How To Play PS4 Game on Android All Smartphone 2024


How To Play PS4 Game on Android All Smartphones – Who doesn’t know PlayStation? PlayStation is a game console created by Sony in 1994 and has become a console that is very coveted by gamers.

How To Play PS4 Game on Android All Smartphone
How To Play PS4 Game on Android All Smartphones

How To Play PS4 Game on Android All Smartphones 2024

At this time, PlayStation has entered the 4th generation. The games on PlayStation 4 (PS4) have good gameplay and offer charming graphics.

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Actually, this can be done officially by using the PlayStation Remote Special Application. But unfortunately, this application can only be used on Sony Xperia series smartphones only. In this discussion, all Android smartphones can be used for this!

#1. Initial Preparation

Here are the things that need to be prepared:

  • PlayStation 4 connected to a PSN account.
  • Any brand Android smartphone, as long as the 4.2 operating system and above.

#2. Preparation of an Android Smartphone

Play PS4 Games on All Android Phone

    • Then you can start connecting with a Bluetooth controller if you want, both PS4 controllers and third-party controllers.
    • But you can also use touch control as a controller. If you use a third-party controller, further configuration for adjustments will be required.

Preparation of an Android Smartphone

    • After that, log into the PSN account, and the display will appear as below:

log into the PSN account

#3. Activate PlayStation 4

    • It’s time to switch to PS4, turn it on, and enter the settings menu as below:

Activate PlayStation 4

    • Select remote play, then select add device.

select add device

    • Then eight numbers will appear as below. Enter the number on the Smartphone.

Enter the number on the Smartphone

    • After entering these numbers into the Smartphone, here are the results:

here are the results

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So, friends, this is the explanation of how to Play PS4 Games on android smartphones, Now you can play PS4 games like the Nintendo Switch that can be carried anywhere.

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