5 Simple Tricks To View Private Instagram Posts


5 Simple Tricks To View Private Instagram Posts – Instagram is growing in popularity because it allows people to post any photo or media they like, which they can use as their portfolio, marketing tool, or just something they’d like to share the world with. While Instagram is an excellent platform for creativity, it may prevent others from seeing everyone’s posts because some are switched into private accounts.

5 Simple Tricks To View Private Instagram Posts
Best 5 Simple Tricks To View Private Instagram Posts

Some people prefer to make their Instagram profiles private to restrict who can view them. However, if you need to see an Instagram post from a private account, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are several simple techniques to do so. With that, listed below are some quick and easy ways to view private Instagram posts: 

#1. Use A Third-Party Application 

You might consider using a third-party application if you want a safe and reliable way to read private Instagram posts.

This way, you can completely conceal your identity and never reveal to the person you’re monitoring that you’re checking on their account, providing you with the complete anonymity you need. This is an excellent way to remain discreet and private.  

Many third-party applications, such as Glassagram, can be used to view a private Instagram post. Glassagram works by allowing anyone to access private Instagram accounts, including their stories, which might be tricky to navigate.

It’s free and convenient, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of being their follower without actually following them. 

#2. Send A Follow Request 

Of course, the quickest and most straightforward approach to reading private Instagram posts is to give them a follow request.

You won’t have to be as cautious with your actions because you can grant your account access to their private Instagram. It’ll be simple and easy for you. You can also utilize a private downloader for Instagram to store anything that you see online.  

All you have to do is send the following request and usually wait for their response within 24 to 48 hours.

If you haven’t received your confirmation after that period, it’s possible that they disregarded or deleted your request. In this scenario, you may require an alternative viewing of their private Instagram posts. 

#3. Ask A Friend 

If sending them, a follow request using your Instagram account didn’t work as you still haven’t received a response for days, asking a friend for a favor might be a good alternative.

This way, you can have someone to share the journey with and see their private Instagram posts together.

However, this may not be your most excellent option if you want discretion and privacy over what you do.  

If your friend already follows the account you wish to monitor, you can ask them to send you copies of their posts, or you can see them together.

Alternatively, if they’re still not on their following list, you can ask a friend to send them a follow request hoping that things will work out.  

#4. Create A Fake Instagram Account 

If your personal and friend’s Instagram accounts haven’t received a confirmation from the person you want to monitor, you should try creating a fake Instagram account.

While it might take quite an effort, it’s still manageable as you can easily create an Instagram account with any email address you have.

Thus, the person you will be monitoring will have no idea who you are, reducing the likelihood of being rejected.  

When creating a fake Instagram account, you should try to make it as authentic as possible. You can grab free photos online, which you can use as your profile picture and your posts. You could even post stories to make your account look more authentic.

Lastly, you can even purchase followers and likes to authenticate your account. However, this may not guarantee results because not everyone is comfortable receiving inquiries from strangers.  

#5. Search Them Online 

If sending them the following request doesn’t work, no matter which account you use, the last thing you can do is search for them online.

All you have to do is hold on to the faint hope that whatever they post while their accounts are public still remains on the search engine. By using this method, you’ll be able to see their account without contacting them directly. 

However, searching for them online may not yield the most remarkable results because the information available may be limited. However, seeing a few is preferable to seeing none at all.

If everything else fails, this will be an excellent backup plan. On the other hand, it is knowing how to make Instagram extremely private can provide insights into what you can and cannot do.  


Viewing private Instagram photos might be challenging, especially since they are private for a reason. While following someone on Instagram is the simplest way to do it, you may not get the confirmation you expect, especially if they attempt to avoid you for some reason. Fortunately, private Instagram viewer apps allow you to monitor every post without alerting the owner.

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