How To Take Screenshot on LG G3 Smartphone 2021


How to take a Screenshot on LG G3 Smartphone – who are looking for ways to capture, screenshot, Munch on the LG mobile phone, read this article further.

How To Take Screenshot on LG G3 Smartphone
How To Take Screenshot on LG G3 Smartphone

now it’s the LG mobile phone that we discussed. for those of you who don’t know what screenshots or capture on mobile phones, we will give you a little explanation.

Capture or commonly called Screenshot or what is familiar in Blackberry with the name Screen Muncher application is taking pictures on the Mobile screen at that time, so we can take pictures of the activities that we are currently doing.

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This method can be used almost for all the latest LG HP brands, because basically, it’s the same as we only need to press a few buttons to be able to use this feature, for those of you who can’t wait how to use it, read the method below.

How to Screenshot or Capture on LG G3 Smartphone: Best In 2021

  1. Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down Button simultaneously for several seconds.
  2. After you press the button for a few seconds, then release.
  3. The image will automatically be buried in your LG Mobile Screenshot gallery.
  4. Finished

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So, friends, this was How to take a Screenshot on LG G3 Smartphone, I hope this article can help and useful for you.

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