3 Easy DIY Solar Air Conditioners


3 Easy DIY Solar Air Conditioners – The summer heat may make your house unbearable. Running the air conditioner then becomes an expensive luxury to maintain. In such a situation, a home is no longer a place you want to spend time because of the discomfort and the expense that comes with air conditioning.

3 Easy DIY Solar Air Conditioners
3 Easy DIY Solar Air Conditioners

Easy DIY Solar Air Conditioners

What if you can develop an air conditioning system with available materials at home and still avoid paying exaggerated power bills? With a DIY solar air conditioner, you can enjoy the satisfaction of building an effective and personalized AC system without spending a fortune.

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Some of the ideas are so simple that you do not require any technical knowledge in electrical or electronic handling.

Some of the resultant air conditioners are also portable. You can scale their AC potential to cover an industrial setup and save millions of dollars in materials and utility bills. Here is a look at 3 winning solar hybrid air conditioner DIY ideas you should try.

The California Cooler

The air conditioner gets its name from its origin in the Western United States. It is a cabinet built as part of a house to cool food and other items through the cool air keeps things cool principle. The air conditioning principle in use could be rudimentary but one of the most effective to date.

The California cooler involves the installation of pantries with outside vents that bring cool air to keep the stored food cold throughout the night.

The cabinet is constructed with screened or slatted sleaves. A vent to the outside at the bottom and top allows natural convection to circulate air into the cabinet.

A screen separates the outside and inside vents to keep away insects. The slats slanting downwards will keep away rain from the interior.

The cabinet and vents are best installed in the kitchen or store where food items are usually kept.

The design allows you to place fruits and vegetables on the slates. You can use pipes and other vents to direct the cool air to other rooms in your house.

The conventional moving air will also ensure the supply of fresh air into your house throughout the day and night.

Milk Carton Air Conditioner

This is an ingenious way to beat the summer heat without breaking your bank with expensive appliances and over-the-roof utility bills.

It allows you to create a solar-powered air conditioner using an ordinary milk carton and a computer fan. You will need glue and basic soldering skills.

  • Cut a fun-sized hole at the bottom of the milk carton. Use a pair of scissors or a razor to achieve precision. Loose cutting will leave the fan loose, causing the entire AC to malfunction.

  • Place the fan into the slot and glue it to the walls of the carton. Use high-quality glue that holds the fan into place as it blows cool air into your house.

  • Wire the fan to an AC adaptor or a battery. A solar energy storage unit would be ideal because it will not come with a bill at the end of the month.

  • Fill the remaining part of the carton with ice.

Once you turn the fan on, cool air will come through the pouring spout. Choose the tall and slender varieties of ice to fit through the opening. The assembly will provide solar air conditioning at the desk or in a small room without inflating your bill.

Oscillating Fan Air Conditioner

This is a modification of your ordinary indoor fan so that it provides cool air. You require a functional in-house oscillating fan, duct tape, and two plastic soda bottles.

  • Modify the bottles by cutting off the bottle. It will provide space to put your ice and easily drain water.

  • Strap the bottles upside down at the back of the fan using duct tape or you may use a string. Fasten the bottle to avoid damaging the fan as it rotates.

  • Add ice onto the bottles

  • Connect the fan to your energy source, preferably solar to minimize your electricity bill.

Cool air coming from the surface of the bottle will be blown in all directions throughout the room. As the ice melts, open the lid that is now at the bottom and drain the water. Instead of plain wind, you will be getting cool air throughout the house.

Affordable and Innovative Air Conditioning

Innovate Energy provides innovative and personalized air conditioning for domestic and commercial installation. You will get the latest solar air conditioner Singapore technology that saves money and guarantees reliability.

With years of experience in the provision of solar energy to different clients, you are guaranteed a system that will meet the most unique needs. This is a stress-free way to keep your home or office cool without risking a hefty bill at the end of the month.

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