What Is A Podcast And How Does It Work?


What Is A Podcast And How Does It Work – During your daily commute, you’re probably wondering what people are listening to while they go about their merry way. There’s a good chance that the person sitting or standing next to you is listening to a podcast. This type of media content allows listeners to follow their favorite channels and download the episodes for use later.

What Is A Podcast And How Does It Work
What Is A Podcast?

Depending on the person you ask, you will get different answers to this question. For some, a podcast is a type of audio file in the cloud that you can download on your device. For others, it is a blog that you can listen to on-demand.

Well, a podcast is a combination of the terms iPod and broadcast. It’s primarily a talk show reminiscent of the good old days when the radio ruled the airwaves. You can touch on topics about anything under the sun.

There are programs about food, crime stories, and even ghost encounters. This media content is designed for individuals or companies who want to get their message across to their audience independently.

If you are a marketer, you would probably want to use podcasts in your next campaigns. In a 2021 statistics blog, 20% of listeners bought products or services after hearing about them in podcasts. On top of that, a podcast channel offers a company and its followers an opportunity to build a community around a product or service. It’s the reason why more companies are adding podcasts into their mix of marketing channels.

How Does It Work?

Creating or listening to podcasts involves a straightforward process. Businesses can capitalize on podcasts in their marketing strategy. Listeners, meanwhile, simply must download a streaming app that contains and plays podcasts. It should be noted that there are different players for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  1. For Businesses

For many companies, creating a website or blog has been the primary means of attaining an online presence. But uploading content to a website only displays said content and doesn’t really do much about promoting the business, much less interacting with customers or boosting the bottom line. To achieve marketing goals or develop a business, one needs first to increase website visitor traffic. Driving web visitors to your site will result in higher sales.

The problem is there are just too many websites nowadays competing for the same target audience. But that’s where a podcast can help. Businesses can create their own or place ads on other people’s podcasts. Either way, podcasts can effectively drive traffic to your site.

  1. For Listeners

Listeners must first choose a podcast player or streaming platform. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new device just to listen to podcasts. There are around five leading platforms or players where you can listen to podcasts. Most of these apps are free.

After choosing your podcast player, all you must do is find a podcast to listen to. You don’t have to sweat this one out. All podcast players will provide you with recommendations based on the topics you like. Once you find a show that you want, you simply hit the subscribe button so you can listen to the show and get regular episode updates. It’s that easy.

Promoting Your Podcast

Including podcasts in your company’s marketing toolbox is a smart move. Here are two tips on using this media content to increase engagement with your website visitors and ultimately drive your bottom line up.

  1. Use Your Guests’ Audience To Your Advantage

People are what makes podcasts tick. If you can invite famous personalities to your podcast, you can bet that their followers and fans will also flock to your channel. Make sure that the audience can easily share your podcast so their social network can easily access it too.

  1. Promote Via Social Networks

Make sure to promote your podcast and new episodes whenever you can. By sharing links to your podcast, you increase people’s awareness of your podcast and your brand.

What Makes Podcasts Different?

There are many ways in which people can use the content online. And just because the media content you’re about to consume has audio doesn’t automatically make it a podcast. Here are three media formats that may seem like a podcast but are not technically podcasts.

  • Vlog – This is short for a video blog. As the name suggests, the content has a blog-style configuration wherein the most recent episode is displayed on top. A vlog not only has audio but also a video feature. So, users watch it and not merely listen to it.
  • Webcast – This type of presentation has both audio and video features. However, a webcast typically has live segments like live streaming or live news shows.
  • Video podcast – It’s a podcast with an added slideshow of images. Like a podcast, this can be downloaded for use later, and it typically has a longer duration than a vlog.


Do you have an idea for a podcast topic? Now’s the perfect time to let the world listen to what you have to say via podcast. If you’re launching a podcast for your company, make sure to know what it is, how it works, and how you can best promote it.

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