How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 Laptop 2024


How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 Laptop – Laptops using Windows 10 can be used as hotspots for other nearby devices such as cellphones or other computers. This is a handy way to share the internet between one laptop and another.

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop
How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

How to create hotspot on Windows 10 Laptop 2024

Usually, a WiFi connection is obtained through a modem device, but if at that place there is only a connection via a LAN cable (not available WiFI) then a laptop connected to a LAN cable can be used as a hotspot. On this occasion, we will give a brief tutorial on how to make a laptop into a hotspot on Windows 10.

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#1 How to create hotspot on Windows 10 Laptop

Step 1: Enter Windows 10 Settings

First, you go to settings by clicking on the Start button > select Settings.

Step 2: Select the Network & Internet menu

After going to the main page of Windows 10 settings > find and click the menu named Network & Internet.

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

Step 3: Enter Mobile hotspot settings

On the Network settings page pay attention to the tab on the left > click on the Mobile hotspot menu.

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

Step 4: Edit WiFi hotspot name (SSID) and password

On the next page, you can change the hotspot name and give a password. How to click on the Edit button.

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

In the Network name column,> fill in the hotspot name (SSID) as desired.

In the Network password column,> fill in a password of at least 8 characters.

In the Network band column > leave the default (Any available).

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

Step 5: Click the Save button

After filling in all the required information correctly then click the Save button to save the settings.

Step 6: Enable hotspot

Finally, activate the hotspot by clicking on the Share my internet connection with other devices option to ON.

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

Done, now you have successfully created a hotspot from a Windows 10 laptop. Try checking the WiFi connection on another device, either a smartphone or a computer. If the hotspot connection is successful, the hotspot name will appear according to the given name. Connect the device to the hotspot and enter the password you created earlier.

On the hotspot settings page, the names of the devices connected to the laptop hotspot will also appear along with the device’s Mac address information. An example looks like in the image below:

How To Create Hotspot on Windows 10 PC Laptop

Notes: Hotspot on a laptop can only be used for a maximum of 8 devices.

#2. How to create hotspot on Windows 10 laptop using CMD

In addition to using the Network & Internet settings menu in Windows 10, you can also create a hotspot using the Command Prompt.

Follow these steps:

1. Open Command Prompt with administrator access

Your first step is to open the CMD application with administrator access.

You do this by pressing the Windows key + R to bring up the RUN window > type: cmd > press the CTRL + Shift + Enter key.

Another way to open CMD with administrator access is to type cmd in the Windows search bar > a Command Prompt menu will appear > click on the Run as administrator option.

2. Run the command netsh

After the Command Prompt program opens, type the following command:


Press Enter.

netsh is a console-based utility that functions to make network settings and create hotspots.

3. Run the WLAN command

Then at the Command Prompt type the command again:


Press Enter.

Because we are going to create a hotspot, the command used is WLAN which is a type of wireless connection.

4. Create a hotspot name

The next step is to name the hotspot or SSID by typing the following command:

set hostednetwork

Press Enter.

Replace with the name you want.

5. Create a hotspot password

To add security to your hotspot, add a password with the following command:

set hostednetwork

Press Enter.

Replace with your own password. It is recommended to create a password with a unique combination of letters, numbers, and characters to increase its security.

6. Sharing hotspot so that it can be accessed by other devices

The last step is to start sharing the hotspot from the laptop so that it can be accessed by other devices.

To enable hotspot type the following command:

start hostednetwork

Press Enter.

If you want to turn it off then use the following command:

stop hostednetwork

Press Enter.

#3. How to Turn on the hotspot configured with CMD

In the previous step, we created a hotspot with CMD and configured the SSID and password. If the laptop is restarted or turned off and then turned on again, the configuration is still stored and can be run immediately.

You do this by opening a Command Prompt with administrator access and then typing the following command:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Press Enter.

To stop using the command:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Press Enter.

4# How to create hotspot on Windows 10 laptop with applications

As an alternative, you can also create a hotspot by using a third-party application. This can be an option for those of you who want more features offered by the application such as traffic monitoring features and connected devices.

There are several free applications that you can use, including:

Please try for yourself which application is the most suitable, but we recommend using the first and second methods without an application because it is easier and safer.

Note: We mentioned that each one of the links is shared for educational purposes only. Downloading cracked apps is a likely violation of the terms and conditions of the app developers. So we aren’t liable for any damage dealt by your mistakes.

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So, friends, Those are the ways how to create hotspot on windows 10 laptops, that you can use for your laptop PC.

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