4 Ways To Activate Windows 7 Permanently Offline 2024


4 Ways To Activate Windows 7 Permanently Offline For Free – Did you just install Windows 7 or are you having problems because the expired not genuine warning appears? So, you need to know how to activate Windows 7 so that the performance of your laptop or PC becomes normal.

How To Activate Windows 7 Permanently Offline
How To Activate Windows 7 Permanently Offline

How to Activate Windows 7 Permanently Offline For Free 100% Working 2024

Even though on January 14, 2020, Microsoft announced that it had stopped providing Windows 7 updates, there are still many Windows users who are still comfortable using it. The reason is that Windows 7 has several advantages when compared to the version above it.

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In addition, Windows 7 is often considered to be more stable, easier to understand, lighter so that it can be used for low computer specifications, and supports almost all existing software.

If you have just used Windows 7 or reinstalled Windows 7, then you must do the activation. If not, Windows 7 will expire and you will experience problems more often.

To do the activation of Windows 7, including a very easy job. You can activate Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, and other versions in 32-bit and 64-bit offline.

So easy, there are several ways to activate Windows 7 starting from using a genuine activator, without a product key, and even just using CMD.

Note: If you fail when downloading the activator file or when opening it. This means you have to deactivate the antivirus, firewall, and internet connection first to avoid these obstacles.

#1. Windows Loader

Windows Loader

Windows Loader is a Windows 7 activator that is quite popular nowadays. By using this software, you can activate Windows 7 without having to have a product key to activate it.

How to activate Windows 7 with Windows Loader:

  1. First, deactivate the antivirus that is on the laptop or PC.
  2. After that, download the activator file here
  1. Then extract the file and turn off the internet connection.
  2. Run the application by right-clicking> Run As Administrators.
  3. The loader will open and display Windows specifications.
  4. Click the Install button to start the Windows 7 activation.
  5. You must wait until the process is complete.
  6. The last step is restarting your laptop or PC.

Very easy right? After your PC or laptop has restarted and reactivated, Windows 7 has been successfully activated without having to enter the product key.

#2. KMSPico


The next software is called KMSPico which is also very popular as an application that can provide full access to Windows 7 without the need for a product key. This application is free and can be used to permanently activate Windows 7.

Windows 7 permanent activation without product key:

  1. Download the application first here.
  2. Then extract the RAR file that has been downloaded.
  3. Double-click the .exe file to run it.
  4. In the installation window, click the Next button.
  5. Check the Accept Agreement column then click Next.
  6. The kmspico installation stage will run.
  7. Wait for the process to finish.

If you experience problems when doing the steps above, then make sure to turn off the antivirus or firewall on Windows 7 first.

Now, after you successfully follow the guidelines above, don’t forget to restart your laptop or PC so that the Windows 7 activation process is successfully applied.

#3. Windows 7 Activation with CMD

Windows 7 Activation with CMD

If you don’t want to use an activator software for Windows 7 activation, then CMD might be the solution. As we know, CMD is an innate feature of Windows so you don’t need to install any additional software, and can be done offline.

Here’s how to activate Windows 7 with CMD:

  1. Click the windows icon in the corner.
  2. Type CMD in the search field to look for it.
  3. Right-click CMD then select the Run As Administrator option.
  4. Once open, type slmgr -rearm in the CMD window.
  5. Then press the Enter key to send the command.
  6. Finally, restart your PC or laptop.
  7. Done.

Note: Commands sent to CMD are basically to increase the activation of Windows 7. The addition of this activation has a limit that is only 3x with a total of 120 days.

How To Activate Windows 7 Without Software

The last way is that you must have a valid product key so that it can be used to activate Windows 7 on your PC or laptop. To do this, you only need an internet connection to go online and validate the product key.

Although the Windows product key can only be obtained by buying it legally. But not to worry, you can get the product key that matches your Windows 7 edition on the link here.

The following are the steps to enter the Windows 7 product key:

  1. Go to the Start menu> Control Panel> Windows Activation.
  2. Click the Activation Windows Online Now option.Activation Windows
  3. Then enter the product key that you have.
  4. After that, wait for the process to finish.
  5. If successful, the Activation was successful message will appear.the Activation was successful message will appear
  6. Done.

Now features in Windows 7 can be used smoothly without worrying about the error message or other obstacles.

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Those are some ways of activating Windows 7 permanently which can be done. Which method is effective for you? Do you use the software? Without a product key with cmd? Or validate the product key you have?

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