Best PUBG Mobile And PC Emulator Recommendations

Best PUBG Mobile And PC Emulator Recommendations – PUBG Mobile is an Android game that has recently been favored by smartphone users. PUBG Mobile‘s total downloads to date have reached more than 200 million downloads.

Best PUBG Mobile And PC Emulator Recommendations

This Android game offers an endless battle battle battle sensation. This game was adapted from the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game which was previously popular on the PC platform.

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The enthusiasm of the players is so great, making developers intend to bring this game to the mobile platform.

Now smartphone users can enjoy, the excitement of fighting battle royals through their cellphones, by playing PUBG Mobile.

Download Best PUBG Mobile PC Emulator 2020

Until this day, the enthusiasm of the players was increasingly unstoppable. But unfortunately, there are still many players who cannot try this game, because the cellphone used is not capable enough.

One way to try to play this battle Royale game without a smartphone is to play it on a laptop or PC.

For players who have a middle to upper-class laptop or PC, they can actually play PUBG Mobile on a PC.

But you have to download the PUBG Mobile emulator first, to be able to install the game on your laptop or PC.

For those who don’t know what an emulator is, emulators are software that can be used to run games and android applications on a PC.

Following this, GizNET has prepared a mobile emulator PUBG recommendation for the best PC.

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy

The first Android emulator that can be used to play PUBG Mobile on PC, is a Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.

As is known, Tencent is a developer of PUBG Mobile. They also released an Android emulator that is devoted to playing PUBG Mobile PC.

This Tencent emulator is an official emulator, which can be chosen to play the PUBG Mobile game on a PC.

You can download Tencent Gaming Buddy directly from the official site for free. But before that, make sure that your PC meets the criteria for running the PUBG emulator.

2. BlueStack

BlueStackBlueStack is another android emulator, which you can also use to play PUBG Mobile on a laptop.

This emulator can not only be used to play PUBG Mobile PC, but also various other Android games.

But before installing this android emulator, your PC should meet the minimum system requirements, to avoid lags.

3. Nox Player

Nox Player

Next is Nox Player, which is included in the best PUBG Mobile emulator series. Many vlogger games use this emulator, to play various kinds of Android games. This

Android emulator is equipped with features for recording screens, so players can record their games and share them on social media like YouTube.

The computer specifications needed to install this software are quite high, you can see the details directly through the official website.

4. Memu Play

PUBG Mobile And PC Emulator

Memu Play is also the best PUBG Mobile emulator, which you can download and use for free.

Besides playing PUBG Mobile, you can also play other Android games, such as Free Fire and Mobile Legends.

If you want to install this emulator on your computer, make sure the specifications of the computer you are using already meet the minimum criteria.

Of the four android emulators mentioned above, the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator is the lightest and most suitable for playing PUBG Mobile.

Armed with computer specifications that are not too sophisticated, you can already play this game via a PC.

Because it’s actually a Tencent emulator able to run smoothly, on a PC that has 4GB of RAM and a Core i3 processor.

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