1. Hi, I have had my account blocked and have appealed 5 times and provided ID on all occasions. It says I will receive an email but never do. How do I sort this when I don’t know the reason why it was blocked and facebook haven’t emailed me? Many thanks

  2. I closed my Facebook account a while back and decided I missed my friends and try to open a new account, old one is gone. When I tried I was immediately disabled, could it be because I friend requested my friend? I have yet to receive a response and have given them my id and everything they asked for. It even opened up after giving id and again was immediately was disabled. I did nothing wrong and am clueless as to how to get back on Facebook. Read all the rules and I violated none except requesting a friend with no mutual friends cause I was recreating my account and had none on facebook, if that makes sense.

  3. sir my personal fb accoount is disabled i use this account by last 7 years but few moth ago my fb account is disabled without any reason plz recover my facebook account it is so important for me i have done id confirm also but now result

  4. i wrote before, i sent my non driver id on july 11, still no facebook account. i miss my account, i am retired,i talk, to my former, work, friends, on facebook, also, i have pictures, of my family, on there, my id is real, please restore, my account.

  5. My facebook account and home page are locked because I could not remember password and have changed email servers since joining. I cannont seem to get any help with this probleem. It seems like nobody is home, or they do not have any tech support. It really sucks…..


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