10 Best Reminder Software for Laptop PC 2024


10 Best Reminder Software for Laptop PC – To make it easier for you to manage your daily schedule, there are several reminder software that you can use on your Laptop PC. By utilizing this software you can set a schedule and create reminders of what to do today so that all your work and activities become more organized.

10 Best Reminder Software for Laptop PC

10 Best Reminder Software for Laptop PC 2024

If you are the forgetful type, then installing this software will be very helpful, because it usually includes an alarm feature that will remind you of scheduled activities ranging from small things to important activities every day.

Here we provide some recommendations for the best reminder software for Laptop PCs that you can try:

#1. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft released reminder software for Laptop PCs under the name Microsoft To-Do. With a simple and simple interface, this application allows you to record everything that needs to be done, from doing assignments to wanting to remind yourself before a meeting.

You can access it for free on any device, be it a PC or Smartphone. This app is available on Windows 10 as well as on Android.

For its features, this reminder software has all the features that you often find in other reminder applications. In addition, there is a distinct advantage of Microsoft To-Do, namely that you can add subtasks or sub-works that must be done.

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#2. Efficient Reminder

Efficient Reminder

An efficient Reminder is a reminder software for Laptop PCs that offers complete features for managing daily schedules and tasks. This software takes up very little hard disk space to install and has a simple but beautiful interface. This software can provide notifications via voice, popup window, or email, so you won’t be missed to complete your task.

This application can make your work more efficient. We often forget what we have to do, and even our daily schedule is often missed. Therefore, use this application and you will be more efficient at work.

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#3. Pillbox – Medicine Reminder

Pillbox – Medicine Reminder

Do you often forget to take your medicine? Try this Pillbox software. Free software is in charge of reminding us to take the drug. In addition, this software can also remind you when to take medicine and what dose. When we forget, the software will give a warning or the right time to take the drug.

Here are some features of this software:

  • Provides more than 200 types of drugs to choose from.
  • Offers reminders when to take medication at a predetermined time.
  • Mark if you have taken the drug.
  • Can count how many pills are left in the box.
  • Calculate the total cost of drugs purchased each month.

Pillbox makes it easy for you to calculate the time from a previous reminder, or just set a set time. To set a reminder, go to the main screen and click the “Add New Alarm” button.

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#4. RemindMe for Windows

RemindMe for Windows

RemindMe is a reminder software for Laptop PCs that reminds us when the specified date has arrived. RemindMe can be used as alarm software and reminder software when there are important days, important work, or events to attend.

The simple graphical interface makes it easy to use, the features are also quite complete such as schedule settings, notifications, and also popup screens. Using this app you can manage your schedule for a whole month throughout the year.

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#5. Any.do Reminders

Any.do Reminders

This software allows you to jot down and save all your tasks, plans, and “to-do” lists. When you create a reminder, you can specify the exact time and it can also be seen on your desktop.

If you have more than one device, the schedule that has been created can be synchronized because this application can be connected to several other devices such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Any.do Fitur features

  • View all reminders on your desktop
  • Easily add or remove reminders
  • Create to-do lists to share with friends and family
  • Set new reminders with efficient focus
  • Work with temporary reminders without having to pick up your phone

Any.do Reminders makes it easy for you to easily manage all your daily or monthly schedules. In addition, you can also share your schedule with those closest to you, such as friends and family who are your co-workers or classmates.

Any.do Reminders also has a feature to provide notifications on every schedule that will be undertaken so that you are not easy to forget.

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#6. Rainlendar


Rainlendar is a reminder software for Laptop PCs that works on a desktop. Rainlendar is designed as a lightweight application that has cross-platform capabilities. Its main function is to remind the user about things that must be done on certain days and dates according to the schedule.

Rainlendar is very useful as a reminder of various activities, both routine and occasional, such as meetings, reports/presentations, class schedules, children’s activity schedules, to bill payments. You can use it for free and it has various features which are very useful for users.

This software is also easy to use. Just right-click on the date to which the event will be added, and a form will appear to enter the name and description of the event. The calendar view can be customized with the skins available on the web. We can also make our skins (and can also share them with other users on the web).

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#7. Wise Reminder

Wise Reminder

A wise Reminder is a reminder software for a Laptop PC that is installed on your computer and will provide comprehensive notifications about important events that you can manage. This reminder software allows you to avoid delays in work, task execution, meeting appointments, or routine schedules that are often missed.

This reminder software is suitable for those of you who don’t want to miss out on time and can be a virtual assistant who acts as a reminder. With Wise Reminder, you can set reminders automatically and easily for important events as needed.


  • Schedule reminders by voice or pop-up window
  • Show a soft lock screen when there is no reminder schedule
  • Receive notifications at certain hours every day
  • Opens files automatically every time there is a new reminder
  • Collaborate with Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar

Wise Reminder has a simple interface with additional facilities such as Reminder Time, Repeat Interval, Sound File, and Snooze Time.

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#8. Reminder mine

Reminder mine

Kana Reminder is a reminder software for Laptop PCs. This software can be used to remind you what work you will or should do. In addition, if you like to collect your favorite pictures on your computer, then Kana Reminder can also be used as an automatic wallpaper changer.

Kana Reminder lets you remind me whatever and whenever you want. You can create a schedule that suits your needs and this app will remind you daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even once as needed.

Kana Reminder has a simple and easy-to-use interface. This software also supports various sound effects so you can choose one of the sound effects according to your wishes and mood.

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#9. Desktop Reminder

Desktop Reminder

If you want a reminder tool that is very easy to use, then this software will be the right choice. This software allows users to easily add dates, times, and reminder messages. If you also want to provide an alarm setting, then this can also be done very easily.

This app works like a calendar, but unlike a regular calendar app, Desktop Reminder has some very useful additional features to help you organize your daily activities.

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#10. 2Day

2Day2Day is a lightweight and easy-to-use reminder software to manage your daily schedule. You can set it as an alarm, a to-do list, or another reminder.


  • Set a schedule of activities
  • Set unlimited tasks (To Do list)
  • Displaying a warning message
  • Add text and image notes
  • Create shortcuts that are stored on the desktop and taskbar
  • Showing the dashboard of this program on the desktop
  • Opens the browser and text editor automatically when the program is running

2day is designed with a simple but attractive appearance that makes it easier for users to use it. Apart from that, 2day is also equipped with useful features such as a “lock-down” mode for people who forget easily and make it possible to schedule activities in one day.

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