How To Download Fonts From The Microsoft Store


How To Download Fonts From The Microsoft Store – With the latest Windows 10 update, you can now download fonts from the Microsoft Store. With this feature, you can now easily take several fonts directly for your Windows machine.

How To Download Fonts From The Microsoft Store

Currently, it’s still relatively new, so there aren’t many font ranges available. However, because the longer it gets full, you will have more fonts at your fingertips without having to visit third-party sites.

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How to Access Fonts at the Microsoft Store

To access the Microsoft Store, first, click on the Start button, then click the drive on the left to access the Settings page.
Find and click ” Personalization ” as seen in the image below.

In the left bar of the Personalization window, click on Fonts.
At the top of the window that is displayed, click ” Get more fonts in Microsoft Store .”
The Microsoft Store will open and automatically direct you to the front page. There you will see a choice of fonts available.

At the time of writing, you have thirteen fonts that you can choose from. Most of the fonts displayed are free, and some of them are paid for the download.
How to download fonts from Microsoft Store-image 5When you see the font you like, click on it. You will be taken to the store page that is related to the font you selected.

If you don’t want to see the details of the font and only want to retrieve it, click the ” Get ” button on the right to download the font. Make sure the font is free if not, you can make an accidental bill into your bank account!
How to download fonts from Microsoft Store-image 6If you want to know more about fonts, you can scroll down to the info panel. The ” Overview ” section gives you some background information about fonts.

This will also explain whether the font has derivatives, such as bold and italic variants.

Download Fonts

Actually getting a font is very easy. After you click the blue ” Get ” button, Windows handles everything for you. This includes getting a license, downloading fonts, and installing it on your PC.

When finished, there is nothing more to be done; everything is installed and ready! If you want to use it in an application that is open during installation, you may need to reboot to see your new font in the font list.

Deleting Fonts

If you want to delete the font that you downloaded earlier, return to the front page where you clicked on the link. Click on the name of the font you want to delete to open the details page. Scroll down to the ” metadata” section, and click the ” Uninstall ” button.
How to download fonts from Microsoft Store-image 7

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So, friends, this was how to Download Fonts From The Microsoft Store, I hope it is useful for you.

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