4 Steps On How To Customize Your Email 2020


How To Customize Your Email 2020 – If you still don’t know, email personalization is a powerful tool that helps make your email drip campaigns efficient and converting.

4 Steps On How To Customize Your Email
4 Steps On How To Customize Your Email

A research carried out by Experian revealed a 26% increase in the open rates of customized emails. Another 2017 research carried out by Dynamic Yield revealed that 88% of users claimed that there is a higher chance of positive responses to emails that are specially customized for them.

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To get information on prospects and compose highly-personalized emails, you need to follow 4 simple steps and you will be knowledgeable on how to customize your email in 2019 correctly. On a more personal manner, apart from the last name and first name of your prospects, you need information about their company name, position, location and probably their hobbies and interests.

Step 1: Select only the best source for data

Any relevant data about your prospect will enable you to create proper customization. Data like pain points, values, their favorite color, or even the pet’s name and so on are the points that will help you. However, being either in the B2B or B2C niche, you need to define the source to search for information.

Social networks

Social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter or even Instagram might be the best sources to directly get new information that is constantly updated from your leads. You can study and understand the behavioral patterns of the prospects and know the things they love, hate, and what makes them happy using social network data.

Moreover, you can follow their activities that is a clear indication of how engaging they will be. Individuals who interact with their followers on social networks will probably reply to your email than individuals who don’t.

LinkedIn is a wellspring of professional data that provides special in-depth knowledge into the individual’s career, experiences, skills, position in an organization, etc. Moreover, you can use an email hunter to find emails of new potential clients on the professional social network. Cool yeah?


Marketers use this interactive platform to incorporate their products and service in case the question was displayed on Google’s top search result. Quora also creates an opportunity for businesses to locate prospective clients, partners or collaborators and to successfully evaluate them.

Carry out a search on related questions to your industry and locate active businesses that require product promotion. Many of these businesses will probably want an offer of value or a promotion.

Quora can also be used to evaluate the suffering and issues facing your audience. This source will suit best for small laser-focused campaigns, B2B, and TA Analysis.

Step 2: Evaluate the data

You should know the identity of your targeted audience, your email campaign volume, and the category of data you are going to implement. Establishing the identity of your buyer before implementing lead generation will simplify the other two requirements.

Evaluate the data
Evaluate the data

Your buyer’s identity

You can target both individuals and businesses that largely depends on the product you offer. Create a connection with the most ideal audience for your product and always categorize your leads.

Your email campaign volume

Always remember that customization for B2B campaigns aimed at small businesses is similar to B2C campaigns. The reason for that is the following: small campaigns tend to be more friendly, thus the personalization is higher. Create the ideal offer by getting to know the hiccups the business is experiencing and well informed about the business to understand what you are presenting to them.

Generally, smaller campaigns are usually customized but the only personalization in larger campaigns is the recipient’s name. You are however responsible for the level of customization which can only be limited by your imagination and time.

Step 3: Compose a personalized email

You should be able to develop unique, custom messages after performing a comprehensive data analysis, research, and gathering sufficient information about your prospects. Every previous technique and knowledge you’ve had about the conventional cold emailing approach should be ignored at this stage to avoid being limited.

Ensure that your email is similar to a face-to-face conversation with every recipient and avoid enemies of good email copies such as buzzwords and pre-designed templates. Take advantage of the information about their choices and behavioral pattern to write personal messages that will appeal to your audience.


Typical customizations are the first name and last name which should be used in every message you develop and this would not be analyzed extensively. But a key thing to note is that the last name and the first name should not be used simultaneously. First names should be used for casual and friendlier connections (like “Hi Jessica”) and the last name should be used in extremely official messages (such as “Greetings Mr. Stevens”).

Company name

The company name is also a very good place to start. This will create the impression that you’ve performed extensive research about their work. Endeavor to recognize the tormenting areas of your prospects. Demonstrate that you know the issues they face and are ready to start long-lasting productive relationships.

Position or qualifications

Appeal to your prospects by acknowledging their position and qualifications. For instance, if they have an article on a topic that is relevant to their professional skill, acknowledge their outstanding capability through that article in that field, address the article, and praise the writer. This way, you will show your interest and the recipient will be more favorable to you.

This would clearly be a highly focused, small email campaign and without any doubt, you will appeal to your prospects using such customization and deep connection.

Quora again

You can also utilize your prospect’s comments and inquiries on Quora as a kind of perspective in your emails say you are able to generate this highly specific information. Some companies might use their account to reply to comments and this can be used to track the relevant representative of the department by using an email finder extension to scan through the company’s email addresses on their website.


Use your knowledge of the social media activity of your prospect to show how special they are and how you value their opinion. Make a reference or include a link to a particular tweet they have retweeted or created in your attribute.

Step 4: Build an email drip campaign

Build an email drip campaign
Build an email drip campaign

Customization should go beyond just an email copy. The reactions you get from your audience can be the basis of how you send them emails and this can be achieved through email drip campaigns.

Your audience will receive several follow-up messages that depend on how they relate with the campaign if they completely disregarded, viewed the email, or clicked the link in the email.

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Creativity is essential to developing a customized email in 2019. You should go beyond just being creative and always remember these guidelines.

  • Pay more attention to quality, not quantity
  • Implement appropriate data only
  • Keep it human-like and simple
  • Don’t hesitate to also make it casual
  • Develop a significant and reliable relationship with your prospects by implementing personalization

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