Understanding What is the function of Processor


Understanding What is the function of Processor – Processor, who never heard the word? If people who have a device such as a computer must know what is called a processor even if just hear and know it.

Understanding Processor And Function

Then the admin will try to explain the sense of processor DNA also function processor. In order for our knowledge to grow and understand the workings of a small object is great, there are many choices of processors made by vendors derived like:

  • Intel processor
  • AMD processor
  • Apple processor
  • Cyrix VIA processor
  • IBM processor
  • IDT processor

But we discuss commonly circulating India market is Intel and AMD, ok then the many proficient mending directly we describe one by one.

Understanding processor and its function

The processor or commonly referred to by another name CPU (Central Processing Unit) is known for many people as the main brain of a computer, the processor is the brain and control center of a computer-supported by other components.

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Understanding the processor is an IC that controls the entire course of a computer system. The location of the processor attached to the iron box located on the motherboard is squeezed by the fan (fan) as cooling at the top.

Understanding processor and its function

A short history of both vendors

1. Intel Processor

Intel Processor

This product is a product produced by Intel Corporation founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon More based in the United States, they started their production activities as a company engaged in the semiconductor development industry.

Then got the idea of creating processors ever since they were trusted by another company asking to design a brain on a calculator.

As for the series issued by Intel Corporation from year to year as follows: Development of Intel processor era 1971 – 1981

  • Intel (R) 4004 Processor (Thn 1971)
  • Intel (R) 8008 Processor (In 1972)
  • Intel (R) 8080 Processor (In 1974)
  • Intel (R) 8086 Processor (Thn 1978) & Intel (R) 8080 Processor (In 1979)

Development of Intel processor era 1982 – 1989

  • Intel (R) 286 Processor (Thn 1982)
  • Intel (R) 386 DX Processor (Thn 1985)
  • Intel (R) 386 SX Processor
  • Intel (R) 486 DX Processor (Thn 1989)
  • Intel (R) 486 SX Processor

Development of Intel processor era 1993 – 1999

  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) Processor (Thn 1993)
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) Pro Processor (Thn 1995)
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) II Processor (Thn 1997)
  • Intel (R) Pentium II Xeon (R) Processor (Thn 1998)
  • Intel (R) Celeron (R) Processor (Thn 1999)
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) III Processor
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) III Xeon (R) Processor
  • Development of Intel processor era 2000 – 2008
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 Processor (Thn 2000)
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 Xeon (R) Processor (Thn 2001)
  • Intel (R) Itanium (R) Processor & Intel (R) Itanium (R) 2 Processor
  • Intel (R) Pentium (R) M Processor (Thn 2003)
  • Intel (R) E7520 / E7320 Chipsets (Thn 2004)
  • Intel (R) Pentium D 820/830/840 Chipsets (In 2006)
  • Intel (R) Core 2 Duo

Development of Intel processor Era 2009 – The present

  • Intel (R) Core I3, Intel (R) Core I5, Intel (R) Core I7

Such is the development of Intel processor from year to year and developed as the world’s first largest producer microprocessor.

2. AMD processor

AMD processor

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is the second-largest producer after Intel. The AMD company was founded on May 1, 1969, in Sunnyvale, California, founded by a group of former executives from Fairchild Semiconductor, including Jerry Sanders III, Ed Turney, John Carey, Sven Simonsen, Jack Gifford and three members of Gifford’s Frank Botte team, Jim Giles, and Larry Stenger.

This company started as a logic chip manufacturer, then entered the business of RAM chips in 1975. That same year, AMD introduced reverse-engineered clones from Intel microprocessor 8080. During this period, AMD also designed and produced a series of bit-slice processor elements (Am29116, Am293xx) used in the design of various computers. Following seri2 issued AMD vendors

  • AMD K5
  • AMD K6 (divided into AMD K6, AMD K6-2, AMD K6-III)
  • AMD Duron
  • AMD Athlon
  • AMD Athlon 64 (has 3 sockets 754, 939, and 940)
  • AMD Athlon 64 FX
  • AMD Sempron (divided into AMD Sempron socket A and socket 754)
  • AMD 64 X2 Dual Core
  • AMD Opteron
  • AMD Bulldozer

How to care for processor

There are some things that must be considered in the care of processors such as the use of thermal paste or thermal grease, the casing has a good circulation channel for components inside the processor including not easy to heat.

If my personal computer suggests opening the right casing just to help the performance of circulation, neatly placing the cable2 like cable type ATA larger to help facilitate the air circulation out. Following the main steps how to care for a good processor

  • Thermal paste is not excessive
  • Clean the heatsink fan and cooler if it is visible dust that coagulates with a brush or you can wash the cooler as long as sure to dry when it is about to be installed
  • Do care can be a month or once a month regularly checked because the situation also places influence on cleanliness

Tips on choosing a processor

Because of the many seri2 issued by each vendor sometimes when we mostly will buy processor even become more confused, compare and all wrong, then from that I give tips on how to choose processor to adjust to your requirement, whether to be used for school, office, Gaming or design?

  1. If just the school and office needs Intel (R) Core 2 Duo down from Intel vendors if from AMD can use Sempron processor but better if you have enough money can discern Moreover, again money
  2. If your computer is needed to design it could be better choose a processor like Intel (R) Core I3, Core I5 because of what I know software2 design has a special requirement with the requirement of the system high enough
  3. Lastly if for gaming I suggest you choose from AMD vendor with AMD Athlon X2 series or above version

The two vendors must have deficiencies and advantages masing2, so do not look at one of the better vendors because in general, we choose a product for considering some factors such as in terms of funds, needs, etc..

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So, Friends, This was Understanding What is the function of Processor, If anyone wants to ask please write in column comments.

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