30+ Best Android Themes 2024 Best Themes For Android


30+ Best Android Themes 2024 Best Themes For Android – Download the best and latest free Android themes APK with the coolest wallpaper images and custom icons to beautify the aesthetics of the cellphone screen.

30+ Best Android Themes 2022 Best Themes For Android
Best Android Themes 2024 Best Themes For Android

One of the best things about Android is its ability to customize the user experience.

You can do this by downloading one of the many apps on the Google Play Store. You can also use themes or themes on your Android device.

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We’re not talking about just changing the background of your Android device, but something real that is awesome theming that will make your device look completely different.

Here are the best Android themes or themes and the best apps to help you apply themes to your device.

Keep in mind that theming is very subjective and what is good for you may not be liked by others. Leave a comment about your favorite Android themes and home screen settings.

#1. Best Android Themes Workshop

Best Android Themes Workshop

Download PlayStore

Best Android Themes Workshop is a group of developers who create generic themes for C Launcher.

There are various themes available that cover a wide range of colors and styles available.

Some examples of themes include Night Street, Dragon Magic Game Totem, and Saturn Space.

Most themes include icon packs, wallpapers, and some advanced theming elements to make it all match.

All themes from this developer are free and it doesn’t take long to make your device look awesome.

Note: You must use C Launcher to run themes from Best Android Themes Workshop

#2. DLTO


Download PlayStore

DLTO is another development group responsible for Atom Launcher.

Besides their famous launcher, they also have an excellent selection of some pretty amazing themes.

They come in a variety of colors and styles so they are suitable for everyone with a variety of tastes.

One of the themes from DLTO includes Metropolitan, Black Mechanic, and Horizon, all of which have their own unique style.

Each theme is free and there are dozens for you to choose from.

Note: You must use Atom Launcher to use the themes from DLTO.

#3. GinLemon


Download PlayStore

GinLemon is the group of developers behind the highly successful Smart Launcher.

Apart from having quite a unique launcher, the developers have also released some really awesome themes for their launcher.

Some good choices include SLT MetroSLT Ubuntu, and SLT Futura.

The available themes are not as comprehensive as other themes, but they do add extra features to the launcher to do something different.

Note: To use Android themes from GinLemon you must download Smart Launcher 3

#4. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker and KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker and KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Download PlayStore KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

Download PlayStore KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker and KWGT Kustom Widget Maker are two applications created by Kustom Industries that allow you to create your own live wallpapers and widgets.

Both applications operate with WYSIWYG editors and come with thousands of templates, components, and various other tools to help you create exactly what you want.

This app is great for people who want to have a customizable theme and want widgets and wallpapers to match their style.

This app is also great for thinkers who want something unique and special.

Both apps have a free version which has most of the features and a paid version where there are extras (including the ability to import skins from other users).

#5. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Download PlayStore

In many cases, Android users try to get a stronger feel on their Android devices by running OEM skins like TouchWiz. And Nova Launcher is perfect for this.

Nova Launcher has thousands of Android styles which can then be further customized using the settings menu, icon pack options, and various other elements.

Nova Launcher is a bit more of a DIY app (you play a big part in making the adjustments) compared to many of the apps on this list.

But Nova Launcher can definitely make your Android device look awesome.

#6. UCCW


Download PlayStore

UCCW is a customizable app that lets you do a lot of things.

The entire app is based on an editor that lets you implement your creative ideas into a functional widget for your Android home screen.

Due to its excellent ability to support customization, many users create various skins that you can use.

#7. MT StyleMT Style

Download PlayStore

It comes with highly customizable features and has a nice color combination in the background. This Custom Live Wallpaper theme is sure to catch your eye.

There are several bright color options offered by the MT style which includes 6 different color layers. The theme is simple and easy to use.

Minimalist Experience

Minimalist Experience is what the name suggests. This theme has a minimal style with additional features that make it outstanding. This Android theme will offer different background options which will be available in different languages.

Apart from the basic theme features, Minimalist also keeps you up to date with your news needs and entertains you with its versatile music player. So, if you want some extra benefits apart from the theme, you can give Minimalist Experience a try.


Download PlayStore

Orion is one of the dynamic themes based on Kustom live wallpaper in our list of best android themes, the reason being, that this app updates its presets frequently and offers a wide variety of options to use.

ORION offers all the basics of a quality theme you could possibly want on your Android device. Orion lets you easily modify the colors and background of your theme. This theme comes with a beautiful user interface and makes it more attractive to users.

#9. Black MountBlack Mount

Download PlayStore

Black Mount is next on our list of the best Android themes. This theme comes with a very attractive user interface where you will find a search bar at the bottom of the theme which is assisted with other basic tools like messages and email.

You’ll find the date in the top bar of the screen followed by the weather and calendar widget. The calendar can be easily customized to suit your needs. The theme also has a really cool color background that can be changed frequently.

#10. Minimal HomeMinimal Home

Download PlayStore

Minimal Home is the best minimally designed Android theme which can be used if you have KWLP Pro on your device.

This theme comes with an app icon located on the right side of your device. The smooth sliding interface helps you access your apps, tools, and widgets.

By swiping to the right side of the theme, you will find messages, emails, contacts, etc. While the left side will take you to all your social media handles which cover all the popular social media platforms.

The minimal app comes with a fluid user interface which makes it more interactive and attractive to its users.

#11. Sleek HomeSleek Home

Download PlayStore

Sleek home lets you make all kinds of customizations which include modifying the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other basic features that appear on your home screen.

The most unique feature of Sleek Home that makes it one of the best Android themes is that it offers two theme options which include a white and black theme.

Like most Android themes, Sleek home has a search bar above the home screen and widgets next to all the tools. You can find calendars, messages, music, and other icons in separate windows that make it easy for you to manage.

#12. UnixUnix

Download PlayStore

At the top, you’ll find apps, for example, Home, Music, Calendar, and Email, as quick access alternatives to encourage client collaboration, by selecting one of the options that show the window displayed across the screen.

Like the previous theme, this option offers access to the main application making it easier to use, as it does not require a lot of equipment to handle, and it is possible to customize the application as desired.

#13. DropDrop

Download PlayStore

The drop comes with a unique three-screen configuration display that allows you to multitask with ease.

The home screen has a plus icon which will show you mini versions of all the apps available on your device so you can see at a glance your apps.

Drop is very effective in managing your daily activities with its productive features and interactive interface, which is why this app has our best Android themes.

#14. DrylkDrylk

Download PlayStore

If you want to give your device a PC look, then you should give Drylk a try. This best Android theme comes with a sleek and elegant look that gives it a modern touch.

Drylk comes with red and dark color-based backgrounds and themes. This theme comes with all the basic necessities that will be needed to customize your android device.

This best Android theme is very good at multi-tasking which actually beautifies your home screen with minimal themes. You will find a search bar at the top of your screen with mini versions of all the apps you want to access.

#15. Dark Fantasy IU KustomDark Fantasy IU Kustom

Download PlayStore

Dark Fantasy IU Kustom lays its theme on dark color combinations. This theme has a very well-organized look where the main screen is separated into three partitions centered by the middle screen.

The “separated” section consists of apps while the other consists of wallpapers. In the center of the separation is the calendar. At the bottom of the screen, you will find all your frequently used apps.

#16. White Flower Launcher ThemeWhite Flower Launcher Theme

Download PlayStore

White Flower Launcher Theme is a beautiful and soothing combination of white, gray, and black. Most of the designs are white, with gray in the background.

This pure white flower theme is specially designed for guys who love pure white. Comes with a pure white flower lock screen on simple wallpaper.

#17. 3D Theme For Android3D Theme For Android

Download PlayStore

3D Theme For Android is one of the most popular themes available today. you can customize it as you want.

Enhance the beauty of your device with beautiful icons, stunning themes, and unique graphics. 3D Theme For Android is free to download and use. Change the look of your Android phone or tablet with this colorful theme.

#18. Galaxy Space Launcher ThemeGalaxy Space Launcher Theme

Download PlayStore

Galaxy Space Launcher Theme offers unique space and galaxy graphics. If you like the universe and outer space, this is the most downloaded theme.

This beautiful launcher theme has HD universe wallpaper and a customized icon pack. The holographic display with a blue effect makes it different from other apps.

#19. Water Drops ThemeWater Drops Theme

Download PlayStore

Water Drops Theme is a relaxing water and raindrop theme that offers unique personalization for your Android device.

The look of this theme is amazing and will completely change the look of your Android device.

Water Drops Theme has wallpapers with amazing blue water drop effects and water drop icons to make your phone a fantastic device.

#20. Theme For iPhone XTheme For iPhone X

Download PlayStore

Theme For iPhone X comes with tons of amazing wallpapers, HD graphics, and beautiful icons. If you are an iPhone lover and want to make your phone look like that, then download this app.

There are different categories, such as photography, comics, sci-fi, etc.

This theme will make your device look bright, and run smoothly.

#21. Modern Theme For Computer LauncherModern Theme For Computer Launcher

Download PlayStore

Modern Theme For Computer Launcher gives your phone a mini-computer look. This theme makes your phone look modern and stylish.

This is the best pack for windows style phones and computer launchers.

The base of the theme is blue and comes with a nice icon pack and cool animations.

#22. Themes AppThemes App

Download PlayStore

Themes App will beautify your Android device with 4K fantasy wallpapers and comes with icon changer packs. This theme can be downloaded for free.

Themes App supports Neox launcher and all devices with the latest Android update. Give it a contemporary and stylish look with unique neon-inspired icons and themes.

#23. CMM LauncherCMM Launcher

Download PlayStore

CM Launcher 3D is the best Launcher for Android phones. It comes with lots of amazing features, like personalized theme settings and battery-saving features.

Besides, CMM Launcher protects your privacy from third parties and provides you with tons of free themes and HD wallpapers every day.

CMM Launcher is a quick and easy launcher that keeps your battery in good shape.

#24. Butterfly Launcher ThemeButterfly Launcher Theme

Download PlayStore

If you like the colorful look of your Android phone, you can use Butterfly Launcher Theme. This app is considered one of the best themes for Android because of its attractive and cool features.

If you like a butterfly, you can use it because you will see that all your icons will change to a butterfly shape as soon as you install it.

#25. Love Theme LauncherLove Theme Launcher

Download PlayStore

Love Theme Launcher is another free and feature-packed theme launcher for Android devices.

This app comes with lots of love sign wallpapers and pink backgrounds, and other visual elements to make your phone more adorable.

With this app, you can customize your wallpaper, icon design, and more. Butterfly Launcher Theme will be a good decision if you download it to experience love.

#26. Black Silver Launcher ThemeBlack Silver Launcher Theme

Download PlayStore

If you are a lover of black skins, then there is nothing more interesting than this launcher.

Once you download this app, you will fall in love with its natural black-silver look. No matter what brand of Android you are using, this theme works with any Android brand. With this app, you will get new cool, and fantastic themes every day.

#27. Green Nature Cartoon ThemeGreen Nature Cartoon Theme

Download PlayStore

If you like being around nature, then Green Nature Cartoon Theme will be the best launcher for your Android phone.

This theme provides HD wallpapers, customizable cool icons, a lovely look, and a transparent app drawer look.

Furthermore, with this app, you can customize new themes using your DIY function.

#28. Alpha Hybrid LauncherAlpha Hybrid Launcher

Download PlayStore

Alpha Hybrid Launcher is the safest launcher on Play Store. This launcher does not store your personal information and contacts, media, and location on its servers. It’s easy to use, and the app is easy to configure.

It will bring your favorite items to the home screen in a circular shape and comes with a voice assistant for reading messages, settings, alarms and reminders, math calculations, and more.

#29. Black And White Launcher ThemeBlack And White Launcher Theme

Download PlayStore

Let us introduce you to this adorable black-and-white launcher theme. This is the best launcher if you like the black-and-white combination.

This theme works with almost all major Android brands. You can download it for free.

You will notice that new elegant themes and wallpapers are updated every day. So you don’t have to carry the same theme or wallpaper every day. It includes lots of customizable HD wallpapers and icons for your image library.

#30. Launcher 8

Launcher 8


Launcher 8 by Xinyi Network is a unique launcher that emulates the look, feel, and appearance of Windows Phone 8.

This may seem like a step back for most Android users, but there are those who enjoy the simplicity and layout of the Metro (tile) layout and Launcher 8 allows Android users to engage with it.

Just like Windows Phone 8, you can create custom tiles, and change their size, and their contents.

You can even place widgets onto tiles to create a kind of live tile. Launcher 8 is fun and definitely something different. You can try Launcher 8 for free.

#31. Themer

Themer is an increasingly popular launcher app that has thousands of themes for you to use.

Comes with 400 themes representing various styles and types of displays that meet almost every need.

Moreover, each theme is 100% customizable so you can make things more unique.

Themer is powered by Zooper Widget and comes with additional features such as icon pack support, gesture app icons, and more.

#32. Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget is a widget creation tool that allows you to create your own widgets so users can do the things they want to do.

Just like UCCW, the Zooper Widget editor lets you add a bunch of designs and functionality, including weather, battery info, progress bar, date and time, clock, and more.

This application is so powerful that the developers built the Themer application (which was discussed earlier) from this application.

#33. ZT.art

Last on this list is ZT.art, a developer studio that has created thousands of themes for GO Launcher, GO SMS, and other GO apps.

Themes range from something subtle and colorful to something aggressive and monotonous.

Some excellent themes include Eternally, Obsidian, and Fairy, all of which are free.

Note: You must use GO Launcher to use any of the Android themes from ZT.art


So, friends, This is the Collection of 30+ best Android themes 2023 best themes for Android, If I missed any Android themes that you found excellent, tell us about them in the comments.

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