10 Android Games That Do Not Require Internet Connection


10 Android Games That Do Not Require Internet Connection (Offline) how to, Almost all-new mobile games require players to go online.

10 Android Games That Do Not Require Internet Connection

There is no option but to log in to your Google account and wait intermittently for the game to download additional content.

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But there are times when you simply can not access the Internet, especially when you’re on a trip or a long trip and do not have any Wi-Fi hotspots around.

Do not worry. You just need to download this free game Android. And guess what? They do not need an internet connection.

All you have to do is install them on your device before making a long journey. Check out some of the best puzzles, RPGs, platforms, simulations, and game strategies that can be played offline.

1. Zenonia 3

If you like to spend hours hacking monsters, exploring foreign lands, and enduring long dialogues, then you have to play Zenonia 3.

This role-playing 2D game can be very addictive, thanks to its simple controls and an abundance of diverse quests. Apart from the unique conversations between funny chibi characters, the gameplay is pretty deep and fast.

The perfect game for long bus trips, Zenonia 3 reminds me of a 16-bit J-RPG. But the graphical display is much better – more polished and bright. The game offers tons of exploration-based quests, puzzles, and monster battles that will keep boredom in the Gulf.

Simple control system – players move their characters using virtual d-pad and attack by pressing the attack button. There are more features, such as character upgrades, Deep tree skills, and a collection of magical items and weapons. Download this game if you crave endless hours of hacking and fun cutting.

2. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is one of those rare “You become a villain” game that makes you a good prime enemy. This allows you to create and distribute viruses to infect and eliminate humanity from the face of the earth.

Sounds scary, does not it? You spend DNA points to make the virus grow, become drug-resistant and shut down. What’s more, you can choose symptoms and capabilities that spread the virus quickly, which means more deaths and other infections.

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You lose if the nation finds a cure, and you win if the ticker news stops updating, proof that all humans have given up for a pandemic.

Plague Inc is an online game that first looks at Portal games like Miniclip before it is on ported to Android.

Now that this game is completely free and fun, you are just with the developing press and the most deadly spread of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Infect happily!

Plague Inc

3. Cut the Rope: Experiments

If you’ve ever played Cut the Rope, you’ll enjoy the same game mechanics in the experiment, plus an entirely new level of challenge.

In Cut the Rope: Experiment, you need to take the rope right so that candy can go straight to Om Nom mouth.

Things like air cushions, bubbles, extra straps, and creepy crawlies will help you in giving candy to their rightful owners.

The first level is fun to complete, but the real challenge lies at the Pack 2 level and beyond, where the rope shooter and other fun elements await you.

There are eight level packs in total, and all 200 levels can be played offline, to keep you busy for hours.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

4. Doodle Jump

This vertical platformer can really make you feel dizzy for a while, but once you have mastered the touch accelerometer controls, static jumping and moving platforms will be easier for you. Of course, there are obstacles like black holes, spiders, and other monsters that can send you long nose avatars falling down, but what is a good platformer without a challenge?

While jumping the platform, you’ll find a variety of springs, props of hats and jets that can push your character up quickly for a few pleasant seconds.

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For example, jumping on a jetpack will make your character zoom up past multiple platforms, but eventually, the machine will deliver, and you will need to go back to tilting your device until you find another power-up.

Visualization Hand draw doodle jumps captivating directly from children’s art book. The game is suitable for children as well as adults, and a fun time-waster on a long journey.

Doodle Jump

5. Doctor Who: Legacy

Inheritance is a doctor-themed game with backgrounds, enemies, and direct characters from popular television episodes. Borrow game elements from Puzzles & Dragons, with some new features.

There is no energy system or strict punishment. It is matted simple match-3 with popular characters to collect, upgrade, and use special powers to attack enemies.

Yes, you can recruit new characters for your team and fight monsters and criminals with matching gems. And you do not have to fit just adjacent gems you can drag the gems as far as possible and swap with other gems to make the match.

Each level has a familiar arrangement that will soon appeal to Doctor Who’s followers.

Games are not what most fans expect for mobile games, but the gem-matching mechanism is not bad at all and will be a particular attraction for casual gamers.

6. Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania is a cool Dragon-breeding game where players keep the Dragon virtual as pets and use it against rival fire-breathing creatures in the battle arena.

You raise and keep Dragon in your own Mini Dragon Park. If you have played Dragon City, then you will recognize familiar settings: habitat, Dragon breeding, and battle. But in this game, you will find unique combat mechanics.

Dragon Mania graphics are bright and vibrant. The battle arena looks pretty good too. The game can be played without an Internet connection if you are not interested in social features (online leaderboard, Facebook connection).

Dragon Mania

7. Smurf Village

Smurf’s Village allows you to help those blue creatures in rebuilding their Village. This is one of their city builders and includes fun mini-games to keep your fingers busy wiretapping and sliding.

You will have many buildings, plants, and decorations used to build the Village of your dreams.

This game is about 80 MB in size and may take some time to download. But after the download, it can be played offline.

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You can live without social features and in-app purchases if there is no Wi-Fi around. You can play without spending a dime, but patience and a lot of resources are important to the growing Smurf community.

The game is open, with a simple faucet and swipe control scheme. Smurf fans will love the look of cartoons and familiar characters. If you love city building games, then there are no games as satisfying and fun as Smurf’s Village.

10 Android Games That Do Not Require Internet Connection

8. Strike Fleet Omega

Strike Fleet Omega will not let you win easily unless you have some strategy on your sleeve. You will need to fend off foreign enemy ships, ranging from annoying bugs to big motherships, by launching unit and combat attacks.

Simple controls. To move your craft, press, and drag. For artillery, just a simple press in your fighter and then on the enemy ship will bomb the second one for pieces.

Graphically, this space fighting game is amazing. Leading artwork, ship design, and animation. If you love the game strategy defense tower, then Strike Fleet Omega will not let you down with the slick gameplay and excellent tactical opportunities.

10 Android Games That Do Not Require Internet Connection

9. Mega Run

Mario fans will love every little Mega run fast and jump. This horizontal platformer lets you guide Redford’s adorable monster through volcanoes, forests, and other areas, defeating enemies and collecting gems and coins.

You’ll also collect power-ups that can make Redford run faster or grow bigger, making it easier for him to tear the loot.

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The simple touch-based control game lets you focus on jumping while Redford does not run. With one Press will get him to jump over the obstacle, and a double-tap will make it jump.

Mega Run is addictive right from the first level, mainly because of the fast and bright gameplay, colorful graphics. At every level, this game has something new to offer: new enemies, elements, launching pads, and power-ups.

10 Android Games That Do Not Require Internet Connection

10. Racing Moto

An alternative to large, graphics-heavy racing games that require players to go online, this fun, less time-wasting may be of interest to racing fans.

Moto Racing lets you drive fast motorcycles, and the goal is to push as far as possible without crashing vehicles and walls.

The tilt-based controls game lets you control your changing bike. Just pressing and holding on the screen will give you a speed boost that helps you earn bonus points and open up the sweet bike.

Then again, driving fast along the road is full of cars and trucks is not enough to pass them. Increasing can often result in loss of control over your bike and ramming into other vehicles so you will need to push the raise at the right time to earn bonus points.

A browser is a software that may be currently very needed by most people Internet users. Yes yes yes, if no browser how we browse here and there?

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The Final Word:

Visualization top-down Moto racing is not innovative, and in racing games is not at all comparable with the popular. But the mechanics and risk systems and direct rewards of racing will appeal to racing fans.

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