How to Use WhatsApp Without Your Real Phone Number

How to Use WhatsApp Without Your Real Phone Number – Being one of the most popular chat applications, WhatsApp is indeed classified as successful in providing the best service for its users through convenience and various interesting features. In fact, active users themselves can reach 1 billion every day.

How to Use WhatsApp Without Your Real Phone NumberUnfortunately, there are still people who feel insecure using WhatsApp. This is because this application requires users to use an HP number as a verification tool and then use it to exchange contacts.

How to Use WhatsApp without Verifying Cellphone Numbers or Real SIM

Not a few people want to use WhatsApp to just chat without having a cell phone number that is relatively private to other people. Just relax, if you belong to one of the types of people above, Jaka has a solution to answer your concerns.

Jaka will give you tips on how to activate a WhatsApp account without having to verify using a cell phone number. There are three methods or methods that Jaka will share, but first of all, you have to first install the WhatsApp application itself.

For those of you who have already installed and want to recreate an account without an HP number, then you have to delete it first and then install it again.

Here are three ways to activate a WhatsApp account without verifying your cell phone number:

Install WhatsApp and Verification with Fake Numbers

The first way is to use fake numbers, aided by an additional application, TextNow. Next step by step:

  • Install the TextNow application
TextNow – Free US Phone Number 5.62.0  Apps DOWNLOAD 
  • After that, you will get a number from the application.

  • Use that number to verify your WhatsApp account.

  • Just calm down, verification will definitely fail because the number can’t receive verification SMS.

3 Ways to Use WhatsApp WITHOUT Mobile Number
  • After appearing like the picture above, press ” Call Me “.

  • You will receive a call from an operator who tells the verification code.

  • Your WhatsApp account has been completed.

Install WhatsApp Without Verification with the Fake Messenger Application

The second way allows you to do it without the verification process. By using the help of an application called Fake Messenger. Follow the steps below:

  • You need a fake messaging application to do the second method. There are several options such as Spoof Text for Android users, or Fake-a-message for iOS users.
  • Send an SMS containing your email address to +447900347295.
  • You will then get a verification code to activate your WhatsApp account.

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