How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove


How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove – For me personally, the message flash disk requesting this format is not a big problem. Well, but for some people, I’m sure this is quite troublesome…

How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove
How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove

Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove Quickly

Especially if there are many important files inside …

There are several causes of problems asking for the flash format. But it’s usually caused by 3 things:

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  • Affected by viruses: Although rare, there are several types of viruses that can damage FD. And format messages, sometimes they can also be caused by viruses.
  • Copy process that does not work perfectly: For example, such as copying a file, but suddenly the flashdisk is pulled out or the power goes out suddenly. I’ve experienced it you know…

Well, this damage can be mild, can also be severe. Because we also certainly do not know where the flash drive is damaged, right?

But do not be confused first, you try to do the following things to overcome the flash asking for a format that might help fix it.

Because I also tried it myself, and it works? Here’s how:

Save Flashdisk Request Format

Before continuing, it helps us discuss this first, considering perhaps there is a lot of important data in the flash.

When the flash format message appears, usually there are 2 types. Ie the flash is still accessible, and cannot be accessed at all (Blank). And for ways to save him there are 2:

  • If your flashdisk can still be accessed, you can copy the files in it manually.
  • And if the flash is inaccessible, you can perform Data Recovery using recovery applications such as EaseUS Data Recovery and the like.

Well, now we go to how to fix it:

1. Format Flashdisk

The first thing you can do is to format the flash.

When the format message appears, it means there is usually something wrong with your flash. The problem here is usually in the incorrect flash configuration or something similar.

Formatting the flashdisk, will eliminate all data in it, and the flashdisk will become normal again (I have tested it).

How :

  • Right-click on the Flashdisk drive >> then click Format

How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove Quickly

  • Drive settings to FAT32 after that click format


After the format process is complete, try unplugging your flashdisk then plug it in again.

2. Formatting through CMD

In addition to the above method, you can also use the format through CMD.

The difference, the method above is the manual format. Well, but through this CMD we can format as well as repair the flashdisk. So you could say more powerful ..

Well, to do it is also not difficult…

How :

  • Open CMD : Press the Windows key + R >> Type CMD >> Then click OK :

Formatting through CMD

  • Then type the command CHDSK [Flashdisk Drive] / R (For example CHDSK F: / R ) >> Click Enter >> Then wait for the process ..

Formatting through CMD

If so, try unplugging your flashdisk, then plug it in again. If the message format does not appear, then the method has been successful.

Oh yes, the command / R above functions to format and repair. If you want to format only, enter the command / F (For example CHDSK F: / F )

3. Check the disk

For the method above, the order is done by way of repair. Well, about the repair there is one more way that you can try, namely the Check Disk method.

This disk check function is to look for errors on the flash, and repair them if found. Check this disk I recommend to try because sometimes it works.

You can access the Check disk feature through the properties section.


  • Right-click your Flashdisk Drive >> Then click Properties :

Check the disk

  • Click the Tools tab >> Then click Check :

Tools tab  Then click Check

  • Click Scan and repair drive then wait for the process:

How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove Quickly

4. Do a Low-Level Format

And if the previous 3 methods still didn’t work, you can try this method.

Unlike the usual format, the low-level formatting method is a formatting process that completely erases the entire contents of the data from the flash until it is clean so that the flash can be like new again.

The low-level format method is arguably very effective. Moreover, this method is also commonly used to repair damaged hard disks so that they become normal again.

How :

To format it, you can try the Low-Level Format Tool HDD application. There you just choose which drive you want to format:

How To Fix Flashdisk Format Error Notice Remove Quickly

Flash problems that often require continuous format can be practically tricky and hard to fix. However, while the damage is not a component, in my opinion, it can certainly be repaired.

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Using the method above, I hope you can overcome this problem. Because by using the method above I always managed to fix my flash disk which requested the format, even up to several times.

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