How To TweakBox Download for iOS iPhone-iPad 2020

How To TweakBox Download for iOS iPhone-iPad – Today, there are options available for everything like TV, Lap, Radio in the market. Things that do not have options are really hard to find. Sometimes these options are more popular among people than in the originals. This situation is common to the smartphone.

Tweakbox app download

Especially for app stores for smartphones, this is often the case. Instead of the official app store on iOS devices, many other options have now come to market. And there are many options for the Google Play Store.

Best Ways to Download TweakBox for iOS iPhone-iPad

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There are many people who have become popular because these alternative markets can benefit more than official application stores. So today we are talking about the best alternative store that has come for iOS users. This is the TweakBox App.

About TweakBox

This can be called the best and most advantageous alternative to the apple app store. This app is a mobile app installer that can be installed on iPhone, iPad, or Apple phones. Through this application, Apps that do not have an apple app store can access too.

These apps can download and install tweaked applications without Jailbreak or Apple ID. Either you will not be charged for it. It also allows you to use tweaked apps without any limitations.

Several additional features have been added to it. In addition, this alternative app store gets completely free of charge tweaked apps, hacked games, App Store apps, and tweakbox apps (jailbreak tools, movies, music, emulators).

The app store complies with only iOS 11 and iOS 12 devices. Many more applications like Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Music, kirakira, VK, PokémonGO, and Snapchat can be easily used in this app’s market. In addition to tweaked apps and AppStore apps, there are more than 2k apps on this platform.

You do not have to worry about the security of the existing app on this alternative platform. Because this app is really safe. The use of this application does not affect the performance of your device. It does not cause any negative effects on your iOS system.



iOS apps are stored in four major categories. For this reason, users can easily find the application they want. The four types are Tweakbox Apps, AppStore Apps, Hacked Games, and Tweaked Apps.

You can also find apps from the first type of “Tweaked Apps” in the AppStore. But these apps in the alternate market are upgraded and developed in accordance with user experience. Many more applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, have been enhanced.

The second category “Appstore Apps” gives you a special advantage. All apps to be paid from AppStore, through this category, you can download them completely for free.

If you are interested in gaming, then the 3rd category – “Hacked Games” is best suited to you. This category has a very large number of games that can not be found in the app store. But to enjoy these privileges, your device should be iOS 9 or lower.

In the fourth type, “Tweakbox Apps“, there are tons of apps that can not be found in other app stores. There are many other apps, streaming apps, and emulators, such as Kodi and Popcorn. Moreover, there are many apps that can clean and boost your device.

Tweak games

How to install Tweakbox on your device

This app can be installed on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Follow the steps below.

 For the first step, go to the official download link below and click on the installation button.

In the second step, click on the Allow button. Then select Settings → General → Device Management.

In the third step, the TweakBox application appears in the Downloaded Profiles.

Click on the installation button in step 4 and confirm the installation.

Last, the application icon can be found on your Home Screen.

How to download apps

First, open the app and select an app you like in the categories.

Click on the installation button.

Activate a message that says you would like to install it.

Now, as the usual type, you can use the app.

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