Top 12 Best Android Download Manager For Android 2020

Top 12 Best Android Download Manager Software For Android- Are you someone who likes to download large files through an Android device? If so, it’s time you have a download manager application.

Top 12 Best Android Download Manager For Android

Unlike the default Android downloader feature, through the application later you can get many benefits, ranging from a faster download process, can pause or resume disconnected download files, and much more.

The way the application works is also quite simple, where it will optimize the downloaded file with a speed many times more than usual. Thus, you do not have to wait for long to be able to access the file that you have downloaded.

How can I download big files faster on Android?

And here is a list of the best download manager applications for Android that make the download process faster.

1. µTorrent Torrent Downloader

uTorrent is an application that helps you to be able to download large files on the internet. This application can only work when you are on a WiFi network only.
For those of you who like to download movies or other large files, of course, this application is the right choice. Because he was able to download large files with optimal speed. Not only that, but the files that you download later also will not be limited.
In other words, you can even download tens of GB files. Another advantage that you can enjoy later where you can be integrated directly with the torrent file provided by BitTorrent.

2.  Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

Besides having the advantage of downloading large files quickly, Advanced Download Manager also offers advantages that the download manager application may not have.
How not, because users can download up to three files simultaneously with maximum download speed. Amazingly, users can also stop the download process that takes place to continue later. Really cool right?
For those of you who are curious about the multi-threading feature that makes downloads faster, can immediately prove it by downloading large files. More than 50 million Android users have proven it, sure you are not interested?

3.  Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for AndroidDownload Manager for Android is one of the best and fastest download manager applications that can download large files of more than 2GB. This sophisticated application made by  Renkmobil Bilisimsupports various file formats, ranging from APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, and many more.
Just like similar applications in general, through this application, you can pause files or even continue the disconnected downloads. Not only is the size of a lightweight, maybe this application is the only one that has a user interface that is much better than similar applications.
Interestingly, here you can send the downloaded file to the computer. Provided that you are still on a WiFi network. Indeed, basically, the shipping process or the byte transfers provided by this application can only be accessed when on a WiFi network.

4.  Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Are you a person who likes to download large files through an Android device? It will be maximal if you use Turbo Download Manager. Yep, the article is able to increase download speeds up to 5 times.
The way it works is quite easy, where you only need to copy the download link that you get and then put it or paste it into the features provided by this application.
As emphasized by the developer, where TDM cannot support downloads coming from YouTube because of Google’s service requirements.

5. Download All Files

Download All Files

As one of the download manager applications with more than 50 million users, of course, he has been trusted and relied on in downloading various types of files at speeds that are second to none.
Through this application made by  MDJ Software, you can download all types of files via the internet. No exception links originating from YouTube with the copyrighted origin and banned by Google.
Just like similar applications, here you can pause or even continue downloading files that were disconnected before.

6.  IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager can efficiently download and manage various types of files that you download via the internet. If you are a person who likes to download, maybe this one application is mandatory for you to install.
Some of the advanced features available here are like; the file download process is more optimal, can easily manage downloaded files, integrates with Google Search, is able to resume disconnected downloads, is supported by a good UI (User Interface), and many more.
By having a myriad of advanced features, this application is certainly a complete package for those of you who like to download music, documents, movies, etc. to make it easier and faster.

7. Loader Droid download manager

Droid Download Manager Loader

Not satisfied with the download manager feature available on your default Android device? If so, now you can rely on the Droid Loader. Because this application is able to manage and download various types of files with an optimized internet connection, be it 3G, 4G, or via a WiFi network.
In addition, the application made by  Dmitry Voronkevich also has a user-friendly appearance in which users will feel comfortable with the dark concept in this application.

8.  Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator PlusAlthough lightweight, the application called Download Accelerator Plus is proven to be able to improve the download process through multi-threaded functions. Not only that, but it also has an auto-resume feature that allows users to be able to continue the download process that is stopped or disconnected.
Some types of files can be downloaded such as RAR, MP3, APK, DOC, AVI, and various other popular file types.
The way these application works is actually quite simple, where it will divide the file into several parts and use the multi-thread function so that the download process is faster and more stable,

9.  Super Download Lite

Super Download Lite

Not only serves to manage downloaded files very well, Super Download Lite is also equipped with a myriad of advanced features that are usually embedded in similar applications in general.
For faster downloading, you can use two networks simultaneously, namely through cellular data and WiFi. To enjoy these features, unfortunately, the Android device that is used must be in a state of the root.

Super Download Lite

10.  Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager allows you to feel the download process easier and faster. Where he is also able to download 10 files simultaneously with optimal speed.
This application will automatically detect links that you open from the browser. If the link comes from good hosting, maybe the download process will be much faster so there is no need to wait longer.

11.  PowerDownloads


Although not as popular as previous download manager applications, PowerDownloads has a myriad of advanced features that cannot be underestimated.
In addition to functioning as a downloader, it also has support for sending files downloaded to the TV which are equipped with Chromecast features
Through this application, users can download various types of files and are able to download up to 8 files simultaneously. Interestingly, the user is given the option to place the ad position when using this zer0lab application. Really cool right?



12. Download Blazer

Download Blazer

Like other download manager applications, Download Blazer also promises faster download speeds. You can pause downloads, resume interrupted downloads, manage file queues, and integrate with most browsers.

Download Blazer

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So, friends, these were the best android download manager application for Android that you can download large files faster. What are you waiting for? Let’s prove the sophistication of the above application right now!
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