1000+ Funny PUBG Names Aesthetics, Symbols, Etc 2024

1000+ Funny PUBG Names Aesthetics, Symbols, Funny Etc – The PUBG Mobile game has been released on the iOS and Android platforms several years ago and is immediately loved by online game lovers.

1000+ Funny PUBG Names Aesthetics, Symbols, Etc
1000+ Funny PUBG Names Aesthetics, Symbols, Etc 2024

How not much demand, this game has been waiting for its presence at that time by everyone, because the game on PC had entered the ranks of games that were played by gamers the most.

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The Battle Royale genre game on PUBG Mobile is not the same as the PC game, each round of the game only lasts 30 minutes or 40 minutes on average.

Of course, that period is not long for a Smartphone device, and until the time is effective and also doesn’t take up too much of the players’ time.

One round can be played at leisure, such as during school breaks, work, or at night.

Many PUBG Mobile players want their account names to be funny and unique, the name on a game becomes the identity of each player who makes a difference with other players.

That’s why every player wants an account name that is funny and unique and can also represent or show his personality.

Not infrequently PUBG Mobile players are eager to have a unique and funny nickname.

A funny and funny nickname or account name can entertain you or other players.

For those of you who have a funny personality, here are some funny PUBG names for you.

Here are The Best funny PUBG Names for 2023

Here are some collections of funny and unique PUBG names for your PUBG Mobile account name, to make fun of your friends:

  • AnakLobby
  • His younger brother Shroud
  • AnakChicken
  • Anak Ayam
  • AzabKebanyakanNgeloot
  • AntiGameBuriq
  • BaruBelajar
  • AzabNgelootTerus
  • BucinButProud
  • OpenJasaSantet
  • WormGaming
  • Fugitive In-Law
  • CieTooSoon
  • CieMatiDuluan
  • CumaTemen
  • Only Worms
  • DutaKedamaianPUBG
  • DamaiAjaKita
  • Nothing to do
  • Shaman Erangel
  • GakBisaMainPUBG
  • Can’tBarBar
  • GuaProGuys
  • GakPunyaNama
  • GreatPochinki
  • GeludAjaKuy
  • nickname
  • Fish Eat Tomatoes
  • IriBilangBoss
  • TargetBot
  • JuaraganPUBG
  • Momma
  • KadalGaming
  • JuaraganErangel
  • Ex-Love
  • Dear Mom
  • KokMatiNgab?
  • PotatoGaming
  • KuncenSanhok
  • Lock Miramar
  • MaafNoob
  • ForgotCaveWho
  • Christ Newbie
  • Note Newbie
  • By ProneGaming
  • McQueen
  • StrangleGaming
  • NoobTapiBoong
  • Your worshiper
  • Hunterdon
  • PremanBaik
  • Poultry
  • RajaNgeloot
  • RajaLooting
  • Dear Mom
  • Missing ex
  • SukaAyam
  • SenggolBacok
  • Like to die
  • SukaLobby
  • TayoGuling
  • Scared Red
  • TukangAyam
  • Forced Handsome
  • Prone Craftsman
  • TukangHeadshot
  • ZZZSleepy
  • YaHayukkk

The way to change the name of the PUBG Mobile account is by using an item called Rename Card, when you have just installed this PUBG Mobile game you will be asked to fill in a nickname.

Not infrequently players want to change their nicknames for various reasons, ranging from boredom or maybe wanting to change them to a much funnier name, like the name above.

So how do you change the PUBG Mobile account name by cursing the Rename Card? here are the steps.

  • Please enter the PUBG account, then enter the Shop menu.
  • Then go to the potion treasure.
  • After that, you select the Rename Card, which is an item with a picture such as a card that says ID to be able to buy it.
  • Please return to the lobby menu, and select the Inventory option.
  • Then select the Rename Card option.
  • Then you select the Use option in the Rename Card option description.
  • Please type a new nickname or use the nickname above, and OK.
  • After that check your PUBG account name change, and OK.
  • You have to buy the Rename Card with 180 UC. UC can be obtained by using money
  • from the original or can be exchanged for using Battle Coins.
  • Done.


So, friends, this is the explanation of 1000+ Funny PUBG Names Aesthetics, Symbols, Etc, Maybe there will be a change if your PUBG account name fails, maybe the reason is that the name you chose has been used by another player.

If that’s the case, you just need to change the PUBG account name with another or a different name.

Please combine the two names to create a new PUBG account name that is much more unique and funnier.

You can also add some symbols or turn some letters into a number so that they are not the same as other players.

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