How Long Do Dropshipping Delivery Times Take?


How Long Do Dropshipping Delivery Times Take? – The concept of dropshipping is revolutionary. Literally, an entrepreneur invests his money, buys products, sells them without even touching them. This virtual business model has made it easy for most people to start investing money and earning a fortune. 

How Long Do Dropshipping Delivery Times Take
How Long Do Dropshipping Delivery Times Take

The pandemic has caused the world to rethink the shopping model. That is where the dropshipping model comes in handy. Besides other perks, dropshipping uses tracking systems, such as speedpak to track your product to ensure it is secure and in safe hands. 

When dropshipping offers you many benefits, the long shipping time may annoy you, but it may not be the case all the time. Here we will walk you through the process of how you can reduce the shipping time of your product in dropshipping. Are there ways to deal with the long shipping time of the dropshipping product? 

In this article, we have uncovered the answers to questions related to drop shipping delivery time. Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How Long Do Dropshipping Delivery Times Take?

Usually, the dropshipping delivery takes a longer time. Some factors contribute to the longer duration of delivery to the buyer. They are the process of order placement, buying the product from the supplier, and sending it to the buyer. 

Here are the factors causing the delivery time to extend:

  • Shipping After Check-Out:

When a buyer purchases your product, you don’t have the product at your access. You first confirm the payment details. After ensuring the conformity of the payment, the next step is to order the respective product from the supplier. 

The supplier will demand the product details and the shipment address. Then, you pay the supplier and ship the order to the customer within 2 to 7 days. 

  • Does Long Shipping Time Matter?

Of course not! Dropshippers are supposed to take an extended delivery time. The process is long, and the customers can wait. They love to wait for the product they choose of their will. Customers can even wait for a few weeks for a product that they selected and loved. 

So, unless you provide the customers with quality products, the delivery time does not matter. With that said, you can call this wait the successful attribute of e-commerce. 

How To Deal With Long Shipping Times?

Although it takes a more extended period to deliver your ordered product, there are several ways that you can bring into use to reduce the delivery time of your dropshipping business. 

The foremost way to cut down the shipping time is by choosing the correct shipping option. Several options are available, such as SpeedPak, e-packet, AliExpress, etc., for the same purpose. 

Your priority must be the one that supports the quick shipment of the orders. You can’t decide on such a shipment option unless you know the location of your dropshipping business. 

For example, if your customers belong to the US, using the shipping option from China will take more time than shipping options from the US. Also, it will cost you extra pennies that you will either compensate your customers or earn less. 

Apart from shipping options, if you consider buying from the local warehouse where your customers are, it will help you cut down your delivery time. 


E-commerce is the future of shopping and businesses as the world turns virtual and online technology leads the masses. With that said, dropshipping is at its peak as this stage is where the business owner uses a third party to supply products to their customers at the comfort of their homes. 

The delivery time of the dropshipping product is relatively high, and the factors contributing to the extension of the delivery time are mentioned earlier. Well, it doesn’t matter a lot. But when you consider some changes, you can cut down your delivery time, resulting in positive business reviews.

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