Best Tricks To Activate Windows 8 Permanently Offline 2024


Best Tricks To Activate Windows 8 Permanently Offline – As we already know, activating Windows is mandatory after installing a PC. Therefore, Technadvice will explain how to activate Windows 8 permanently and for free.

Best Tricks To Activate Windows 8 Permanently Offline
Best Tricks To Activate Windows 8 Permanently Offline

How To Activate Windows 8 Permanently Offline 2024

By activating Windows 8, all Windows features can be used without worrying about limitations. The reason is, that if you don’t activate Windows, you won’t be able to feel some of the features available on Windows 8.

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Although Microsoft has released a version above Windows 8, Windows 8 still has quite a lot of users. One reason why Windows 8 is still in demand is that it uses an attractive appearance.

In addition, many more advantages of Windows 8 make users feel at home and not want to move to the latest version. The below are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8.

Advantages of Windows 8.1

  • It has a better security system than the previous version.
  • Able to boot with a fast duration.
  • Superior in terms of speed when compared to previous versions.
  • There are features of the Modern Multi-Touch User Interface.
  • Applying an elegant and attractive appearance.

Lack of Windows 8.1

  • It has too many default applications.
  • There is still some incompatible software.
  • When active, Windows 8 does not go directly to the desktop.
  • Placement of shutdown or power options that are difficult to access.

There are many other reasons why Windows 8 is more effective to use. But you need to know, how to activate Windows 8 can be done offline and online for enterprise and Pro editions of Windows 8 and can even be activated without a product key.

Offline Windows 8 Activation Preparation

#1. Activation of Windows 8 with KMSPico

Activation of Windows 8 with KMSPico
Activation of Windows 8 with KMSPico

KMSPico is one software that can help you activate Windows 8 without the need to use a product key. This software is quite popular and many have used it.

Here’s how to activate Windows 8 without a product key:

  1. First, turn off the antivirus on your laptop or PC.
  2. Then download the KMSPico software
  1. After that, run the .exe file from the KMSPico.
  2. You only need to wait a few moments.
  3. Done.

When KMSpico has been successfully run and has been waiting a while, then Windows 8 has been successfully activated. The sign that the activation has succeeded is that the Windows Activated sound will come from KMSpico.

#2. Activate Windows 8 using KMS Auto Lite

Activate Windows 8 using KMS Auto Lite
Activate Windows 8 using KMS Auto Lite

Similar to KMSPico, KMS Auto Lite is software that can activate Windows 8 easily and permanently. Although its size is very small, this software has the ability that is very useful for Windows 8 activation.

How to activate Windows 8 with KMSauto:

  1. Download the KMSAuto file at this link first.
  2. Then run the KMS Auto file with Run as administrator.
  3. Select the Install GVLK option and check the Forcibly box.
  4. Then click the Windows key.
  5. Wait for the KEY INSTALLED SUCCESSFUL message to appear.
  6. Click the Activate Windows button then wait a few moments.
  7. Finally, the message ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL will appear.
  8. Done.

If you do the above guide and get the ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL message description at the last step. then it is certain that Windows 8 has been successfully activated permanently.

If you experience an obstacle, then make sure to disable the antivirus first. Although this software is safe to use, some antiviruses detect it and will block it.

#3. Activation of Windows 8 Using Activator

Activation of Windows 8 Using Activator
Activation of Windows 8 Using Activator

The next software that is quite popular is used as a tool to activate Windows 8 all editions both Windows 8.1 Enterprise and Pro Build 9600. You will be assisted in activating Windows 8 permanently and offline.

  1. Download the software file here.
  2. Then open and extract the file inside.
  3. Run the appropriate .exe file whether 32-bit or 64-bit.
  4. Once open, select the edition of Windows that you are using.
  5. In the bottom column, select the Install Activation option.
  6. Click OK then wait for the activation process to complete.
  7. Done.

Very easy right? Even with just 6 steps, you have managed to activate Windows 8 permanently without having to use the product key.

#4. How to Activate Windows 8 Without Software

The last way to activate Windows 8 is to require you to use a valid product key. That way, you can do it without additional software like the three previous methods above.

To get a Windows product key license, you must purchase it legally to be used for activation. But you don’t need to worry, because here you can get it for free.

  1. Take one of the license codes you want here.
  2. Then press CTRL + R on the keyboard.
  3. Then enter slui 3 then press enter.
  4. Enter the license code in the column that appears.
  5. Done.

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Well, that’s a way of activating Windows 8 that can be done to activate the pro version of Windows 8, Enterprise, Build 9600, Build 9200, and other versions permanently. Now you don’t need to worry anymore about the expired windows.

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