7 Quick Ways to Attract Audiences With Content Marketing 2024


7 Quick Ways to Attract Audiences With Content Marketing – In this digital era, anything can be done online. Have you ever heard of the booming terms online marketing and content marketing?

7 Quick Ways to Attract Audiences With Content Marketing

7 Quick Ways to Attract Audiences With Content Marketing 2024

If you are a business owner or interested in the world of marketing, you must know about online marketing. There are many types of online marketing. One of them is content marketing.

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So what is content marketing or content marketing? Why content can be an online marketing strategy?

Understanding Content Marketing

Understanding Content MarketingContent marketing is an online marketing strategy that uses various types of content. But not just any content can be used as a means of promotion.

This marketing is often referred to as the most effective marketing in increasing sales of products, services, or brand recognition.

Because content is very important in online marketing. A marketing tool has no function without content. Whether it’s a website, blog, social media marketing, or SEO efforts.

Just imagine, what benefits you get if you create a business account on Facebook or Instagram without releasing content. Maybe people find your web or social media marketing, but no info is found.

Important Elements of Content Marketing

Important Elements of Content MarketingIn the world of marketing, don’t use content carelessly. The content that can be used is content that is relevant, contains important information, and is consistent with the product or brand being promoted.


If you have a business in the fashion sector, then you can create content related to fashion. For example, create content about how to mix and match invitations or office outfits.


It turns out that creating relevant content is not enough. You have to know whether the content you create is important for the target consumer to know or not.


After creating one piece of content, it turns out that it is not enough to attract the attention of potential consumers. Make potential consumers curious and want to know what content you will share. Don’t forget to provide an educational element in the content you create.

How Effective is Content Marketing?

How Effective is Content MarketingContent marketing is a marketing technique that has been around for a long time but has only recently been booming in Indonesia. Then is it effective?

In the past, people saw advertisements and were interested in buying a product that was offered easily. Now advertising can not be said to be an effective strategy.

People are used to and immune to the influence of promotion or advertising. So by looking at offline and online advertisements, it doesn’t have such a big impact to attract people’s interest.

But instead of the ad being useless, the ad is useful for distributing useful content. So how effective is content marketing?

Long Term Promotion

Why can be a long-term promotion? Yes, the promotions that you go through these content will last a very long time for years as long as the content you create is still relevant.

In addition, you can also update content to match what is currently booming.

Raise Brand Awareness

Building content is like giving your audience something to talk about. That way automatically the brand that you have will be more widely disseminated.

Improve SEO

Creating good content is one way to have good SEO. That way the content you have will be widely referenced by the audience. If all that goes, then Google will judge that your content is important and can be trusted.

Because if Google has determined that your content is good, then it is an advantage for you. Because Google will often make referrals to the content you have.

Expanding Marketing Reach

The extent of social media networks can indeed be used as a strategy to make new connections that are wider. That way you can join customers on social media to write guest posts after uploading your content.

By using a strategy like that, you can get a name in the online business world that you are in.

No need to waste time spamming content, enough valuable content you will be in this position. Because if your content has value, it will definitely be re-uploaded and shared.

Gaining Trust

Gaining customer trust is not an easy thing, especially for business people who are just entering the business world. You need to build trust with customers in one way through content marketing.

With content marketing, you can convince consumers by providing quality and trusted content. And make keywords that are easy to find in search engines so that your content is always recommended by search engines.

Increase Promotional Media Visit Rate

Creating unique content will certainly make consumers curious. That way your website will be invaded by curious consumers.

With content marketing, traffic is one of the most important things. The higher the traffic, the higher the consumers you can filter.

Increase Customers

As we discussed earlier, traffic can indeed be brought in with content marketing. But in this case, the consumers who come are still the status of visitors.

By increasing visitors, visitors who come will change their status as customers.

What Forms of Content Marketing?

What Forms of Content MarketingHave you decided what kind of content you will create? There are several forms of content that you can use. The most popular forms of content are:


Many complaints from the information presented in very long and difficult-to-understand sentences. Infographics are a solution that is often used by the media.

With infographics, complex information becomes easy to understand. Infographics also have the advantage of how to combine images and writing to be clear and concise.

For example, a travel service provider company by making infographics can attract the interest of the audience. Provide information on the length of the trip, the cost of traveling with various types of vehicles, the cost of tickets for recreation areas, and the cost of lodging.

This information is needed by audiences who want to travel. They will come back to you because they feel they have the information they need.


Websites can be an effective solution when you don’t have content. In this case, you can use the website to create articles that match the target market you want.

To create articles, you must also pay attention to things that can affect the convenience of readers, such as SEO, which can attract traffic to your website.

Also pay attention to the convenience when your website is accessed via a smartphone, such as images in portrait form.


Taking advantage of a booming trend may indeed be effective in conducting promotions, such as podcasts, which are currently being loved a lot in Indonesia.

Many content creators use podcasts to build brand awareness. With topics that can be determined according to the target market.

Podcasts are an excellent place to replace a radio that only listens to sound. The presence of podcasts provides a different offering that can be enjoyed and see directly who the broadcaster is.

If it is done to create a marketing campaign, of course, it is very fitting, because you can work with influencers there.

Books/ E-books

E-Books are very appropriate to use on content that has a longer size of an article. You can use e-books with a few clever ideas, such as providing requirements for each e-book download by requiring you to enter an email.

That way you will get leads, and after you get leads, you can turn them into consumers in the future.


Video can be said to be a very possible tool for creating marketing content. Because people will prefer to watch videos to reading. With so much time the audience will spend on your blog.

Of course, the more time spent on your blog or viewing your videos the better for your business, because Google will provide more value.

social media

Social media also cannot be separated from marketing content. The extent of the network owned sometimes makes business actors price wars with each other because they also have the same product.

That way, you have to be smarter in using social media to upload content. Valuable content is content that is most likely to get an audience’s attention.


Maybe still be less popular than Instagram, but email has fairly high effectiveness in marketing matters. The content in the email also includes promotions, newsletters, and e-book promotions.

Other Content Types

If you want to create more content, use the types of content below to attract the attention of the audience.

  • Content Curation
  • case studies
  • Chart
  • Illustration
  • Book/product reviews
  • Giveaways
  • FAQs
  • Webinar
  • Dictionary
  • Memes
  • Mind Maps
  • Online game
  • Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Quote
  • Timelines

Ability in Content Marketing

Ability in Content MarketingWrestling in the world of content marketing is not as easy as it seems. You also have to have special abilities to become a successful content creator.


Communication is one of the requirements for marketing. This is used in negotiations, so good skills are needed to attract customers.

Good writing skills

Marketing content can also be in the form of articles, statuses on social media, or video scripts. So it would be nice if you were more adaptable to writing and doing a style that was tailored to the target.

Use language that is easy for readers to understand. And use analogies to make it easier to understand.

Good narrative skills

The ability to write must also be accompanied by the ability to narrate or tell a good story. This is to make the audience enjoy what you are saying.

Especially if you create content in the form of videos or podcasts. From there it will be seen how well you guide the event so that it doesn’t get off topic. And also required a high level of interaction.

Up To Date

Maybe not everyone has this ability, they don’t necessarily want to learn either. But if you have this talent you can create content with podcasts which will certainly be more interesting to get a lot of consumers.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing StrategyCreating marketing content can help businesses to prepare plans for generating traffic, leads, and purchases effectively. Follow the steps below to create an effective marketing strategy.

Defining Marketing Goals

The first thing to do is determine the marketing goals that you will target. As a basis for determining the next strategy.

Is it to introduce a new brand, increase traffic or increase sales?

Define marketing targets

To succeed in your strategy, you also need to have the right target market. If you still don’t understand or are new to this, by knowing your target you can create relevant and interesting content so that the audience can have the decision to buy.

If you’re an old player, of course, your targets can always change, so you can choose to keep old customers by expanding your network, or finding new customers.

Doing research can determine the next strategy that you can use to achieve the target you want.


CMS is a computer application that can support and modify content. It should also include several features such as content creators, content publications, and content analysis.

Create interesting content

Maybe many are confused about creating the next and next content. Such as determining the topic, determining the theme, and so on.

For example, content marketing was created by Coca-Cola with a simple but interesting idea. Content created with the theme of Share A Coke.

Where Coca-Cola prints the names of people on the packaging and the lid. This is a way to build a personal relationship with his customers.

Coca-Cola hopes that with this idea they can share their drink with the people whose names are on the packaging. Besides being able to build closeness, Coca-Cola can also increase sales in a unique, interesting, and simple way.

In creating content, there are several tools that you can use to help you get ideas, such as the tools you can find in What To Write, Feedly, BuzzSumo, Content Forest, and Blog Post Headline Analyzer.

Choose the type of marketing content

Determining content can’t be arbitrary, because it can actually bring losses. Decide in advance what topics you will be carrying in content creation.

Next, create the right content for your target market. Make the content as good and relevant as possible so that it has value and it is easy for people to share your content.

Manage content

By managing content and logging all your content marketing activities. There you can see the details of the actual results to measure the success you have achieved.

In addition, you will also be assisted in auditing and creating further content after managing existing content.

Conduct content evaluation

If you have created content and uploaded it, you can also review it as an evaluation. And find out whether the conversion rate has been met.

This tool is to see if the content you create can increase website traffic and brand awareness. From there you can consider the strategy you will do next.


What is called marketing or marketing is not easy. You need time and should not be in a hurry in determining a good content marketing strategy.

Create content that contains ways to solve problems faced by your potential customers. Because with the right strategy, it can have a long impact on audience interest so that it creates a desire to buy the products offered.

Better to make a marketing strategy with the team. Because making creative ideas is not easy. With teamwork, you can complement each other.

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