Download LINE Mod Apk Unlimited Coin Stickers 2020


Download LINE Mod Apk Unlimited Coin Stickers – Line mod is a social networking modification application that is very popular and used almost all over the world, the Line Mod Apk Premium with the download link below.

Download LINE Mod Apk Unlimited Coin Stickers
What is the line in Line Premium Mod 2020

Line Mod is a premium version that has been modified so that you can easily see a number of differences from the original version. For example, interesting and unlimited themes, cute stickers, and other features that you can get for free only without paying with coins.

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This modified version was made to make the Line application look more exciting and fresher. In addition, there are also other interesting functions that can be downloaded for free. This makes chatting more fun and enjoyable.

For this reason, many line users have changed to this modified version. The old account that was created also does not have to be deleted and can also be used again in premium applications.

Line Mod Feature

Line Mod Feature

What do you get in this Premium Track application? Some of these superior features such as those below:

  • The browser in the application
  • There is a function of the message read message
  • there is a Call function or the Calls tab that you can use for video calls or ordinary telephone calls.
  • there is a camera system function that you can use to send selfies and pictures directly to your friends.
  • Function to clear conversation history.
  • you can use the “Download” button.
  • There is an effect on chat.
  • GOD mode that can be accessed.
  • many interesting themes that can be downloaded for free.
  • you can hide certain conversations so people don’t get confused. You can activate this function in the Effects menu in chat.
  • After reading or responding, a score is displayed.
  • There are dozens of funny sticker stickers that you can download for free.
  • There is a way of God where there are several tools available. To do this, go to Menu> Settings> Information> Deity Mode.
  • This can be downloaded with the button activated

Download the Line Mod Application ApkDownload the Line Mod Application Apk

Application NamePremium Line
Size55.69 Mb
Latest Updated 10.6.5 Below

How to install Premium mod line

How to install Premium mod lineAfter you have successfully downloaded the latest Unlimited Premium application, the steps are as follows:

  • Click Install above. Then wait after the installation process is complete.
  • if there is a notification “Allow from other sources” information appears, select “Yes.”
  • Continue installation.
  • Enter after successful installation or log in with your mobile number
  • Enjoy the features found on the latest Line.

How to use Premium Line mod

1. Change the theme in Line Mod

  • Don’t apply the Cony theme first after downloading.
  • Enter “Internal memory”. Look for the file called “Android”.
  • Then re-enter the “Data” folder. Find the folder named Then look for the “Themes” folder again.
  • Then find the folder called “58” and click on that folder.
  • Then select the “54” folder that is displayed again. This is a cone theme that was previously installed.
  • The next step is to enter the Line Mod application.
  • On the “New” or “Classification” tab you will find topics that you like.
  • Then select “Download” to download it.
  • After success. Turn off your internet connection so you can install it.
  • Enter “58” again in the folder. Select the folder number “1”.
  • Then there is the file called “temp.11” and move it to the “58” folder first.
  • During this transfer, the original files in the “58” folder are replaced in this folder.
  • After opening the line, open the theme menu and click Apply.
  • Then drop the line and open it again.
  • Complete the installation of your favorite themes.

2. How to download stickers

  • Find the desired sticker
  • Then download the desired sticker.
  • Getting stickers on the Line Mod application is easier because coins are not needed or free.
  • Install and prepare cute stickers to color your conversation room.

3. How to delete chats one by one

  • Open the row application. Select the “Chat” menu.
  • Then select the chat you want to delete. Press and hold for a few seconds until the options appear.
  • Click “Delete” and press “Yes / Yes”.
  • The message or chat has been deleted and cannot be restored.

4. How to delete chat completely

  • Enter “Settings> Chat room settings”.
  • Then scroll down the screen below and click “Clear Chat History”.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear. Select “Delete”.
  • Wait a few moments until all the chat lists on your channel are permanently deleted

Other types and versions of Line Mod

There are various types and other versions of the Line Mode application. Among others are:

1.LINE Unlimited Coin v8.9.1 Mod APK

In addition to the themes and stickers that you can get for free download, this version also offers other advantages. For example, visualization tools are more diverse (for example, menus, configurations, through paths). This application has a size of 173 MB which can be downloaded on all types of Android smartphones.

2.LINE Mod Apk Light Version 9.12.0

There are two types of APK mods that you can choose, cloned or not cloned versions. There are 2 lines on the smartphone for the cloned version. However, if you are afraid of not having enough RAM, select no clone.

This type is very light and only measures 26 MB. It functions the same as other Mod versions.

Smartphone specifications are required

The latest unlimited coin mode application v9.72.00 can be installed on an Android device. At least OS 4.4 (Jenllybean) and higher is required for the required specifications. For 1GB RAM.

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ROM has at least 1 GB of free space. This is because line mod applications do not take up much space and are usually small. This is also easy to use.


Is this Line mod safe?

Yes! we have tried this application and during our use, the results are quite safe.

Can my account get banned?

During our use, our account has not been banned.

Why error when installing?

Try allowing applications from unknown sources.

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Now you have got all the features in the Line Mod application for free. If this post is useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends who are in need.

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  1. Hello there, I’ve downloaded and installed it but while loging it even though my info is correct it says I should update and if I am then I should upgrade my device! What’s the problem?


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