How To Take a Screenshot on LG Smartphone


How To Take a Screenshot-on LG Smartphone – Are you looking for info on how to screenshot on an LG smartphone? If so, you are lucky to find this article. Because in this article, I will share with you, how to take screenshots on an LG Android smartphone.

Best Ways To Take a Screenshot-on LG Smartphone

The following are the types of LG smartphones that screenshots can be taken using this method:

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  • LG G5, G5 SE
  • LG K, K5
  • LG Stylo 2
  • LG Stylus 2 Plus
  • LG X Style
  • LG X Power
  • LG G Pad X 8.0
  • LG F Pad III G 8.0
  • LG X, X5
  • LG V20
  • LG U
  • LG U
  • LG 110.1 FHD
  • LG G Pad III 10.1 FHD
  • LG K3, K4, K88, K10,
  • LG Stylus 3

Immediately, here are the steps to take a screenshot on an LG smartphone.

How to Screenshot on an LG Smartphone All Types (Complete)

1. First, you first open the part of the screen that you want to take the screenshot. For example the screen of a particular application or web page.

2. After that press, the “Volume Down” button and the “Power” button simultaneously until you hear a “check sound”.

3. If the screenshot is taken successfully, there will be a notification on the notification bar that you just took a screenshot.

4. To see the screenshot that you just took, you can check in the gallery application in the “screenshot” folder.

5. Finish, you can share the screenshot image or you edit it again.

How, it’s easy, right?

This method is the easiest to take screenshots of LG smartphones because you don’t need additional applications.

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So, friends, this was How to take screenshots on the LG smartphone, using this method is also fairly simple, not until 5 seconds your screenshot has been made.

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