1. Hi, I have had my account blocked and have appealed 5 times and provided ID on all occasions. It says I will receive an email but never do. How do I sort this when I don’t know the reason why it was blocked and facebook haven’t emailed me? Many thanks

    • The same thing happen to me too. since 9th November 2019. And not a single email for information had i received from Facebook. I tried everything they wanted, first they want photo recognition, i obliged. The next they, they just disabled my account. And i did the steps as the article lead, and still no respond.

        • Hello Nazrul. I am in the same boat. I have had a former doing everything he can to ruin my business. He has hacked my website and got into my Facebook. Now I am disabled. I sent my ID and waiting still.

        • Hi Nazrul, can you help me out too, please. I have a disabled account too since 7th of April. FB sent me a reactivation code and link, as I submitted my ID. But those do not work . My account remains locked. Also The form you are showing above for appeal, does not work as I try to submit my e-mail and ID uploaded, I get an error messsage, that I have to log in to my account first….bravo!!! How can I log in into a disabked account. Please help me!

    • Exactly the same problem. No justification – at least none explained. This organisation has far to much power – a law unto itself. Wish there was an alternative!

      • I agree. I’ve been locked out twice in a week. After a decade of usage now they want to tighen the reins? Also I am very angry that they are asking for my ID or passport? That’s personal information!

  2. I closed my Facebook account a while back and decided I missed my friends and try to open a new account, old one is gone. When I tried I was immediately disabled, could it be because I friend requested my friend? I have yet to receive a response and have given them my id and everything they asked for. It even opened up after giving id and again was immediately was disabled. I did nothing wrong and am clueless as to how to get back on Facebook. Read all the rules and I violated none except requesting a friend with no mutual friends cause I was recreating my account and had none on facebook, if that makes sense.

  3. sir my personal fb accoount is disabled i use this account by last 7 years but few moth ago my fb account is disabled without any reason plz recover my facebook account it is so important for me i have done id confirm also but now result

  4. i wrote before, i sent my non driver id on july 11, still no facebook account. i miss my account, i am retired,i talk, to my former, work, friends, on facebook, also, i have pictures, of my family, on there, my id is real, please restore, my account.

  5. My facebook account and home page are locked because I could not remember password and have changed email servers since joining. I cannont seem to get any help with this probleem. It seems like nobody is home, or they do not have any tech support. It really sucks…..

  6. Facebook disabled the group page that I was 1 of 5 admin of and also disabled all 5 of our personal profiles. That was a week ago and without warning. We think it was because we are supporting save the children and stop child trafficking because weve seen other groups disappear for this reason too. Ive had my profile for 10 years and I also run 2 businesses of mine on business pages linked to my personal profile and have thousands of likes and contacts plus photo memories over 10 years. This is devastating and unjustified. I have provided my ID a week ago and haven’t heard anything since. I dont want to go setting up another account if I am going to get mine back and/or if they can just do this again whenever they feel like it!! Please Help!

  7. Someone falsely reported my facebook as I was pretending to be a celebrity…my first question is why FB didn’t send a warning or ask for verification before disabling my account? My legal name is Bambi and I have had this account for 10 years! I am in awe at how they can do that and without warning when it comes to identity, yet all these fake accounts are still up.
    I have submitted the review, it did not ask for additional info and when I got the notice I had no idea what it even was, so I entered the wrong email linked to my account, being dumbfounded I was confused as all get out. It has been a week, and I noticed I still get notifications, so I am hoping it is TEMPORARILY disabled, but the notice I got didn’t state that. It stated it was disabled and I was to submit a selfie, and a pic of my photo ID.
    I did all that, so I am hoping they re enable it soon.

    I liked your blog, however it doesn’t state how long ones account can be disabled for, or even temporary disabled. Do you know by any chance?

    Thanks for this blog and the advice, really helpful!

  8. my face book was disabled and I didn’t even get a notice!!!! I have appealed and sent in all information they required and still have heard nothing from them!

  9. sir my facebook account has been disabledand i send a review on it and it replied me as – your facebook account has been disabled and it cant be reversed. please help me sir, i want my accout back….

  10. My account was disabled. I don’t know why it was disabled, I didn’t do anything to cause this. I’ve tried many different ways to sign back in but they were all denied. I did notice that my email had been changed at one time and I tried to correct it. There was simply one number changed. Maybe that could have been what started all of this. I don’t know why it would have changed – maybe hacked. And I have noticed several credit card payments to Facebook that I didn’t make and that’s not right.

    Could you please – look into this – investigate this – help me – I miss Facebook.

    Thank You

  11. my account was disabled i definitly have not broken any rules and i have submitted an id, but it keeps telling me it was reviewd and cant be redone, sad. only thing i can think of is my real name is william layne, but i have always gone by Bill, sheesh i dont think anyone would even know me as william

  12. I don’t know why my facebook was disabled, I didn’t do anything to cause this. I’ve tried many different ways to sign back in but they were all denied. I did notice that my email was changed at one time and I tried to correct it. That could have been what started all of this. I don’t know why it would have changed – maybe hacked. And I have noticed several credit card purchases – payments to Facebook that I didn’t make and that’s not right.

    Could you please – look into this – investigate this – help me, I miss Facebook.

  13. I did everything same as post and they are 1 month late for a reply i so that more than 10 times and nothing happen

  14. My FB a/c was ‘disabled’ for no reason. When opening my account I was taking up dual nationality due to my Irish heritage. I opened my FB a/c using the Irish spelling of my name, Caoimhin, which is Kevin, same name just different spelling. My e-mail is spelled the same way. When uploading my voter ID, I selected the wrong file from my laptop. As my account is disabled I can no longer even access the appeal form. Please can you re-activate my a/c OR send me a link to the Appeal Form. Many thanks.

  15. Well I am confused. I wished my son happy birthday this morning and havent been on all day as family birthday lunch, go on this evening and I have had my account deleted. I have done every thing above and then some, and it said it cannot review my request as too much time has passed since my account was disabled. I have no idea where to turn to next. I cant seem to ask anyone how to fix it.

  16. Please help! facebook email is [email protected] my account is disabled ive had the account for over 9 years I have so many pictures over the years and everything I just want back. I even have a VR oculus headset with hundreds of dollars in apps and games. I cant access anything anymore:( Ive tried uploading my ID this morning and within seconds of uploading ID I got email saying still disabled no review or anything. please someone help:(

  17. We saw unusual activity on your account. This may mean that someone has used your account without your knowledge.

    Account Locked April 14, 2021
    To protect you, your profile is not visible to people on Facebook and you can’t use your account

    • my account was also deactivated, i have all of my important pictures on there. pictures from my mother and fathers funerals. i also have oculus and have many games on it. it says all i have to do is submit a code after i add my phone number. it will not send me a code. ive tried this for the past 4 days. it will say i have exceeded my attempts at asking for a code please check back in 24 hours to try again. like i said earlier ive done this for the past 4 days. with no results. please help me get back into my account

    • That is exactly the message I get. I’ve no idea why facebook did this and they do not give you any way to unlock your account. Very very unfair

  18. i logged in my facebook messenger earlier. i was sending out messages to only my friends about a 31bag party for a cancer benefit. thats the only thing i can think of. but i only sent to people i do know, did i send to many requests out. this benefit is in less than 2 weeks and i was trying to get it out to as many people as i could, im sorry if i went against facebook standards, my name is kari weekley and my user name is kari maria, please let me know what i can do to get back on my account

  19. Hi My account was locked after I logged in on another page Facebook is asking for me to send in my id what do I do if I am not using my correct name on my Facebook page ?

  20. Hi my Facebook account was locked after I attempted to log in from a different account, how can I get back on Facebook if they are asking for me to upload my ID? The only problem is I was not using my correct name what can I do

  21. Hi

    Locked out from my account.
    I submitted my id and received an email saying my identity was confirmed. But the link received for reactivating my account is not working, and no one is geting back to me from the facebook team
    How to get in touch with them??
    Please advise.


  22. I have been locked out of FB since April 12. Don’t know why. Nothing works to get back on. Appeals not answered, codes not sent, said to change password and I did, nothing changed. Phones are always busy or they don’t have any help. Send you to another site that doesn’t work. What kind of game is being played. Either from FB or Microsoft, I got a warning from MS saying my account had been compromised, can’t use it. Whoever pushes the button to lock you out should be able to get you back on when you did nothing wrong in the first place. It is now the first day of May. Day 29 of being locked out and no help

  23. My account has been locked please I request for facebook team.I request for you my account unlocked please

  24. Please sir my account has been locked. I request to Facebook team my all account active too this facebook ID .Facebook account locked and my all account has been close.please request you sir my account unlocked please sir

  25. I’m so sick of this! I don’t know if someone is reporting me and I’m getting blocked or if someone that works for FB is my enemy! I’ve provided proof of ID, Passport, everything and still not able to login. I created a new account and I get blocked. No matter what I do I get blocked and I’m tired of it. Ppl are sending porn, fake advertisements, but I get blocked. I’ve lost over 10yrs of data and photos!

  26. Hi.I am regular user of Facebook and suddenly my account was locked and I am trying to comfirm my identity to unlocked it I can’t find any option to comfirm my identity Kindly check my request and respond to my concern as soon as possible
    Thank you

  27. My account has been locked please I request for facebook team.I request for you my account unlocked please

  28. my account as been in security check and i cant remember my fb friend to help me identify my account but how do i get my facebook account i have so many fb fan and fan page

  29. my facebook account is locked, is their a way to get it unlocked it also said it might have been hacked or someone else is using my profile to get my infomation, i never give no body my info on here, how long will it be locked up for?? if you can please let me know how i can get back into my account?? any help will be welcomed, thank you very much, john m williams springhill fla

  30. I followed the instructions you posted. It didn’t transpire as you claimed. So did FB change it’s procedures?

  31. My FB account is disabled. When I log-in, I get this message:

    “Review Requested
    If we find that your posts or comments didn’t follow our Community Standards, your account will remain disabled.
    We’re always looking out for the security of people on Facebook, so while your posts and comments are reviewed you can’t use Facebook.
    Learn more about our Community Standards”

    I tried using the appeal form and I get a message to log-in, but my account is disabled so how can I log-in?
    Nazrul Islam said “Contact the Facebook team, they will help you for reactivating your Facebook account.”, but how can we contact the Facebook Team if we can’t sign in and the appeal form won’t let you submit it without signing in?

  32. Hi facebook team
    My account is disabled and I tired everything but still my account is disabled.
    This account is very important for .me.i am giving faedbook just to.ensure I am facing lost for problem and help from.facebook …… please review my account I am sending email below
    email- xxxxxxx

  33. hi facebook team my account is disabled and i;m of this bullshit okay i;ve always been able to sign in in my facebook account with no problems whatsoever and now i can;t even go into facebook for some reason i want my account enabled so i can go check my messages fix it thank you

  34. when i had a feeling my husband was cheating on me, i contacted vladimirhacks on instagram and he helped me spy on my husband’s for me and he also helped me recover my facebook account.

  35. My Facebook account has been locked and not getting unlock because the option of confirm your identity is place of other option so request to facebook check the system and back my account.
    Account information.

  36. The same thing happened with my account. Meta support was inaccessible, but there’s a very good chance you can get it back. Get in touch with Chloe_consultant on Instagram, she’s a support specialist on Meta; she has extensive social media knowledge and commitment to, recovering my account was incredible, and I have no doubt she can do the same for you. Contact her on Instagram, @chloe_consultant
    email address [email protected] she is experts and can quickly restore access to your account

  37. I was suspended on my business page for no reason. Support Team couldn’t help me anyway, I reported the issue to my colleagues and one of them recommend a Meta staff.. called chloe_consultant on Instagram, I was skeptical at first but she turned out to be professional. I can’t thank her enough. Thank you so much Mrs. Chloe for helping me recover my account
    I have finally been able to log into my account, you can also contact her on Telegram @chloe_consultant or Email @[email protected].


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