1. Hi, I have had my account blocked and have appealed 5 times and provided ID on all occasions. It says I will receive an email but never do. How do I sort this when I don’t know the reason why it was blocked and facebook haven’t emailed me? Many thanks

  2. I closed my Facebook account a while back and decided I missed my friends and try to open a new account, old one is gone. When I tried I was immediately disabled, could it be because I friend requested my friend? I have yet to receive a response and have given them my id and everything they asked for. It even opened up after giving id and again was immediately was disabled. I did nothing wrong and am clueless as to how to get back on Facebook. Read all the rules and I violated none except requesting a friend with no mutual friends cause I was recreating my account and had none on facebook, if that makes sense.

  3. sir my personal fb accoount is disabled i use this account by last 7 years but few moth ago my fb account is disabled without any reason plz recover my facebook account it is so important for me i have done id confirm also but now result

  4. i wrote before, i sent my non driver id on july 11, still no facebook account. i miss my account, i am retired,i talk, to my former, work, friends, on facebook, also, i have pictures, of my family, on there, my id is real, please restore, my account.

  5. My facebook account and home page are locked because I could not remember password and have changed email servers since joining. I cannont seem to get any help with this probleem. It seems like nobody is home, or they do not have any tech support. It really sucks…..

  6. Facebook disabled the group page that I was 1 of 5 admin of and also disabled all 5 of our personal profiles. That was a week ago and without warning. We think it was because we are supporting save the children and stop child trafficking because weve seen other groups disappear for this reason too. Ive had my profile for 10 years and I also run 2 businesses of mine on business pages linked to my personal profile and have thousands of likes and contacts plus photo memories over 10 years. This is devastating and unjustified. I have provided my ID a week ago and haven’t heard anything since. I dont want to go setting up another account if I am going to get mine back and/or if they can just do this again whenever they feel like it!! Please Help!

  7. Someone falsely reported my facebook as I was pretending to be a celebrity…my first question is why FB didn’t send a warning or ask for verification before disabling my account? My legal name is Bambi and I have had this account for 10 years! I am in awe at how they can do that and without warning when it comes to identity, yet all these fake accounts are still up.
    I have submitted the review, it did not ask for additional info and when I got the notice I had no idea what it even was, so I entered the wrong email linked to my account, being dumbfounded I was confused as all get out. It has been a week, and I noticed I still get notifications, so I am hoping it is TEMPORARILY disabled, but the notice I got didn’t state that. It stated it was disabled and I was to submit a selfie, and a pic of my photo ID.
    I did all that, so I am hoping they re enable it soon.

    I liked your blog, however it doesn’t state how long ones account can be disabled for, or even temporary disabled. Do you know by any chance?

    Thanks for this blog and the advice, really helpful!

  8. my face book was disabled and I didn’t even get a notice!!!! I have appealed and sent in all information they required and still have heard nothing from them!


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