Use Acquia To Build And Deliver Optimized Digital Experience


Use Acquia To Build And Deliver Optimized Digital Experience – Acquia is a software that will provide you with the most innovative and useful cloud platform to build and deliver an optimized digital experience for your customers. It is an enterprise CMS platform that will provide you with the five most useful solutions. These are:

Use AcquiaTo Build And Deliver Optimized Digital Experience
Use AcquiaTo Build And Deliver Optimized Digital Experience
  • Acquia Cloud: This is a powerful web hosting platform that is cloud-based and will help you to build and manage Drupal-based websites more effectively and efficiently.
  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory: This useful solution will provide the digital teams that will help you to build, update, as well as centralize hundreds of Drupal websites in the fastest way on a global scale.
  • Acquia Lightning: This solution is actually an open-source Drupal 8 distribution. This will come with a few preselected modules and configuration that will help you to create much better sites and at the same time run them on Acquia Cloud much faster.
  • Acquia Digital Asset Manager: Often called the Acquia DAM, this cloud-based solution is also considered to be the best tool for digital asset management. This will act as your central library for all of your Drupal sites where all of your images, videos, logos, PDFs will be in one place for easy accessibility.
  • Acquia Commerce Manager: Last but not least this solution is the most flexible and secure platform for creating experiential commerce that is content-rich.

With all these solutions available, you will be able to organize websites on a large scale with the help of Acquia just like most of the leading brands today do.

The commonly asked questions

New in the block, now that you know what is Acquia, you may also have a few other questions in your mind that are most common among other developers as well. Well, here are the answers to each of them.

  • Acquia versus Drupal: Your first question may be what exactly is the difference between Acquia and Drupal. Well, Acquia is an open-source digital experience company while Drupal is the principal open-source web content management system.

Hosting: Next, you may be worried about the hosting aspect and ask whether or not Acquiawill provide and support Drupal hosting. Well, the answer is, yes. When you use Acquia Cloud and Acquia Cloud Site Factory, it will empower you with a powerful

  • the cloud-native platform that will enable you to manage, host, and organizations in a much better way irrespective of the sizes.
  • Ownership: You may now be concerned with the ownership status and wonder whether or not Acquia own Drupal. No, it does not. Drupal is free and open-source software that is available to all the web developers of the world. The founder of Acquia, Dries Buytaert actually invented Drupal and he still leads the Drupal project. However, Acquia developers are actually the biggest contributors. But even then, Drupal still remains open to everyone.
  • Version: You may go a step forward now and ask whether or not there is an Acquia Drupal version available on the market. Well, in a way it can help both as Acquia Lightning is an open-source Drupal 8 distribution that will help the web developers to get started in using the Acquia Cloud.
  • Expertise: Just like cost is a factor for purchasing software, the experience and expertise of the vendors is also very important to a developer. Therefore, you may ask ta this juncture about the demonstrated Drupal expertise of Acquia. Well, in fact, Acquia has worked with some of the biggest brands of the world to create some of the best digital experiences for them. The list will be long and seemingly endless.
  • Contribution: you may also be inclined to ask which are those specific open source projects that Acquiado contributes to. Well, to know the answer first you must know that Acquia is an active and most enthusiastic contributor to the Drupal project. It has also made significant contributions to several other areas and sources as well.
  • The tools provided: Another important question that you may come up with is what are the tools that Acquiawill provide you with to get started with Drupal. Well, there are lots and all of them are most useful for most developers. The list includes but is certainly not limited to Acquia Lightning, Acquia BLT, Acquia Cloud CDwith Pipelines, Dev Desktop, self-service cloud options, Acquia Platform APIs, and more.

Now that you know almost everything about Acquia Cloud, it is up to you whether or not you will give it a try. If you are still apprehensive, you can consider taking on their 30-day free trial.

No matter whatever you decide to do, you will find that in the end you will be hugely benefitted when you use Acquia Cloud to create and deliver the best digital experiences. Moreover, if you currently have a Drupal project, you can still avail of Acquiaservices, which is another good thing about this cloud-based program. Therefore, get started today.

Wrapping it up with the benefits

Since nothing is good if it does not provide any benefits, here are the most significant benefits of using AcquiaCloud, especially the Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

Since this solution is created specifically for Drupal multisite management, it comes with some of the best multisite management functionality that may be available on the market today. The benefits that you will enjoy while using this software is:

  • You will find it very simple to spin up and deploy new sites from any existing template
  • It will offer you a simple yet high-value solution to create several new sites pretty fast with similar functionality, requirements, and back-end structures.

That means that when you use Acquia Cloud Site Factory you will be able to provide each of your departments with a site of their own.

In short, Acquia will simplify Drupal multisite management by a significant extent with its rich features and site templating system. That means you will not have to rely too much on your IT department but ensure that you create brand consistency throughout with the help of the cloud platform.

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