Fight Like a Champion: The 7 Best UFC and MMA Games for Mobile, PC, and Consoles


Fight Like a Champion: The 7 Best UFC and MMA Games for Mobile, PC, and Consoles – Developers have made UFC and MMA games more accessible by making them available on many platforms.

Fight Like a Champion The 7 Best UFC and MMA Games for Mobile, PC, and Consoles
The 7 Best UFC and MMA Games for Mobile, PC, and Consoles 2023

It’s not all the time you can sit with a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC to catch up with your games. But with a mobile device, you can enjoy the fun almost anywhere. Of course, different platforms also mean different experiences, although the game is still the same.

Are you ready to check these games out? Here are them in no particular order.

#1. EA Sports UFC 4

As the fourth installment in the series, this game showcases massive improvements, chief of which are the customization modes and 229 different fighters.

The Xbox and PS4 versions were released in 2020 with a rebuild of the career mode that allows players to increase their fighter’s online and social media presence.

It also has an offline mode that allows gamers to make their own rules or choose from its array of matches, including MMA, knockout only, and kickboxing.

#2. UFC Undisputed 3

Some of the best MMA games for PC and consoles are from the Undisputed series. And from fans’ reviews, the best of this series is UFC Undisputed 3. It includes everything from previous releases with the addition of new ones.

From brutal knockouts using leg TKOs to the Pride mode that allows fighters to carry their injuries and damage to the next fight, there is never a dull moment. You can equally choose among its over 150 fighters provided in the game for an incredible experience. The franchise’s first two games are breathtaking, but fan reviews suggest Yuke and THQ are the best.

#3. Street Fighter IV

Released in 2018, Street Fighter IV is so much fun for combat lovers. It weighs only 30MB and is free to download on PC and mobile devices. However, the free version doesn’t keep some features back, which, if you desire to get, you have to make a one-off purchase.

You can invite other players to fight with you online if you don’t like the over 32 characters provided by Street Fighter. There is the arcade mode that allows single-player, and it’s so much fun too.

#4. EA Sports UFC

Built on the Ultimate Combat Championship, this game is dynamic and allows players to make tactical changes while the rounds are still ongoing. Consequently, it is one of the UFC games for PC that fans consider more authentic than previous releases.

Of course, it’s not free, but once you begin the gaming career, you will get an ultimate perk to work for and achieve. The game is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

#5. Ultimate MMA

This MMA PC game provides numerous moves from many types of martial arts. Being a fighting game, the reaction time must be fast, and that’s why Anton Pushkarev, the developer, made it customizable, allowing you to determine details such as your skin tone, body, and face.

It showcases techniques such as special moves, undercuts, hook moves, and body moves typical of real MMAs. It debuted in 2020 and costs only $3.99 for long hours of immersive entertainment experience. Ultimate MMA only requires a 4GB space on your PC for installation.

#6. MMA Arena

Experience the realistic gameplay and immersive commentary of this digital gym game. It’s one of the most authentic MMA games for PC that allows gamers to become UFC champions, although virtually. As it is obtained in real life, players receive instructions from MMA team managers and meet formidable challengers from different backgrounds.

Reaching the top and becoming a UFC champion in this MMA PC game requires defeating all your opponents and proving yourself a formidable force. Customization is possible to whatever degree you want, but regrettably, this game does not have options for solo sessions.

#7. EA Sports UFC 2

If you have a mobile device, EA Sports UFC 2 is arguably the best UFC and MMA game you can enjoy. It’s a follow-up to the 2015 first release with improved depth and visuals. Octagon players of this tap-and-swipe UFC game meet different kinds of opponents, and the visuals can be astounding if you’re using a premium smartphone like the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The event and mode in this second edition are more and superior to the first. This game’s fighters are available through the fighter pack or gameplay, and while the tutorial can take a while, there’s a lot to explore once you pass through this stage.

As one of the game’s developers says, “Live competitions allow players to experience the thrill of each fight, bringing fans even closer to the intensity of mixed martial arts. And we’re excited to raise the stakes for our players.”

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There are certainly more than seven UFC games that are multiple platforms compliant. However, the above are among the best you can try out. Many of them are not free, but they are also not costly. If you have an Android mobile device, it may help you find out the requirements before installing.

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