What is a computer fonts? & How to install fonts on computer?


What is a computer font? and How to install fonts on a computer? The font is used in all the Documentation and Editing Processes of Use Computer. Such as to write Stylish Name on Movies Poster or to write Text on Vehicle Number Plate.

What is a computer fonts & How to install fonts on computer

Today I will tell you in detail that Computer Font is what? And how do the Fonts Download & Install? In this case, if you want to use Stylish Text from Computer 3D Text. So you have the right place.

What is Computer Font?

Computer Font is also called Type Face and it is a way to write different types of text in Computer. All Windows Computer has some basic Fonts already given. Such as Arial, Arial Unicode MS, New Times Roman, Bell MT, Impact, etc.

install fonts on my computer

To write Hindi Font, today’s Google Input Tool is used most often. But this you can not write Stylish Hindi Font For this, you have to install the Fonts in Hindi Version in Computer.

Computer Font Download

How to do Computer Font Download

There are many websites on the Internet, where you can download Free & Paid Font. I will tell you about a popular website, 1001fonts.com, from this. This is the most famous website for Computer Font Download, where over 1000 Stylish Fonts are available.

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Poster Fonts: If you have to print a Banner or Poster, you will get many Poster Computer Fonts from here, which is the best of the Banner accordingly.


Fat Fonts: Here you will find all the bold font characters that are best for applying in YouTube Thumbnail and Photo Editing.

Fat Fonts

3D Fonts: If you create a Banner, Poster or Design and need 3D Fonts for it. So you can download 3D Font in thousands of Stylish.

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To download any Computer Font, you just a to click on the Download Button in front of that font and it will be Font Download.

3D Fonts

How do I install Computer Font?

Whenever you download a font, it will be downloaded to the Zip file and when you install it, it installs like a Computer Driver. This means that you will not find that font on any Icon Computer, it will be added directly to all Software and Computer Fonts like Word, Notepad, MS PowerPoint.

Step 1. First of all, download the Zip File Extract.

Step 2. After extract, double-click on the font file and run it and click the install button and install it.


The Final Word:

So, Friends, there is no very important tools for Text Font Computer. But sometimes we need a lot of Computer Font and if we do not know how to download and install it.

So for this, we have to pay money to the computer shop, or if you work in Graphics Design, Banner or Poster Making. Computer Font is a very useful tool for you that can make your design even better.

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