4 Ways To See Your Own Forgotten Facebook Password 2024


4 Ways To See Your Own Forgotten Facebook Password – Facebook is still one of the most popular communication media with the largest number of users. So don’t be surprised if losing access to your own Facebook account is often considered a ‘disaster’ for its users.

4 Ways To See Your Own Forgotten Facebook Password
4 Ways To See Your Own Forgotten Facebook Password

How To See Your Own Forgotten Facebook Password 2024

On average, those who have difficulty accessing their own Facebook account are due to forgetting their password or forgetting their password. For that, DuniaBelajar will give you tutorial tips on how to find your FB password easily.

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It’s not just forgetting what we will discuss, sometimes you must have been curious about someone’s FB password, right? especially your boyfriend.

Therefore, here we will not only give you a tutorial on how to see your own forgotten FB password, but we will also discuss a tutorial on how to see someone else’s Facebook password.

Forgetting is human nature, I myself have forgotten about something, even though it just happened. Forgot your Facebook password itself is a natural thing to happen.

Don’t panic first, here we will share some tutorials on how to find out your own FB password that forgot password. Check out the following discussion:

#1. How to find out the forgotten Facebook password

The nature of forgetting often occurs in humans, especially in some of the social media passwords that we have. One of them is Facebook.

For those of you who have forgotten your personal FB password and are lazy to create a new Facebook account, here’s an easy tutorial to get your forgotten FB password back.

  • Open the Facebook software.
  • Select the option ” Forgotten account? “.
  • Enter the email address or cellphone number used for your FB account.
  • Choose an option for Facebook to send you a password reset code.
  • Continue by clicking Continue.
  • Wait for Facebook to send you the security code.
  • Enter the security code, then select Continue.
  • Enter the new password for your Facebook account.
  • If so, select the Continue button.

For those of you who are looking for a tutorial on how to open Facebook who forgot the password but the cellphone number is not active, then in the third step you can change to ” Sending reset code via Email ”

#2. How to find out other people’s Facebook passwords

Curious about all the activities of your boyfriend’s Facebook account? Want to try logging in with your boyfriend’s account but don’t know the password?

This condition is not infrequently faced by some people, especially me personally. Especially for those of you who are suspicious if your boyfriend is playing behind your back, have you ever thought about knowing what their behavior is behind us?

However, unfortunately, until now DuniaBelajar has not found a tutorial on how to find out other people’s Facebook passwords.

Moreover, if you are looking for an instant and easy Facebook password, it will certainly be very difficult.

Knowing other people’s Facebook passwords actually falls into the category of hacking.

There are many Facebook account hacking techniques that are usually done by hackers.

In other words, your chances of successfully knowing someone’s FB password will be much greater when compared to just using this Forgotten Account technique.

However, if that person has logged in to Facebook from the browser software on your PC or device, you can find out and view the password through the 2 tutorials below.

#3. How to Know Facebook Password Via Firefox

The third way you can use to find out someone else’s Facebook password, you use the Mozilla Firefox browser. But with a note, the prang has not had time to log out of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Here are the steps to find out and see other people’s FB passwords in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox from PC or HP.
  • Click the ‘ Tools ‘ icon, then select the ‘ Options ‘ menu.
  • Select the ” Privacy & Security ” menu.
  • In the Logins & Save Passwords stage, click the ” Saved Logins ” button.
  • Select your Facebook account, then click the ” Show Password ” button.

Easy isn’t it? That was the tutorial on how to see your own or someone else’s Facebook email and password via Firefox software.

#4. How to View FB Password and Email Via Chrome

Apart from using Mozilla Firefox, you can also view your own and other people’s Facebook emails and passwords from the Chrome browser software.

Here also you don’t need to install any Google Chrome extension to do it.

However, the same as in the steps via Firefox, here you are also required to ensure that the Facebook account remains logged in to your Google Chrome software.

Well, for more details, you can read the tutorial on how to see your own Facebook password or someone else’s, Curious? here are the steps:

  • Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then select the ‘ Settings ‘ menu.
  • Click the ‘ Autofill ‘ menu, then select the ‘ Passwords ‘ option.
  • Select the Facebook account for which you want to see the email and password.
  • Click the ‘ Show Password ‘ icon next to it.
  • FB password will also be directly displayed.

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So, friends, This is the explanation of 4 ways to see your own forgotten Facebook password,  I hope this article is helpful for you guys.

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