How to Enable Samsung Developer Options on Android 2024


How to Enable Samsung Developer Options on Android – You can find out how to activate Samsung’s developer options and learn here. Furthermore, you can practice it for a specific purpose. For ordinary people, enabling developer options may be considered useless.

How to Enable Samsung Developer Options on Android

How to Enable Samsung Developer Options on Android 2024

Therefore, they ignore it because they feel it is not important to do it. However, all of you who are still laymen may not understand this. Nothing wrong with knowing the information.

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Who knows you might need the information in the future for some reason. Especially those of you who own and use a Samsung branded smartphone. Here we will try to explain how to activate Samsung developer options.

What are Samsung Developer Options?

Before discussing how to activate Samsung’s developer options, you must first know and understand Samsung’s developer options. That way, you can find out why you need to activate it and its benefits.

The reason is, the developer option can be searched for and activated on Android-based smartphones. Again, only Android-based smartphones. While for smartphones based on iOS or iPhone, it is not known whether or not there is.

#1. Get to know Developer Options

Get to know Developer Options

Starting with the developer option or it can be interpreted as the developer’s choice, which is a hidden feature that is usually found in the Settings section or settings on Android-based smartphone devices.

The developer option is a hidden feature because it is not so crucial for the general public. Where many people out there own and use smartphones just to communicate with various existing applications.

In addition, the smartphone can be used to socialize media and seek unlimited entertainment. Therefore, the developer options feature is not needed by smartphone users as a whole.

However, it is different for the developer or the smartphone developer concerned. This feature is used to test the development of Android-based applications that are already installed on smartphones or gadgets.

In other words, developers use this feature to find out whether or not an application is installed and used on a smartphone. The reason is, not all applications or software are suitable to be installed and used on a smartphone.

Maybe because the specifications are different between the smartphone and the application. Or maybe there are other problems or obstacles.

As for those of you who are not from the developer section, you can use this feature to connect USB debugging mode with Android devices to a personal computer (PC) or laptop with a specific purpose.

For example, you want to move a saved file to a PC or laptop because it is related to work that requires a wider screen, or maybe other reasons.

#2. Developer Option Features on All Android-Based Smartphones

Developer Option Features on All Android-Based Smartphones

Then, is the developer options feature only for Samsung branded smartphones? You all need to know that all smartphones based on or using the Android operating system have a developer options feature.

So, as long as they are based on Android, not only the Samsung brand but also other brands. Usually, the developer option is deliberately hidden so that the inside of the smartphone user is not tampered with.

Therefore, those of you who want to know this feature more deeply must open it manually in a special way or step. Furthermore, the feature can be activated for use with a specific purpose.

Indeed, how to do it is not recommended by amateurs or ordinary people. However, there is nothing wrong with knowing how to do it as one of the useful information in the field of computers or gadgets.

How to Enable Safe Samsung Developer Options

How to Enable Safe Samsung Developer Options

All of you want to know how to get the right information. Do not let you get wrong and careless information that can be fatal when practiced later.

You need to know how to activate the wrong and not recommended Samsung developer option is very likely to cause damage to the Android operating system contained in the Smartphone.

If the operating system is damaged, the smartphone automatically can no longer be used. Therefore, you must get the correct, safe, and recommended information so that you don’t guess certain things.

Then, how to activate Samsung’s developer options? For more details, please read the following description.

  • Here we will tell you how to activate the developer option using a Samsung Galaxy A30s brand smartphone whose operating system has been upgraded to Android 10. The Android operating system whose sophistication is beyond doubt.
  • Prepare the Samsung smartphone, then enter the Settings menu or settings. After that, click About Phone. It contains detailed information about the hardware and software used in the smartphone.
  • Next, click Software Information to find out which software or application it uses.
  • After that, click Build Number until the information or a message appears about the active developer mode.
  • Then, you return to the Settings menu. You can see and check for yourself the developer options feature has appeared under the About Phone menu.
  • Next, you can click Developer Options in the menu. But before that, you can connect the Samsung smartphone to a PC or laptop. That way, the developer options mode can be activated.
  • After that, you can enable USB debugging mode to be able to transfer data or files from your smartphone to your PC or laptop.

Is the Developer Option Feature Suitable for Many People?

Is the Developer Option Feature Suitable for Many People

So, this developer options feature is not intended for ordinary people who use smartphones for their daily activities.

However, this one feature is intended specifically for computer programmers, especially those who specialize in the creation of software or applications. In addition, those who act as Android-based application developers also need this developer options feature.

The goal is as a tool to test an Android-based application that has been successfully made suitable or not implemented on the same Android device. If they match, then the application can be continued.

In a sense, the application can be marketed or enter the next stage. However, if it does not match, the application will be reworked and may not be used anymore due to incompatibility with the Android device being used.

Furthermore, the process of developing Android-based applications is still being carried out to create software that is truly suitable to be downloaded, installed, and used by many people around the world through their Android-based gadgets.

By now, you already know that the process of creating an Android-based application is quite long and tiring. One of the processes is that you have to go through the developer options feature.

Therefore, those of you who are lay in this field at least know the information to increase your knowledge for yourself. In addition, you can learn more about the world of computing in which there are hardware and software as the main components.

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That’s a discussion about how to activate Samsung’s developer options and the knick-knacks in it that may be useful for all of you.

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