How To Boost Cyber Security Measures As A Startup Business


How To Boost Cyber Security Measures As A Startup Business – In previous years, cyberthreats were seen as huge problems for big organizations and corporations in Australia. But startups and small businesses are believed to be now more prone to cyberattacks as the number of reported incidents keeps on rising each day. Without having proper cybersecurity measures, business and customer data is said to be at risk of theft or loss.

How To Boost Cyber Security Measures As A Startup Business
How To Boost Cyber Security Measures As A Startup Business

How To Boost Cyber Security Measures As A Startup Business

This can lead to loss of customer trust which can have dire consequences on a budding startup. Besides, in case of a security breach, you may end up losing your business entirely. This is the reason why taking proactive cyber security measures is important for your business.

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Fortunately, these measures don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Here are some ways you boost cyber security measures in your startup.

  1. Set A Budget Towards Cybersecurity

Start by allocating a proper budget towards cybersecurity. This might mean outsourcing specialized IT (information technology) support services or hiring an in-house team. While it may seem like a lot for a startup, it’s ultimately less expensive than dealing with a cyberattack and its consequences.

You can research reputable IT service providers in your area and hold a consultative meeting to learn what they offer and their package services costs.

Setting a cybersecurity budget is crucial as it determines the level of security measures you’ll undertake in your business. If you’re an Australian startup, particularly in Melbourne, you can benefit from the services of these cyber security Melbourne professionals. But if you’re not in the land down under, you can still conduct your research and find reputable cyber security professionals wherever you run your business.

Outsourced IT services from different providers guarantee you expert protection and security measures for your business. But they come at an initial cost. The more reason you need to set a budget for that purpose.

  1. Develop Cybersecurity Policies

Knowing that there’s a likelihood of a cyberattack on your business as seen here—

setting a budget is only a single step in a series of preparations to boost security.

Another essential step you need to take is developing cyber security policies in your startup. These are guidelines on using software, online systems, handling, storing, or sharing business data to keep cybersecurity risks minimum.

Cybersecurity policies define the standards that everyone needs to keep to protect business information, data, hardware, and other assets secured. They’re necessary even when you outsource IT services and they help determine the success of the services provided. The policies need to highlight the dos and don’ts of cybersecurity practices in the business.

Here are important things you need to include in your security policy guidelines:

  • Password rules;
  • Regular or scheduled password changes;
  • Proper use of Virtual Private Network (VPN); and
  • Activation of firewall and other security software programs.
  1. Implement Cybersecurity Policies

After developing security policies, ensure to implement them to meet your company’s needs. You also need to let your employees know what’s expected and the consequences of non-compliance with the policies. Employee training on the cybersecurity guidelines is a crucial factor that you shouldn’t overlook. Intentional and unintentional human errors are said to be among the leading causes of data breaches in businesses.

  1. Keep Your Tools And Software Updated

Developers continuously work to improve security software to make them less susceptible to attacks. Unfortunately, it’s easier to ignore these updates when they just pop up and users end up postponing them to a later time.

Since information on updated program patches is available to the public, cybercriminals usually target weaknesses arising from outdated programs to perpetrate their attacks against businesses.

It’s said that some reported cases of cyberattacks arise from failure to update software. Regular and timely software updates can minimize the likelihood of an attack.

  1. Control Access And Use Multifactor Authentication

To limit the number of people accessing sensitive business data, control access to where data is stored. The lesser the people with access, the easier it is to minimize risks of data breaches. You’ll also be able to track who accessed what data and from where it was accessed. Also, enhancing the authentication process is an excellent security measure.

The additional verification methods such as email or text alongside the password can significantly reduce the likelihood of cyberattacks and loss of sensitive business information.

  1. Have A Response Plan

Finally, readiness is an excellent defense to have against cyberattacks. What you do in the aftermath of an attack is as important as the security measures you take to protect your business. It’s best if you had a response plan and protocol to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This helps you to keep damages at a minimal and manageable level.

For instance, if the incident involves fraudulent money transfers, the response team ought to immediately notify customers affected or the bank. This way, further harm, and damage are mitigated, making it easier to recover from a recent attack.


Taking adequate measures to protect your business from cyberattacks is essential for the safety of your business and customer information. Your business isn’t too young or too small to fall victim to cyberattacks.

Without proper measures, you risk losing money, credibility, and your operations entirely. You should take cybersecurity seriously and take the necessary steps needed to keep risks at a minimum.

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