5 Steps To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 [2024]


5 Steps To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – For Tab enthusiasts, this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 can be an Android-based Tab choice with high quality.

How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

How To  Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 [2024]

But at this time the type of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is not being sold in its new version or is no longer being produced.

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But for the second version, there are still many found on the market. The selling price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 second ranges from 1-2 million.

Of course, the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are different from the new generation, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, including the price, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is still widely sold on the market for the new version.

The selling price of the new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is around 3.5 million. Differences in specifications and Screenshot features are different between Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

And this time Infomint will discuss how to do screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 easily.

The screenshot itself is an activity taking the screen display. The role of the Screenshot is very important.

The use of screenshots is usually to capture if there is something important on our Smartphone screen such as images from the internet, browsing Chat with certain people, etc., and are very flexible.

No need for quota and signal. And we can do it according to our will. When and wherever we are.

Screenshot with the Application

There are many Screenshot applications for a particular Smartphone, we can look for them depending on the type of Smartphone itself.

For those who run an Android-based Operating System, can search the Google Play Store, for those who run the iOS Operating System, can search the App Store.

Using the Screenshot application may not be a difficult thing, because it’s quite easy to do it.

Download and install the application first, and understand and learn the tutorial, by automatically doing screenshots using the application it will be easier without having to press certain combination buttons.

Screenshot with a key combination
Screenshot with a key combination

Screenshot with a key combination

By using a combination of the Power Button + Volume Down Button we can already do the Screenshot activity.

The following is a way to do a Screenshot by using a key combination without having to use the Application:

  1. Of course, prepare the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Press the Power + Volume Down Button simultaneously and hold for a few seconds.
  3. Release after feeling the Smartphone vibrates
  4. The screenshot will appear in the Notification panel.
  5. And with automatic screenshots directly stored in the Gallery with the name Folder ” Screenshot “.

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So, friends, This is the explanation of how to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, either using the application or using the key combination.

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