17 Best Divxtotal Alternatives to Download Torrents 2020

17 Best Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents– Divxtotal is one of the best websites for downloading movies and television series, although it is also possible to find other types of content such as music or software.

Best Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents

Regarding movies, it is possible to find numerous viewing options such as HD quality and even 3D movies.

As it has happened with many other pages on the same subject, it has been a website especially persecuted by the authorities, so it is possible that on some occasions you will find that it is inoperative.

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On the internet, it is still possible to find numerous alternatives to download all kinds of torrent content. Below you can see the best options.

Regarding movies, it is possible to find numerous viewing options such as HD quality and even 3D movies.

Best 12 Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents at this moment


17 Best Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents

Especially oriented to content from the world of television, it is the perfect place if you are looking for television series or movies from even decades ago

  • You can access a specific country to find out which are the most important television shows in that area 
  • It has an option to access the most popular series of television channels
  • It has a specific option with movies

Visit:- Website


17 Best Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents

One of the characteristics of this website is that it has a specific section only for watching movie trailers.  The torrents available are of good quality, and it also has a specific section with news on the torrent sector and entertainment.

It also has an option to check the top ten with the most outstanding torrents of the moment. As a negative point, it is necessary to highlight its excessive advertising.

Visit:- Website

 3. The PirateBay

17 Best Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents

Become one of the reference pages for downloading torrents, The Pirate Bay has improved the quality of its content by offering a quality seal so you can check the quality of the files. 

In addition, it has the advantage of having one of the largest user communities, which favors the increase of seeds and the speed of downloads.

Visit:- Website

4. Kickass

17 Best Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents

Kickass Torrent stands out especially for the variety and speed of downloading content. This is due to a large user community that enables more seeds.

You can find torrents of all kinds of categories, from TV series to music, applications, or games. The majority of the available content is verified.

Visit:- Website

5. GranTorrent


Grantorrent is a website that stands out for having some instability, although when it is operational it is possible to access good quality content. Among them, you can find series and movies in HD quality.

You can see what are the latest torrents added from the main page. It also has music content, video clips, and computer games.

Visit:- https://grantorrent.eu/

6. YTS


One of the reasons why this website should be one of the best alternatives to Divxotal is for the quality of the content, both in image and audio and with hardly any space on the computer. 

The web is simple and intuitive, being able to locate the movies easily through a search bar. It also has an Android application.

Visit:- Website

7. Streaming Improver

Streaming Improver

The recently renewed improved torrent website offers you the best of cinema in the quality you prefer: HD, 3D, and even 4K. If you want to see all the news you just have to access the Movie Premieres section.

 It also dedicates a section to the best television series of the moment as well as recommendations based on your searches.

Visit:- Website

8. Extratorrent


Extratorrent is a simple design website that, however, offers very detailed information about all the available content such as a number of seeds, magnet links, or comments from other users.

It has a blog of articles related to the torrent world and a search engine to locate torrents more quickly.

Visit:- Website

9. Limetorrents


Limetorrent is one of the most powerful torrent search engines of the moment

  • The database of this website is continually updated, as well as the user community, enabling faster downloads
  • The contents offered are verified
  • The downloads of these can be done anonymously

Visit:- Website

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a service that allows you to view multimedia content from any device, simply by downloading the service for free.

Popcorn Time is reminiscent of large and popular streaming platforms. It has a powerful search engine to locate content quickly and an option to create your own favorite lists.

Visit:- Website

11. Elite Torrent

Elite Torrent

Elitetorrent is one of the websites that have survived the blockade of many countries. Its design has not changed, as well as the quality of its contents focused on the latest news in television series and film premieres.

You can choose both the quality and the language or dubbing of the film. You also have a multitude of filters and categories.

Visit:- https://elitetorrent.biz/

12. Torrent paradise

Torrent paradise

Torrent Paradise is a content search engine whose database is linked to The Pirate Bay. This makes both searching and downloading particularly effective and fast.

With a search system very similar to Google’s, this search engine has more than 2,300,000 indexed torrent files.

What is the best alternative to Divxtotal?

The best alternative to Divxtotal is Mejortorrent because both the search system and the content theme are very similar.

The platform is updated practically daily, so it is easy to locate the best releases of the moment, both in movies and in television series.

Visit:- https://torrent-paradise.ml/



The longest-running Spanish torrent download page of the five. With more than 57,000 films, series, documentaries, live concerts, and television programs, the portal has one of the most extensive catalogs in Spanish on the entire network.

The number of advertisements is so small that we can proceed with the download of a file in just a few mouse clicks. It also has a section intended to show the latest shared Torrent files to find out about the latest releases on the card.

Visit:- Website



Unlike the rest of the portals, Torrent2z is not limited to linking series and movies but has a huge catalog of all kinds of digital content. Windows programs, software licenses, discographies, and a long etcetera.

Torrent2z’s biggest advantage comes from its popularity: being an international access page, we can find content from any country, whether or not it is dubbed into India.

Visit:- https://torrent2z.xyz/


Page of recent creation and Spanish origin that rivals even DivxTotal in terms of a number of films. It is true that the number of advertising present on the portal in the form of pop-up windows makes web browsing a tedious process. The good thing is that much of its content is in Spanish Latin HD Full HD quality.

Worth noting is the presence of various sections for 4K, 3D, and even Blue-Ray content. If we want to download series in Torrent format, however, we will have to resort to other web pages.

Visit:- Website



If you were looking for a torrent page that does not have fakes, TORLOCK   is the web you were waiting for.

This portal offers 1 dollar to its users for each torrent fake it finds. This ingenious idea has led him to have more than five million verified torrents.

On this page, you will find current and popular files in movies and anime as well as games, music, and software.

It also brings a TOP 100 list that helps you to know which are the most popular sources and with the fastest download speed.

Visit:- https://www.torlock.com/software/4.html

17. Zoogle


Zoogle is one of the best search portals with more than three million verified torrents organized in various categories such as movies, series, music, games, etc. Although Zoogle is relatively new in the world torrent, it has already earned a name in the p2p community.

The only drawback of this portal is that, despite being able to find virtually any file that you may be thinking, some download speeds are extremely slow.

Visit:- Website

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So, friends, this was above Divxtotal alternatives to download torrents, You can downloading torrents of television programs music, etc.

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