3 Ways To Root Lenovo A7700 and Install TWRP Recovery 2024


3 Ways To Root Lenovo A7700 and Install TWRP Recovery – The root process is used for mobile users who want to have more access to their cell phones. And of course to root there is a separate way to do it, whether it’s with a PC or without a PC. In this article, I will discuss how to root Lenovo A7700.

How to Root Lenovo A7700 and Install TWRP Recovery
How to Root Lenovo A7700 and Install TWRP Recovery

How to Root Lenovo A7700 and Install TWRP Recovery 2024

Lenovo A7700 is the successor of the Lenovo A700 which was launched in 2014 ago. This phone has fulfilled TKDN rules in India so that Lenovo can integrate 4G LTE technology into their cell phones.

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The design of the Lenovo A7700 itself is not too different from its predecessor, the material used is still polycarbonate which is now combined with a metal frame that makes it look more attractive in terms of appearance.

The cellphone battery is also a removable type which means you can remove it to be replaced or just to insert the SIM card.

However, when compared to the A7000, this phone looks bigger but is also thinner and somewhat lighter for a 5.5-inch phone size.

The screen of this cellphone even though there is no official information on whether there is a protector or not, in several tests, it turns out the screen is quite resistant to scratches, so the user does not need to worry too much to put the phone somewhere.

And lucky also because it uses polycarbonate, the widescreen is easier to grip because the polycarbonate material does not give a slippery effect on cellphones. As is typical of Lenovo, this A7700 cell phone has a power and volume button located on the right side of the phone.

At the top, there is a micro USB and a 3.5mm audio jack hole for using a headset. While the left and bottom sides of the cell phone have nothing.

But unfortunately, in terms of specifications, Lenovo A7700 actually has specifications that are arguably less developed than its predecessor series.

This time, Lenovo offers a MediaTek MT6752 processor which has a higher performance than the processor used by Lenovo A7000 but has lower power management. As for matters of RAM capacity and internal memory, both still have the same capacity of 2 GB and 16 GB.

As I mentioned earlier, Lenovo A7700 has a 5.5-inch landscape display with HD resolution (720p) with a pixel density of 268PPI.

For business cameras, Lenovo A7700 has a main camera 8MP resolution that is equipped with LED flashlights, while the front camera has a 2MP resolution.

Lenovo A7700 runs on a typical Lenovo Vibe UI with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The battery itself has a capacity of 2900 mAh. There are two SIM slots and both of them can be used to maximize the speed of the 4G network in India.

But unfortunately, Lenovo’s embedded sensor in this phone tends to be still minimal, say only there are an accelerometer, proximity, and light sensors without the compass and gyroscope sensors.

Although the sensor is minimal, the Lenovo A7700 has its own advantages that lie in the audio.

This phone uses two stereo speakers located on the back of the phone. To support the audio hardware, Lenovo also buried supporting software in the form of Waves MaxxAudio which allows users to be more satisfied when playing music using speakers.

In the sales package, Lenovo provides a complete set of USB cables, chargers, warranty cards, manuals, and additional screen protectors.

Before Root Lenovo A7700

Because this Lenovo A7700 already supports being able to open the bootloader, finally this smartphone also has its own TWRP version. And this TWRP version is specifically for Lenovo A7700

You can also root through this TWRP, so if your smartphone already supports and installed TWRP or another custom recovery, then your smartphone will almost certainly be rooted.

But before the TWRP flash, you must open your Lenovo A7700 bootloader first. Please open the Lenovo A7700 How to Unlock Bootloader, then just follow the instructions. You will not be able to install TWRP if the bootloader is still locked.

Before you can root your Lenovo A7700, first download the file below:

We are not responsible for what happens to your Lenovo A7700 phone. Do With Your Own Risk.

This method will also erase all data on your cellphone, so make sure to back up first.

How to Install Lenovo A7700 TWRP

Step # 1. Extract the TWRP file and copy the TWRP file into the Minimum ADB Fastboot folder located at C /: Program Files (x86) / Minimal ADB and Fastboot. Also, copy Noverity and Magisk files into the folder.

Step # 2. Rename the Noverity file to Noverity and rename the Magisk file to Magisk.

Step # 3. Make sure USB Debugging is active, then connect your phone to a PC and open the Minimum ADB Fastboot application.

Step # 4. Connect the phone to the PC and wait a minute. Then in the CMD window, type:

ADB devices

Step # 5. Watch your Infinix Note 4 screen, and make sure you select OK or Allow USB Debugging.

How to Install Lenovo A7700 TWRP
How to Install Lenovo A7700 TWRP

Step # 6. After that, type the following command again:

adb reboot bootloader

adb reboot bootloader
adb reboot bootloader

This command is used to reboot the Infinix Note 4 phone into fastboot mode.

Step # 7. After that, re-type the following command to make sure the phone is properly connected:

fastboot devices

fastboot devices
fastboot devices

There will be random numbers and letters next to the words fastboot if the phone is well connected.

Step # 8. When it enters bootloader mode, install TWRP by typing the following command:

fastbooot flash recovery recovery.img

The TWRP installation process will take place and wait until the process is complete. After it’s done, you have finally succeeded in installing TWRP on the Lenovo A7700.

How to Root Lenovo A7700

We assume you have successfully installed TWRP and the phone is still in Fastboot mode. Do not turn on the phone first, but press and hold the Volume Up + Power button. After the phone turns off and vibrates, release the Power button, but still hold the Volume button.

Step # 1. By following the above method, you should have entered TWRP Recovery mode and for the first time TWRP might ask for a password, just click cancel.

Step # 2. Then TWRP will ask permission to modify the system, so swipe to Allow Modification.

How to Root Lenovo A7700
How to Root Lenovo A7700

Step # 3. Then select Advanced and select ADB Sideload.

Then select Advanced and select ADB Sideload
Then select Advanced and select ADB Sideload

Step # 4. Then in the Minimum ADB Fastboot application, type the following command:

adb sideload Noverity.zip

Step # 5. After installing Noverity is complete, return to the TWRP main menu and this time choose Wipe> Format Data.

adb sideload Noverity.zip
adb sideload Noverity.zip

Step # 6. This time, again enable ADB Sideload as above, and type this command in the Minimum ADB Fastboot application:

ADB sideload Magisk.zip

Wait until the process is complete

Step # 7. After the process is complete, select Reboot System to restart the phone.

After the process is complete, select Reboot System to restart the phone
After the process is complete, select Reboot System to restart the phone

The reboot process is indeed quite long, so we recommend you be more patient. The time needed to reboot can reach 10 to 15 minutes. After rebooting, your Lenovo A7700 has been rooted successfully.

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To make you even more sure, you can download the Root Checker application in the Play Store to re-check whether the Lenovo A7700’s root method has been successful.

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