How to Calibrate Android Battery and Tablet 2021


How to Calibrate Android Battery and Tablet – How to properly calibrate android batteries with root and without root using only a battery calibration application.

How to Calibrate Android Battery and Tablet
How to Calibrate Android Battery and Tablet

Calibrate Android Battery and Tablet: Best In 2021

For you, Android users will certainly encounter this problem, namely the problem with the battery which will increasingly decrease its capacity.

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Therefore you need a tip so that your battery can still be saved only by calibrating the android battery.

Definition of Battery Calibration

Calibration is a process of checking and measuring accuracy/accuracy using certain measuring devices.

The system works is by comparing with battery benchmark standards.

This calibration is needed by proving that the results of the desired measurements are accurate and consistent in other instruments.

On this occasion, you will feel that the android battery will feel more like new again using only the help of the root application and without root.

How to Calibrate an Android Battery Manually

I will share a little of my experience in manually calibrating a battery and using the application.

  • Charge your cellphone as usual and try to keep the battery 100% full. Remember, friend, the cellphone is still on.
  • After full, turn off your cellphone. When it is off, plug the charger into your cellphone and let it stand until the battery is completely full.
  • Check your cellphone if it is full if it has restarted your cellphone then charge it back to full 100% and don’t play it first.
  • After fully charged, please play the cellphone to browse, watch videos, chat, and so on until the android battery is completely depleted until the cellphone dies.
  • Is dead? Let stand for 10 minutes to 15 minutes so that the engine does not overheat again (in the process of cooling).
  • And now, your cell phone charger is up to 100% full. Cas to the full point should be 100 percent so that the android can be refreshed again, you can restart and feel the difference.

After doing the above steps, your android has been calibrated manually.

Furthermore, you can just try this Android battery calibration method if you do not want to be complicated in handling batteries that run out quickly.

Using the Battery Calibration Application Without Root

Using the Battery Calibration Application Without Root
Using the Battery Calibration Application Without Root
  • First download the current widget application: battery monitor. You can download it at the app store.
  • Install the application widget on the home screen.
  • Charge your cell phone to 100%, and wait for the number on the widget app to show the optimal number on your bet capacity.
  • Then unplug the case cas, after that reboot your cellphone.
  • After everything is finished and you have followed the tutorial above then everything will be resolved and your Android already feels calibrated and there are no problems.

How to Calibrate the Android Root Battery

How to Calibrate the Android Root Battery
How to Calibrate the Android Root Battery
  1. Use your Android until the battery runs out and the cellphone turns itself off.
  2. Turn on your cellphone then let it die itself.
  3. Connect the cellphone to the charger without turning on the cellphone and let it charge fully until the indicator shows 100 percent.
  4. When it’s full, unplug the charger now.
  5. Then turn on the cellphone, if the battery indicator is less than 100 percent, do the recharging in a state of the cellphone turned on until fully charged.
  6. After full, restart your smartphone. If the indicator is still below 100 percent, do the charger again up to 100 percent.
  7. Then run the Battery Calibration application and recalibrate the hp battery.
  8. After the calibration is complete, leave your cellphone battery empty to 0 percent and let the cellphone turn itself off.
  9. Next, fully charge once more and the hp battery has been successfully calibrated.

Using Recovery CWM and TWRP

For hp rooting users there is no harm in doing this technique that is returning the function of the main components of the battery using the recovery system. You can root the cellphone using Kingoroot.

  • You must enter recovery by pressing the volume down (-) + power button, this method is done simultaneously.
  • After entering, the recovery menu displays several options, you can choose the advanced section.
  • Then there will be several sub-menu options, you just select the “clear static battery” option. This will clear the previous calibration if you have previously used this technique.
  • Already completed at the recovery stage, proceed to charge the battery. The Cas is turned off until the battery is full, and make sure that the battery is fully charged properly.
  • Once full, turn your cellphone back on to the home screen, then open the “Battery Calibration” application (you need to download it beforehand).
  • Tap on the middle button, then the app will ask the requester to allow superSU/ superuser, just click accept. Wait until the process is complete, no longer processing there will be a message that informs us that this process has been successful. But the “OK” option together with unplugging cas from the plug.


Why are CWM and TWRP Display Different?

Indeed there are some smartphones that have different cwm or TWRP. But for Twitter, it might only differ in the languages ​​in the menu.

For CWM, indeed in several different smartphone brands. An example is a case on Samsung mobiles with Lenovo. That’s obviously different because of the different product countries.

Why Must Calibration?

You have to calibrate the battery so you can find out the problematic Android battery indicator. Without this calibration, your battery will experience problems and damage later.

Download Battery Calibration first

Android app

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So, friends, these were above How to Calibrate Android Battery and Table, this article hopefully you can overcome your android so that it gets maximum performance under normal conditions with just one tap using the application.

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