1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and Questions 2024


1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games Questions & Answers – One of the greatest chat programs available is WhatsApp. Everyone enjoys sending WhatsApp challenges to their friends and family. We all prefer to use WhatsApp to play WhatsApp Dare Games with our loved ones because it is a really quick messaging service.

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and Questions

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games Questions & Answers 2024

I will be sharing some highly intriguing WhatsApp puzzles in this article that you can play with anyone. Send any of these WhatsApp quizzes to your friends and ask them to respond as soon as possible. Playing WhatsApp Dare Games with our loved ones, family, and friends is a lot of fun.

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This article is especially for you if you’re looking for new WhatsApp challenges. Throughout this entire essay, I’ll be sharing WhatsApp Dare game questions and answers. This collection contains almost all available WhatsApp Dare games and Quizzes.

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsSo why are you still waiting? Copy the WhatsApp dare games or messages that you want by scrolling down. We all enjoy playing dare-based WhatsApp games with our friends and family members.

The requirement that we choose a number or one of the numerous WhatsApp Smiley Dare games in which you must choose your preferred smiley is what makes them intriguing. Your friend will then send you the solution or assignment for the chosen number.

WhatsApp Dare Games and WhatsApp Dare Hand Movement are two of the most well-known activities. On social media, many people look for Dare Games for Friends to unwind with their buddies.

Where lovers like to search for WhatsApp games for couples to play with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Other websites on Google can give you WhatsApp love games with answers, but the majority of them aren’t all that intriguing.

#1. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsChoose a number between 1 and 10, and I’ll send you a challenge that you must fulfill for me. And if you wish, I’ll put that in my status. Try it.


Your connection to me

For 24 hours, put my name in your WhatsApp status.

Give me a buddy rating between 5 and 10.

What kind of connection do you have?

Name of your crush

Name your GF or BF.

Give me a song and a voice recording.

Create your DP by creating a collage with our photo.

We can talk for 30 minutes.

Recharge (Rs 50)

#2. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsI’ll tell you who you are after you choose a triple number. You do not accept it? Do it then. You are going to believe it.

  1. 000
    2. 111
    3. 222
    4. 333
    5. 444
    6. 555
    7. 666
    8. 777
    9. 888
    10. 999


000: Hard Worker
111: True Lover
222: Cheater.”
333: Addict
444: Silent Killer
555: Lazy in Bed
666: “Handsome.”
777: Proud and Sweet 🤗
888: Lovely and Caring
999: Proud and Sweet

#3. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsDare: Choose a number between 1 and 20 and respond right away. Prepare for the challenge.


1- Tell me something you always wanted to say but couldn’t.

2- Call and tell me you love me.

3- Do a favor for me

4- What would you want our relationship to be?

5- Be my slave for 2 days.

6- Call me and say my name in a loud voice!

7- Write my name on your status, saying You love me!”

8- Send me a photo of your crush.

9- What change would you want to see in me?

10- Write your and my names in your status for one day!

11- Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.

12 – Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you

13 – What am I to you??

14 – What’s your deepest secret? <3

15 – Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice!

16 – Tell me something you always wanted to say but couldn’t

17 – How would you describe me?

18 – Be my slave for 2 days

19 – Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.

20 – Write your phone number in your status

#4. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsThis is a game which people play with their crushes and you should try it too. Choose any number between 1 to 21 and I will send you a Dare Questions List.


1- The first thing you notice in a person when you meet them the first time.
2- Will you kill anyone if you get permission? If yes, who is that person?
3- What is your crazy dream?
4-The quality do you like the most in yourself?
5-The quality you’d like to change in yourself?
6-What do you like about me?
7-The thing you don’t like in me
8-On your interest, the person you like to marry.
9.-Your Best Friend.
10- What is your opinion of me?
11-The most important person in your life?
12-My contact’s name is on your phone.
13-The nickname you want to give me?
14-Things you like most in me?
15-Color that suits me?
16-Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)
17-The thing do you like most about my character?
18-The thing you hate in my attitude?
19-Which type of dress suits me most?
20-Dedicate a song to our relationship.
21-Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 100.

#5. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsIf God gives you another life, then which character do you play in my life?

  • Baby
  • Lover
  • Enemy
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Father
  • Best Friend
  • Only Friend
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Student
  • Sister-In-Law
  • Crush

Reply to me first. Can I put your answer to my story? Send them another person and find some interesting answers. You can send me also.

#6. Game

Choose a number from 1 to 10, then respond quickly.

  1. Send a selfie from the bathroom
  1. Record yourself singing your favorite song and submit it to me.
  1. Give me a video of you kissing me.
  1. For 24 hours, make my photo your desktop picture.
  1. Email me your funniest photo.
  1. Update your WhatsApp status with my name.
  1. Take a picture of your legs, then send it to me.
  1. Give me your favorite actor with the appropriate reason behind it.
  1. Let me know what brand of underwear you wear.
  1. Send me a video in which you describe me as sweet.

#7. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsAnswer the following questions:

Who was the first person you kissed?
With whom are you right now dating?
Do you accept “love at first sight” as true?
Have you ever argued with your instructor?
Have you ever kissed in the library or on campus?
How often have you lied to your parents to watch a nighttime movie?
If you used to smoke or drink, when did you stop?
harmed anyone?
Have you ever had a bad fight with someone?
Have you ever seen an adult film with no one in it?
Which star might you want to date?
nickname from childhood?
What is the oddest thing you do?
What is your ideal position?
Which do you prefer better, Apple or Android?
What was the most outlandish dish you’ve ever prepared?
What was your important supper last night?
Which nation would you most like to live in if you could?
Who in the family is the older man or woman most like?
any three things you think can make a difference in the world.
Describe your game partner in three words or less.
Are you prone to superstitions?

#8. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and QuestionsDare: If you reply to me within ten seconds with the number of your desired heart, I will send you a dare for that heart. Keep in mind that you can’t back out of playing this WhatsApp game.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21

The dare to perform for your chosen heart number is provided here.

Request Me.?
If you want to marry me, use my name as your status, please.
Send Me Your Love, Please.
Sing or dedicate a song to me as a video clip by singing your favorite song.
Send me a video and talk about me for at least three minutes.
Please name the brand of your underwear.
Give me a hug when we meet.
‘Flair me!’
Create a DP-quality collage from our photos.
Tell Me About Your First Love Interest
Write 50 times. I love you; send it to me.
Please name the first girl or boy you kissed.
Make a video call with me and kiss me.
What do I mean to you?
Will You Be My One-Day BF/GF?
Send me a picture of your current activity.
Do, 6, 7, and the eleventh challenge.
Send me a video of you dancing to any song.
Please send me a picture of you in your last formal attire.
Describe two aspects of me that you detest the most.
Tell Me Your Most Intimate Secret

#9. Game

1000+ Best WhatsApp Dare Games and Questions1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


  1. For one day, using my photo as your WhatsApp narrative
  2. motivate me
  3. Describe your darkest secret.
  4. Mention your crush’s name.
  5. Use the phrase “getting married” in your WhatsApp status.
  6. Email me your funniest photo, please.
  7. When you first meet me, what do you observe about me?
  8. Describe your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  9. What was your most memorable day?
  10. Recharge for 50 rupees on my number

#10. Game

Dare: Pick any number between 1 and 20, and I will send you your challenge.


  1. Write your crush’s name in your status.
  2. If you get permission, will you kill anyone? If so, who is that individual?
  3. Be my GF or boyfriend for a day.
  4. Which quality about yourself do you admire most?
  5. What quality would you like to improve?
  6. What makes you like me?
  7. What you don’t like about me 8. The person you’d like to marry is in your best interest.
  8. Send me the cutest photo you have.
  9. Summarize me in one sentence.
  10. Who is your most important person?
  11. My phone number is displayed.
  12. What moniker would you like to give me?
  13. What aspects of me do you find most appealing?
  14. Which color would I like?
  15. Status of your relationship with me: (no cheating)
  16. What do you like most about my personality?
  17. What do you dislike about my attitude?
  18. Which style of dress is best for me?
  19. Commit a melody to our relationship?

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There are practically all varieties of Truth and Dare games that we have uploaded; these are for fun, to strengthen your friendship or relationship, to learn more about one another through this dare, and to reveal some personal facts about anyone.

I have disclosed that the WhatsApp Dare Game, WhatsApp Quiz GameWhatsApp Puzzles Games, and WhatsApp Emoji Dares are all included in each category of WhatsApp Truths and Dares. If you still can’t find the WhatsApp challenge message you’re looking for, feel free to comment and we’ll add it as well.

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