Free Screen Recorder For Mac and Windows 2024


Free Screen Recorder For Mac and Windows – In this article, we are discussing a very easy but, in some sense, a little complicated topic on how to record screens on Mac. The reason is intuitively simple as most of the time; we get encounters with some of the awesome videos and clips that we love intensely and want to record for many purposes.

Free Screen Recorder For Mac and Windows
Free Screen Recorder For Mac and Windows PC 2024

It might be a great reel, viral video clip, YouTube live streaming, Free Fire or Pubg live stream, streaming movies or shows, webcam, sports match, FIFA live match or moment, cricket live shots, or anything in the internet world.

There is undoubtedly a lot of stuff that we can not download due to many privacy issues or official channels. When we literally want something to be captured for sure so that we can share it with our friends or loved ones or create some editing outlook for its best. Sometimes there are good causes that you want to get viral or share with media outlets.

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And so it’s an avid need of the Mac users to get something like that which can easily record or capture the screen moments in all ultra-bright and HD resolution. More benefits are definitely welcomed as we would love to record audio with an mp3 recorder, along with that, background sound, and most of the stuff.

So here, we, for our beloved users, as always, are offering creative and iconic tools that can simplify the needs of screen recording or simply the Free Screen Recorder For Mac.

Below you can discover some of the best tools and software that allows you to record and capture the screen and many other benefits along with that. These tools are free and some are paid, but don’t worry; we will let you know some of the hacks that can make it feasible for you to use any tool for free;

Best Free Screen Recorder For Mac Windows PC

Free Screen Recorder For Mac are some of the tools discussed below; they offer several other benefits along with the screen capture or recording of Mac devices. This software lets you easily record or capture video clips, streaming videos, audio, and live streaming of anything.

You can also record or interact in meetings like in Google Meet. If you use a proper tool, it will guide you on how to record Google Meet. Simply put into words, it’s like you can record anything that happens to your screen in the most effective and enhanced way.

Most of the time, it’s beneficial for users in other terms apart from recording the live streaming. As if you gave your device to someone or left it on the bed or somewhere, and if somebody uses it- in that case, if the recording is on, you can watch anytime what they have done on your device. All their surfing, browsing, playing, or anything they have done will be readily available.

Explore below some of the popular Free Screen Recorder For Mac you can use to perform the recording functions.

Free Screen Recorder For Mac

We are discussing some of the iconic tools and software that are authentic and help you record the screen and capture the moments. There is no shortcut or ease to using this software is simple, so you don’t need to bother much. These Free Screen Recorders For Mac are authentic and trusted.

EaseUS RecExperts

Maybe for some people, the screen recorder is not important. In fact, a screen recorder or screen recorder is an application that can help us to do many things.

Especially if your work is related to recording or downloading your PC screen, from recording the screen to taking layer images with high quality, everything can be done using a screen recorder application.

Of course, this resulted in screen recorder applications mushrooming on the internet, and all of them promoting themselves as the most suitable screen recorder for everyone.

One of these applications is EaseUS RecExpert. Does this streaming audio recorder for the Mac application have the quality features it says?

Free Screen Recorder For Mac

Benefits of EaseUS RecExperts

#1. Layout: simple but attractive

The first thing we can see with EaseUS RecExperts is that their layout is quite simple.

When you open the application, you are immediately presented with a medium-sized bar with a bright black color. If you open the app, you will be given brief instructions for using it. The simplicity of their toolbar is a plus point of this free video recording software.

You will not feel dizzy or confused when you see it. The icons used can be seen clearly and neatly arranged. The font for instructions is also easy to read. In the visual aspect, EaseUS RecExperts has a simple design, however, this simplicity is what makes them different from other applications. This simplicity makes them look unique, simple, elegant, and attractive.

#2. Easy to use

How about the user interface of the application? EaseUS RecExperts for Mac has an easy and smooth interface to use.

The tutorial given at the beginning of use is very useful for those who are not familiar with the application. In fact, we can learn to use it in less than 5 minutes!

This is all thanks to their straightforward system. You can change settings quickly with just a few clicks. Recording and taking pictures can also be done quickly and not grandiose.

Of course, they also have enough features. You can set the recording resolution and audio used. When you finish recording, you can see it again in the list of recordings that have been provided.

Before starting the recording, it would be better if you stop by the Settings section and then adjust the settings to what you want.

When you’ve finished adjusting, then you can start recording sessions, from screens to streaming using a webcam.

Of course, just like most screen recorder apps, you also record only the sound, the screen, or even the game you’re playing. This feature is suitable for those who have a hobby of streaming online games.

EaseUs RecExperts’ features don’t stop there. You can edit your video and do basic editing such as trimming, adjusting video speed, adding intro and outro text, and also adding watermark. Overall, EaseUS RecExperts is fully featured for those who want to record their laptop screen.

In fact, they have an additional feature, namely a video editor. But of course, you shouldn’t expect to get the perfect editor.

Their focus is to provide excellent video recorder services, and they have succeeded in doing so.

#3. Live Chat

The last advantage of this application is its customer service. They have Live Chat that can be contacted at any time.

Don’t worry about the duration, because they will reply as soon as possible. So, you can ask them or complain about the product without having to wait a very long time.

#4. Snagit

Snagit is the most popular and iconic recording tool that lets you capture the screen with ultra-improved resolution and unmistakable quality. It’s programming that sticks every minor moment in your device and offers you the most accessible outcome. Encourage teamwork through its feasibility and better feedback options.



  • Capture everything on the screen
  • Options to add visuals
  • Allows commenting on with arrows, shapes, etc

#5. OBS

Open Broadcaster software is one of the fantastic tools and screen recording on various live streaming and screen moments. It’s free to use and compatible with almost all devices. It offers the users a variety of features like accurate time sourcing, scene composition, recording, broadcasting, encoding, etc., along with a variety of plugins to even extend the options.



  • An endless number of scenes and sources allowed
  • Output in MP4 and MLV
  • Bilinear and lanczos3 resampling
  • H264 and AAC encoders

#6. Snapz Pro

Mainly used for book production and is offered by Ambrosia Software. It is particularly based on recording screen moments doing random moments like mouse icons surfing and clicking on various items or options. It is one of the most widely used tools in doing simple tasks.

Snapz Pro


  • Preview options to choose correctly your recording
  • Nuance-based recording and capturing

#7. Quicktime

It is one of the best tools and software to record streaming and movie kind of content with easy feasibility. It is crafted purposely for multimedia-oriented works.

It is a vastly used tool for panoramic images, digital activity, interactivity, pictures, and more in most digital companies. It is the latest and allows users to record instantly with the most effortless approaches.



  • Smooth and easy interface
  • Integrates itself into third-party programs to record perfectly
  • Limits on recording but classic editing tools

#8. Active presenter

The active presenter is one of the most accessible and exciting screen recorders that allows users to record and capture nuances of the screen. It will enable users to record screens, edit screencasts, and create live courses. It’s best for the person who wants to create classes based on the practical options shown on the screen, on YouTube, or on another platform.

Active presenter


  • Configurational hotkeys for best course-creating
  • Full motion recording
  • Annotations inserting

#9. VLC

It’s a free and vastly used program that is mainly used as a video player for playing all formats of documents, including videos of all resolutions, formats, audio, CD, DVD, VCDs, etc., and it’s excellent in its video player work. But it’s not limited to only being a video player as its screen recording capacity is incredible. Most of the users don’t even know about its ability.



  • Controls playback easily
  • Capable of Streaming media over any network or the internet

#10. Monosnap

Monosnap is one of the widely popular screenshot-capturing tools for Mac users that allows you to capture deadly clear screenshots and then share them with anyone you want on many platforms.



  • Storage access in one click
  • Highlights essential details and points
  • Markers, text, attributes, pen, shapes, arrows, and other infusions
  • Captures selected part or full screen

#11. Apowersoft screen recorder

You were an extremely luring screen recorder that also records audio and syncs it to screencast. One of the best screen recorders allows you to record, pause, and resume recording anytime to make your personalized content.

Apowersoft screen recorder


  • Accessible and easy user interface
  • Selected part recording and flexible screen motions’
  • Automatic recording by scheduling


We have offered the possible answer to Free Screen Recorder For Mac, and we believe that it satisfies you; if any issue is left over, please write it down in the comment section.

All the tools and software discussed above are authentic and trusted, so no worry about their security measures. Carefully install them and enjoy your unique journey of personalized work through the best screen recording.

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