama can be enjoyed in various languages.

However, the number of advertisements sometimes bothers and annoys viewers, since then, the website is often used by users to download Korean drama Sub Indo for free in 2023.

Visit:- https://www.viki.com/

#2. NewAsianTV


This website is considered the center of all Korean, Japanese, and Asian drama films. This website gives visitors a friendly design that makes it easy for users to search for their respective series.

The only problem identified by viewers is the IP address, which means that this site cannot be accessed in some countries due to IP differences.

Visit:- https://wwv.newasiantv.tv/

#3. Dramago


This is another best site to download Korean drama films sub indo 2024. This site allows users to search for the top and super-hit dramas, which saves time.

This site is famous for Korean dramas because it has many series listed on the homepage.

Visit:- http://www.dramago.com/

#4. Dramanice – Korean Drama Download Site

Dramanice - Korean Drama Download Site
Dramanice – Korean Drama Download Site

This site really has a captivating design that attracts many users to this site. The combination of white and pink from the site makes it even more unique.

This website consists of various old and new Korean dramas. However, it’s also a mixture of video subtitles and the original version. Even so, the disruption by the announcement was only at the beginning.

Visit:- https://www7.dramanice.movie/

#5. GoodDrama.to – Korean Drama Download Site

GoodDrama.to - Korean Drama Download Site
GoodDrama.to – Korean Drama Download Site

This is a Korean drama download site that is very similar to Dramgo.com and has the same interface. This site also consists of various Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas.

The simple interface makes it easy to navigate and search for each drama series in a shorter time. This site also has interference with advertisements.


#6. DramaFire – Korean Drama Download Site

DramaFire - Korean Drama Download Site
DramaFire – Korean Drama Download Site

DramaFire is considered the best of the 2020 Korean drama film download sites. The series is played in HD with very good sound quality.

This site makes finding Korean dramas easy and accessible. This site is competitive and provides free access to various Korean dramas.

Visit:- http://dramafire.info/

#7. DramaFever – Korean Drama Download Site

DramaFever - Korean Drama Download Site
DramaFever – Korean Drama Download Site

Are you worried about your slow internet? So you don’t need to worry anymore, DramaFever allows users to stream Korean sub-drama films with low internet speed.

Special search options make it easy for users to get lifetime access to various Korean dramas. This site is similar to other Korean drama sites Viki.com. This website is known as the biggest Korean drama center.

Visit:- https://www.dramafever.com/

#8. Dramabeans


DramaBeans is known for providing a large number of Korean, Asian, Chinese, and Japanese drama films to users. This is not only the center of Korean drama but also allows navigation and searching for various Asian and Korean dramas.

DramaBeans is the oldest site to access all of this drama. This site also gives users lifetime access to the Korean and Asian series.

Visit:- http://dramabeans.com/

#9. KissAsian.es


KissAsian is another classic website that offers many Korean dramas from all categories such as action, love sequences, etc.

I like this website because it is proven to be simple and clear. Thus you can download your favorite Korean drama without fear of malware.

Their drama is updated every day and new Korean films are added to keep you up to date. Overall it should be your calling point when you want to watch some cool drama.

Visit:- https://kissasian.nz/

#10. Thedramacool.com


Thedramacool may look like a simple blog, but to be sincere this website offers a collection of addictive Korean Dramas.

I have streamed some Korean dramas from the website and to be sincere it was incredible.

The admin there does a good job of keeping viewers updated with the latest Korean drama. However, you can only stream plays from this website for free.

Visit:- http://ww1.thedramacool.com/

#11. Mydramalist.com


Mydramalist is not one of the websites I like when downloading Korean dramas. I’m trying to be open here … However, there is a high tendency that you may or may not live on this website when you check it.

They have many recently updated Korean dramas that can captivate you and you can watch drama trailers. Site navigation is very clear but I can still choose DramaFire on it. This site does not contain malware so your device is 100% Sade when streaming your favorite drama.

Visit:- https://mydramalist.com/

#12. Viewasian.tv


Viewasian is a download site for the latest Korean drama 2020 sub-Indo movies. When you feel like streaming live this website can be your first choice.

I like the classic look of the site and there is a large collection of popular and latest Korean dramas. When streaming dramas from the site, you can also choose to download their app to stay updated with tons of Korean dramas that are uploaded every day. They are the best, just try and thank you later.

Visit:- https://viewasian.tv/

#13. VIU


For those of you who like and enjoy watching Korean dramas, you might be familiar with this free Korean drama-watching application.

This application for watching Korean dramas is one of the applications that best suits your needs. VIU provides many subtitles in Indonesian.

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Not only that, this application even allows you to be able to download content so you can watch dramas offline and certainly save your internet quota data package. You can download content in SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) quality.

Not just an application to watch Korean dramas with TV series, VIU also offers a variety of favorite films and music shows.

Even with VIU Basic, you can easily download content for free. However, if you want to be free of ads when watching, the solution is to subscribe to Premium VIU.

Visit:- https://www.viu.com/

#14. HOOQ


Although the collection of Korean dramas in the HOOQ Android application is not as complete as the VIU application, who would have thought this application could also be one of the best alternatives for you to watch various Korean drama series?

Aside from being easy, HOOQ can also provide free mode shows and you just need to use the internet quota. Interested in watching the drama with the HOOQ app? If so, just download the Korean drama-watching application on the Play Store.

Visit:- https://hooq.tv/

#16. Netflix


Since the beginning of 2016, Netflix has officially entered Indonesia. You are also required to pay a fee if you want to subscribe to be able to watch movies and TV series that are presented on Netflix. The advantage of Netflix is ​​the existence of subtitles in Indonesian.

This is certainly the main attraction of Netflix which will improve many streaming applications for movies that do not yet provide the Indonesian subtitle feature. However, to update films in the application watching Netflix Korean dramas is quite slow.

Korean films themselves are not too updated on this application. So, if you are one of the fans or K-Drama lovers who don’t want to miss all the episodes of dramas in the most recent Korean, it is strongly recommended that you not use the Netflix application.

Visit:- https://www.netflix.com/

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So, friends, these above the best sites To watch the free Korean drama Sub Indo, Now you don’t need to worry, because with the help of a number of the websites above you can always update the drama and not miss each episode.

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