Best Tricks To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number 2024


Best Tricks To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number – Do you want to log in to your WhatsApp account using an old number, but it’s not active or even lost? Fortunately, there is a solution for how to log in to WhatsApp without a verification code that you can try, you know!

Best Tricks To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number
Here’s How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number 2024

WhatsApp as one of the popular chat applications does provide a lot of convenience through its various interesting features.

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Unfortunately, there is one requirement that some users may complain about, namely the verification feature which requires entering a WhatsApp account and having to use a phone number.

Well, in the end, many people are looking for ways to enter WhatsApp without a verification code, you know. But will this method work? Here’s the review!

How to Login WhatsApp Without a Verification Code

There are several ways to log in to WhatsApp without verification that you can do. That way, you can still log into your account without any hassles.

Without the need to linger any longer, here is a collection of guides on how to enter WhatsApp without a verification code!

Register for a WhatsApp Account Without a Cellphone Number

First, you can do is register a WhatsApp account without a cellphone number. Not completely without a number, but using a virtual number armed with an application like TextNow.

To login to WhatsApp with a fake number, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install the TextNow application.
  1. Register for a new account or select the Continue with Google option.How to Register for a WhatsApp Account Without a Cellphone Number
  1. Select the area code you want to use. However, here you are required to use the United States (US) area code.
  1. How to Register for a WhatsApp Account Without a Cellphone NumberChoose the number you want to use. This virtual phone number can be used for calls and SMS.
  1. How to Register for a WhatsApp Account Without a Cellphone NumberSwitch to the WhatsApp application, login using the virtual number earlier.

Unfortunately, you cannot get verification for various reasons, for example, the number is banned by WhatsApp and the number is invalid for use in the United States.


DISCLAIMER: Technadvice has used various other virtual number applications, such as Hush, Burner, Spoof Text, and textPlus, but the results are the same. So it can be concluded that how to log in to WhatsApp without a verification code using a virtual number is now no longer possible.

From the method that Technadvice has tried above, the result turns out that WhatsApp blocks suspicious numbers, especially those from the United States.

This security gap itself seems to have closed the chat application from Facebook by preventing you from logging in using fake buttons. Thus, this way of tapping WhatsApp without verification doesn’t work.

You can check other WhatsApp tips such as unblocking someone WhatsApp who blocked you without changing the number that Technadvice wrote below.

Login to WhatsApp with an old number that is lost or inactive

Maybe many of you are wondering, how you log in to WhatsApp with a lost number without verification.

The answer is CANNOT and you still can’t outsmart it by using a fake WhatsApp number that Technadvice reviewed in the previous point, gang.

How to login to WhatsApp with an old number that is lost or inactiveOne of the easiest steps to be able to log back into your WhatsApp account is to visit the service center of each provider, for example, GraPARI TelkomselXL Center, or Indosat Gallery.

Here you can restore your lost number by making several reports to customer service.

If your number is inactive, make sure that the registered phone number is still within the grace period before it is completely deleted by the provider.

After your number is active again, now you can log in to WhatsApp using the same account, gang.

Enter WhatsApp and Verify with an Emergency Number

Furthermore, many sites also suggest using the WhatsApp login or login method and verifying with an emergency number.

On other websites, it is explained that you don’t need to use additional applications and just do the steps like the following.

  1. Unplug the SIM card installed on the smartphone.

  2. Use a WiFi network to register for WhatsApp.

  3. Enter the phone number until it enters the verification page.

  4. Ignore verification by SMS until the Call Me option appears.

  5. Get a verification code for the emergency number and complete your WhatsApp account.

Is this possible, gang? The answer of course CANNOT!

I have tried it myself and when the Call Me service appears, a pop-up message will appear “We couldn’t call your number. Please check your number and try again in 1 hour”.

WhatsApp can’t send a verification code to the emergency number used, meaning you must still have access to SMS and telephone to get it, gang.

Get WhatsApp Verification Code Via Email

How to Get WhatsApp Verification Code Via EmailFinally, Technadvice will review how to get the WhatsApp verification code via email. Does this work? Unfortunately, the WhatsApp login verification method via email still CANNOT!

Reporting from the Quora forum, WhatsApp login specifically does not provide access to send verification codes through email services such as GoogleYahoo, and the like.

Email addresses, especially Google, can still be used on WhatsApp just for a chat backup that will be saved to Google Drive. Indeed, this application is very reliable, especially in storing files, photos, and videos.

On the WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, the verification code can only be sent to the user’s phone number, either via SMS or telephone.

This is done to verify whether the user is the real owner of the WhatsApp account number or not, gang. Thus, you can’t log in to WhatsApp with email.

Instead of getting dizzy, it’s better to read articles that recommend funny WhatsApp statuses that you can show off to your friends here:

What are WhatsApp Verification Code Functions and Requirements?

Just like in other applications, the WhatsApp verification code serves to ensure whether the account access is the original owner of the registered phone number or not.

The WhatsApp verification code will be asked when you do a new WhatsApp login after entering the phone number in the initial step.

To get a 6-digit verification PIN, WhatsApp only provides two options, namely via SMS and phone calls.

There are also other requirements for getting a WhatsApp verification code when registering an account, which are as follows.

  • The WhatsApp application installed on the device is the latest version available on the Google Play service (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
  • Enter a telephone number according to the specified country code, for example for Indonesian telephone numbers use the format +62 813 5553 8777.
  • Make sure the smartphone has access to the internet network, as well as data packages or WiFi, and can also get international calls and SMS messages.
  • Do not use unsupported devices and jailbreak specifically for iOS.

So Technadvice reminds you again if someone tells you how to log in to WhatsApp without a verification code with tools, I have made sure to HOAKS, OK! Instead of getting hacked later, it’s better not to do it.

This is a Safe Solution for How to Login to WhatsApp Without a Verification Code

Difficulty getting a verification code is certainly a crucial problem because with this you can’t log into your account.

Generally, this problem is encountered when your number is no longer active or lost because your cellphone is stolen. Hence, here you can take the following precautionary steps.

Always Backup WhatsApp Chats

Always Backup WhatsApp ChatsBecause WhatsApp usually contains important conversations, there’s nothing wrong with backing up chats regularly, both daily and weekly.

To access it, you just have to go to the Settings menu > Chats> Chat backup. For a full review, just read: How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Chats via Google Drive.

Save Phone Number to Google Account

Save Phone Number to Google AccountWhatsApp contacts that also disappear when the cell phone is stolen are certainly annoying! That’s why Technadvice recommends always saving your phone number to your personal Google account.

Don’t save it on your cellphone or SIM, because even the provider can’t return it.

By storing a phone number on your Google account you can- restore contacts WhatsApp Your other devices, and gangs.

Contact the WhatsApp Support Service

Contact the WhatsApp Support ServiceThe first method in which you use a virtual number to log in to WhatsApp is possible for you to use.

If there is an error message like before, you can directly contact [email protected] to verify that this number is correct for you to use.

The reason is that usually, the virtual number that is given is mostly free, where the number is the result of recycled phone numbers that have been deactivated before, the gang.

Bonus: Collection of Ways to Fix WhatsApp Error and Pending (Update)

Even though it is popular, has a myriad of features, and is the most stable of course WhatsApp cannot be separated from the problem. Including messages that are sometimes error and pending so they are not delivered.

To fix this, there are also some that you can use, which Technadvice has reviewed in full in the article:

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That’s a review of various methods of how to log in to WhatsApp without a verification code on an Android phone that you can do right now.

It has been proven that several steps on how to enter WhatsApp without the verification code above actually cannot be done. So don’t waste your time!

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day because here you can find the latest technology information such as How-to Guide Tips and Tricks Blogging Digital Marketing Windows Android Root Social Media games, ETC. Best of luck.

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