3 Ways To Download Instagram on PC Windows 2024


3 Ways To Download Instagram on PC Windows – Laptop or computer user who often forgets smartphone devices? If you often use an Android phone to play Instagram, now there is also an Instagram application for laptops or PC, You can download Instagram on PC from this article.

How To Download Instagram on PC Windows 10 Laptop
How To Download Instagram on PC Windows 10 Laptop

How To Download Instagram on PC Windows 10 Laptop 2024

Downloading Instagram for a laptop is an alternative step for those who want to open Instagram via a laptop.

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This practical step you can get through this review is where you will get the Instagram software by its original form.

The original form here is like an Instagram for Android installed on laptops and computers. Running an Android application without an emulator I emphasize more. The problem is that many users complain that using an emulator can slow down the performance of a laptop or computer.

For those of you who have laptops but want to use Instagram, you should download the Instagram app for your PC. I will provide the Instagram application download for a PC laptop without a Bluestack emulator.

Download Instagram on PC Windows 10,8.7

Regarding downloading Instagram for a PC without Bluestack, you will get everything I have ever done. If you use the Instagram application for the first laptop that does not work then use the IG for PC software.

Are you not a user of laptops and computers that are smart? Now while you still have the intelligence, free download Instagram for PC can be used on all Windows. Be it Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, or other Windows versions.

Curious to see a list of Instagram download links for laptops? Check out the review in the following.

Download Instagram on a Windows 10 PC

IG application for this first laptop you can get at the Microsoft store. Exactly as Windows 10 and 8 users might still be able to access the Microsoft store service. Inside the store, a full version of the Instagram application for Windows exists.

Where you will get the software to open Instagram on your PC. If you want the Instagram application for laptops, please go to the following link.

Instagram feature from Microsoft

Instagram feature from Microsoft
  • Send a photo and a video.
  • Edit profiles and photos with creative tools.
  • Combine several clicks in one video.
  • Share as many photos and videos as you want in the feed.
  • Share photos and videos on Instagram Story.
  • See other people’s stories.
  • Find photos and videos on the Instagram timeline.
  • Follow other people.
  • Can send messages in the form of videos and photos using Instagram directly for PC.
  • Share your new posting posts quickly on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and other social media.

Extension for Instagram

Extension for Instagram

The Instagram application recommendation for the second laptop is to use the Chrome extension. Like Instagram on Android, you can get it on your device. If on your cell phone, you can upload a story, a post, and so on. In Extension for Instagram, it can also be like that.

It is better to use the extension instead of downloading the IG application for PC which is a burden on your device’s performance. If you want to download this extension, you can visit the link below.

Extension for Instagram

Inside the extension, you can use it like an Instagram application on a laptop that looks like an Android phone. The features in it are very similar to the apk on the smartphone.

Do you want to upload stories, and postings in the form of videos or photos? You can use this free software service in your Google Chrome.

Download Instagram on PC Windows 8, 7, 32 Bit

For Windows 7 laptop users, there are ARM variants which are 32 bits and 64 bits. Therefore, I have a download link for 32-bit Instagram.

1. Instagram download on Windows 7 32-bit PC

2. Instagram’s Latest PC Version

Download Instagram on PC Windows 8

Not only for Windows 7 and 10 users but there are also Windows 8 Instagram applications.

This way, the Instagram app collection for Windows is complete, so you can download it at will and by the operating system used.

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So, friends, This explains how To download Instagram on PC Windows. I hope Hopefully for you this article. Now you will be able to log in to your Instagram account on your PC or laptop.

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