Best 5 Website To Watch Anime Online


Best 5 Website To Watch Anime Online The word anime has as meaning any Japanese production of animation, either made by hand or through a digital device. The anime series has surpassed the Asian borders and is a world-known television genre, which many European and American countries consume over the Internet.

Best 5 Website To Watch Anime Online

The anime industry has made many series available to users, most of them associated with manga (comics), while others are originally produced by anime producers.

There are numerous websites where you can find your favorite series, chapters, and movies of almost any genre, but, which ones are the best? Below we show you the best anime sites that are worth trying.


Best 5 Website To Watch Anime Online

This page is one of the best you will find to watch anime, it works perfectly. In the upper bar, you have a search bar to find your favorite series.

It also offers an advanced search engine with several filter types: gender, year, type and status.

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The catalog is very broad and the information shown in each series is quite extensive. Users can add a series to favorites, follow it, rate it, as well as read a small synopsis.

For the series that continue in broadcast, Animeflv also warns you when the next chapter will be ready.

Once the chapter is selected, we can see it without having to go to external sites, although if we are interested in downloading it, they also offer us that option.


Holanime is not a well-known page but it has excellent quality. After reviewing this portal, we are sure that if it continues, it will gain more fame than it currently has.

Holanime offers a great interface, very comfortable but detailed at the same time. In its home page, we have the chapters that are premiering and the latest animes added to the platform.

We can filter the content by release date and also categorize them by genre or production style.

Another detail that we personally like a lot is that the search bar works as an autocomplete, that is, if you put a single word you will jump one or several results without having to click on search.


To see your anime series you just have to click on the selected chapter and the player will open quickly, which will offer you different languages ​​in subtitles.

Holanime also allows you the possibility to download the chapters if you want to see them later when you do not have Internet access.

One of the negative points of this page is, as we can imagine, some pop-up advertising that can be opened randomly when we click on a link.


On the main page, we can see the most popular anime, based on the ratings given by users. To score an anime you must be registered.

In the upper margin, we find the search bar where we can find any series. In addition, we also offer a filter according to the type that we are interested:

TV, ONA, OVA, movies or specials. AnimeBoom, like the page mentioned above, also has an intelligent search bar.


This portal also has a great catalog of series, and we can both view them online and download it through an external server.

From AnimeBoom we can highlight your navigation speed and fluency when going from one page to another.

It is also a very favorable point that within the chapter download servers we find MEGA and Mediafire, which offer a higher download speed than other servers.


JKAnime is a page that is mainly used to see OVA because it shows a more extensive catalog than other web pages in this type of series.

In addition to the search bar located in the upper margin, this portal offers us its library of series ordered in alphabetical order and by gender.

It also shows us which chapters have been uploaded recently and which animes are the most popular among users.

There is no need to register or to view the chapters or to proceed with the download so that your comfort and simplicity is a great point in favor.

For commenting on some negative points, sometimes the loading speed is not the best of all.


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