The Definition of Software And Functions Are Discussed Fully 2024


The Definition of Software And Functions Are Discussed Fully – In the world of technology we often hear the term software and hardware, especially in the computer world, so who and what exactly are they? Therefore the author aims to create articles that discuss briefly the definition of software, software functions, and also hal2 related to the software itself.

The Definition of Software And Functions Are Discussed Fully
The Definition of Software And Functions Are Discussed Fully

What Are The Definitions of Software And Functions 2024

I still am given the opportunity to share knowledge with you, at a glance transit because I personally sometimes accept computer or laptop service there are some things why I chose to make this article when the consumer asked what damaged their computer I was confused about how to Explain it literally in order to be understood by them?

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And it turns out that when I reply with common words commonly discussed as the damage to software/hardware they just smile2 Sarah and accompanied by some questions about what is software/hardware. I also be confused though but somehow how to be easily understood by the consumer: D,

Understanding of software: definition of software

Software or other language software is a collection of electronic data stored and arranged by the computer in the form of programs or instructions to run/process a command.

In computer software or hardware, both have the same role and are inseparable because both have the same connection to each other as a supporter.

So there is no term which is more important software or hardware? I emphasized again both have an important role in the process of operating the computer to be smooth.

Software functions: definition of software

Software function is a means of interaction between users (users) with hardware, with this software human languages are translated into machine language, making it easier for us to operate a computer.

Types of software: definition of software

The type of software is divided into several parts

#1. Software paid (commercial software): definition of software

Software created for the purpose of commercial needs. For every user who wants to use the software, the user must buy from the distributing party, or can directly to the software developers who make it.

Examples of paid software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Internet Download Manager, etc.

Paid software is protected by copyright law to get it we have to buy the software.

#2. Freeware


Freeware or free software is copyrighted software, but users who want to use the software can download for free DNA without a time limit.

Freeware can be defined as a program that is distributed for free and at no additional cost. Examples of freeware software like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on.

#3. Shareware

Shareware is software provided to users without pay or can use by using as a trial and is often limited by a combination of functionality, convenience, and so on.

So it can be defined that shareware is actually a test application and its users must buy it from the distributing party in order to use the software if the trial time has run out or want to get certain additional features.

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The reason behind this software is to give potential buyers a chance to try to use the program before purchasing a license for a fuller version.

This can also be said for a marketing or marketing strategy of the shareware application developers.

#4. Firmware

Firmware is software that refers to software stored in Reading Only Memory or read-only. Unlike random access memory types, the firmware will not change even if it is not powered by the startup of the startup computer until the input/output instruction process.

Modifications can still be done, but it depends on the type of ROM (Read Only Memory) used. The saved firmware cannot be changed, but firmware stored in ROM that can be changed like EEPROM or Flash ROM still can be changed as needed

#5. Free Software

Free software or free software is a term created that refers to free software to be used, studied, and modified and can be copied with or without modification.

Free here also means using, changing, studying, or selling software and someone does not need to ask anyone’s permission. The software usually has a license and provides access to its source code for its users.

Please note that free software or free software do not equally articulate with free software (freeware). Freeware can be free software which means free software or freeware can be non-free software.

#6. Open Source Software

Open-source software or also called open-source software is a type of software whose source code is open and can be learned, altered, developed, upgraded, and can also be disseminated.

Because of these traits, in general, the development of the developer is done by an open community that has the purpose of developing the software concerned.

Open-source software produced is usually free and still adheres to certain rules and ethics.

#7. Malware

Malware or malware is software created to destroy/destroy computer systems. This destructive device is like virus-like Trojans, Worms, Web scripting viruses, multipartite viruses, Fat viruses, companion viruses and so on which perform the central command of the computer he is in.

That’s the type of software classification so my friend becomes more tau actually the software2 you use hari2 including into which class or what type?

Distribution of software

The outline of software division divided into several parts, following the division of software

  1. operating system; Windows, MAC OS, Ms. Dos, and Linux
  2. Auxiliary programs; Antivirus, Pc Tools, Windows Explorer
  3. Application 3.1. Data processor: Microsoft Word, Page Maker, Notepad, etc. 3.2. Pronouncing numbers: Excel, Lotus, and Quattro Pro, etc. 3.3. Data Processor: Dbase, FoxPro, and Ms. Access 3.4. Image processing: Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, 3D Studio, Photoscape, Picasa, and so on
  4. Compiler/interpreter: Borland Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Visual C ++, etc.

Software required on PC / Laptop usage of the software must surely differ2 in how the computer devoted oh every user can be used for gaming, design, or just help office work, sekolah2 school.

But here I take a general cakepan outline only what Sarah’s software must be installed the software benefits are brief and if you feel do not need one of the software does not need to be installed;

  • The driver is one of the mandatory software that must be installed first, the driver is software that serves to control hardware or hardware in computers, laptops, and notebooks. Without a new hardware driver, we cannot be recognized by the operating system.
  • So it can not be run to perform certain activities. Can you motor if there is no driver (driver) will not be able to walk by himself?
  • A browser is software that works to display and interact with documents provided by the server.
  • With Internet users’ browsers more easily access/surf the virtual world with ease and fun with various features found in their mainstay browser2 like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, internet explorer, opera, safari, Maxthon, and so forth.
  • Downloader such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) serves as software to maximize download speed, this software is the most popular software to download various files the internet
  • Winrar is a shareware software that works for archiving and compression, WinRAR can archive files into RAR or ZIP format.
  • Microsoft Office Microsoft Office is a software package by Microsoft Corporation designed to facilitate office tasks. With ms.
  • In the office, we can work on proposals, letters, financial reports, presentations, employee databases, etc.
  • Multimedia player intended software multimedia files like music and video like VLC, GOM Player, Winamp, foobar, amp, classic media player, etc.
  • Antivirus serves as a shield or security for our computer from various viruses/malware that want or infiltrate into the operation of computer systems/laptops and notebooks. A lot of antiviruses that you can use like Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials, and many others.
  • This device maintenance software serves to keep computer performance to stay healthy on performance and still nice to use. Many maintenance software that you can use/install like Ccleaner, Auslogics Disk Defrag, and so forth.

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So, friends, this above is the definition of software and functions, Also, share this article, and your experiences and opinions with in the comments field below.

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