15 Fun Android Apps To Download Now 2024


15 Fun Android Apps To Download Now – Tired of scrolling through your social media apps? Don’t worry, there’s still entertainment left in this world! You probably still haven’t seen much, and have only explored the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowing about the fun apps can bring.

14 Fun Android Apps To Download Now
14 Fun Android Apps To Download Now

Best Fun Android Apps To Download Now 2024

Apps don’t always need to serve a practical function to be deemed worthy. Sometimes they just need to take up space in our phone’s memory for our enjoyment.

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So if you are looking to pass the time or just be giddily entertained by your devices, you might want to try these 14 apps that we listed.

These Google Play applications are a mix of fun games, wacky and quirky tools, and even just seemingly senseless apps that you never thought you needed. This list even has a couple of fun editing/photo-enhancing tools to give your captured images a twist!

Are you wild about your creativity? Why not use your android phone to nurture your creative photo editing skills with these 10+ Best Photo Editing Applications for Android? Spoiler alert, most of them are free of use! The apps listed in this article are too! So keep reading, and be amused!

#1. Bubble Wrap

It’s quite expensive to always order a delivered parcel just to satisfy your bubble-popping itch. (Because you know, bubble wraps are there to protect the parcels and they’re free when you buy something!)  But did you know you can satisfy that desire without paying for any delivery? Download Bubble Wrap! It’s a bubble-popping game that can give you the same satisfying bubble-popping sound that you experience when doing it on the real thing.

#2. Ugly Camera

It is what it is – a camera that makes you look ugly. If Snapchat filters are meant to make you look more attractive than you actually are, then this is the antithesis of that. You can choose effects that actively distort your face or exaggerate your features to make you look “uglier.” You can capture your ugly selfie or even record a hilarious video that you can post on Instagram.

Everyone tries to look good nowadays, so why not take the road less taken? Or should we say – the photos less taken? By the way, you can always do in-app purchases to remove ads and flawlessly enjoy the Ugly Camera experience.

#3. Ownage Pranks

This app boasts more than 100 hilarious prank calls that you can anonymously send to anyone you like. The pranks can range from an annoying neighbor who demands your victim’s wifi password to a furiously jealous woman who would accuse your victim of flirting with her boyfriend! These automatic pranks are performed by professional voice actors that can easily convince your victim that they’re talking to a real person right away.

The calls are also made more believable because of their use of a funny online soundboard. If you are going to ask us, this is one (if not the most) innovative and funny app on this list. You can send one of their pranks to your friends and family.

Send prank calls as much as you, please! There’s no way of them knowing that it’s you, anyway. They value your privacy best and won’t tell on you. Well, doesn’t that make them heaven of a pranking partner?

#4. Dad Jokes

We love our dads. But their jokes? Not so much. (Sorry, dad!) But occasionally, they land just fine. If you are sick of memes on 9gag or shorts on Tiktok, you might want to give this app a try to give yourself a good belly tickle.

They might not be the funniest out there, but there is some unusual warmth to this kind of joke that gives out its own appeal. You can surprise your dad by downloading this on his phone too to give him more inspiration for funnier jokes next time. He’ll love it!

#5. Easy xkcd

Easy xkcd is simply one of the coolest apps in the market. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a one-stop app if your humor falls under romance, sarcasm, math, and language. The topics are extracted in a simple and hilarious series of webcomics.

The comics are said to induce a few existential crises in their readers. This could be one of those hilarious comic strips you can see in newspapers back in the day. It even allows you to download the hilarious pieces offline! Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

#6. Psychedelic Camera

If you feel like taking a trip to the Kaleidoscope, then you should definitely try Psychedelic Camera. Everything about this app is a trip! Unlike the Ugly Camera whose main objective is to, well – make you ugly; this camera can give an abstract and creative twist to your photos.

You will realize that everything we see is really just about perspective and that seeing the world through a psychedelic lens is so much fun! If you are going to ask us, it’s literally just the normal world – but on acid!

#7. Daddy Long Legs

If you’ve heard about Daddy Long Legs in Judy Abbott’s story, these Daddy Long Legs have nothing to do with that persona except, well – the long legs part. This game is so fun because it has a well-made interface, but the game is so absurd it sometimes feels surreal. Daddy’s long legs aren’t a person. Sometimes it resembles a bug or a horse.

You can choose how it would look through a platter of options like adding a propeller hat, beard, and more traditionally masculine accessories. The main objective of this game is to let Daddy Long Legs walk without falling or stumbling. It may not sound as charismatic as it is, but you should definitely try this one yourself and observe the charm that it will give you!

#8. Pimple Popper

When a round white-ish popping pimple comes up, no matter who you are, you can never escape the want to let it pop and explode. Both are disgusting yet deliciously satisfying! But if you know basic skincare, you probably know that this can be bad for your skin and may cause irreversible harm like scarring.

Yikes! Satisfy this temptation by downloading this Pimple Popper app! This gives you the same amount of satisfaction as popping an actual zit, but without the ugly scars.

#9. iFunny

iFunny is about as typical of a funny app as we’ve seen. You open the app and scroll through thousands of random images, GIFs, videos, comics, etc. The app can also apparently generate memes. That’s it, really.

It’s super simple, easy to use, and just delivers the goods when you want them. Some people complain about things like account problems and the occasional bug. However, we didn’t notice anything too wrong during our testing. The app is also free with no in-app purchases. It definitely has ads, though.

#10. Robbery Bob

Some of us are fascinated with robbery stories portrayed on media and TV. But you know you’ll get in trouble for doing it, don’t you? Robbery Bob lets you live vicariously through this hilarious 2D game character.

You’ll learn some ninja techniques like camouflaging yourself in places and stealing mundane things into luxury items. But, other than this absurd concept, you’ll love the script of this game that will leave you wanting to help Bob with his mission!

#11. Goat Simulator GoatZ

If you think about animals fighting the zombies, goats won’t really easily come to mind. That’s what makes this game so alluring to its players. But, again, things don’t have to make sense, and you have to agree to disagree with a universe that doesn’t really make sense but is indeed giving you the kick out of your boredom! You’ll be training these goats to hide, kick, run, and make other survival moves. As fun as this app sounds, it’s no longer free. It’s still a bang for your buck!

#12. Shake Me

Shake Me is probably one of (if not the most) straightforward apps on this list. If you are in a kind of situation that needs some lightening up, simply shake your phone, and you will hear the Dark Knight (yup, THE Dark Knight) sing the Chacarron Macarron. Maybe the app is also called by its name because it shakes other people into laughter.

#13. Granny

If you are a fan of horror games, then Granny might appeal just right to you! The main challenge of the game is to escape Granny’s house without making a sound. If she catches you, she will knock you out with a baseball bat, and trust us, you wouldn’t like the look and the sound of that! However, we love how frightening this game is because it is enough to keep you entertained scarily!

#14. Crossy Road

Not everyone can feel so safe crossing the road – chickens and other animals included! A good game doesn’t need to make sense; it’s just meant to be enjoyable. Indeed, Crossy Road checks the boxes out for this! You will basically play to let these animals cross the road.

Make sure to avoid collisions and stay away from the mighty eagle that may harm these animals. This fun game app comes with a reward system with gifts and prizes to motivate you to play even more. If you’re not satisfied enough by playing this on your personal device, you can try this game on a screen-mirroring Android TV. Cool, huh?

Did you find anything on the list that makes you want to download it immediately on your android phone? Great! They’re free anyway, so what’s stopping you? We can only say so much about these awesome apps, and it’s still a different experience to test and try them yourself.

#15. Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss offers dozens of classic card games for free, available online or offline. Try out beloved games such as Solitaire, Hearts, and FreeCell on their app as well as website. Solitaired features single and multiplayer options, difficulty settings, and a comprehensive guide featuring tips and history on each game.

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We suggest you download each of them, give the app a good fifteen minutes of exploration or more, and see what will work for you. Whatever sparks joy stays, and whatever feels “meh” gets deleted. For whatever decision you arrive with, we wish you a fun-filled time.

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