Personalized message- Overview on creating a personal message for marketing


Personalized message- Overview on creating a personal message for marketing – These days many big companies are giving a lot of attention to strategies related to the marketing of their products. Excellent planning and creativity are required to promote any kind of business and its brand in the market.

Personalized message- Overview on creating a personal message for marketing

In the present days’ personalized messages are used by companies to promote the product. Unlike conventional marketing, in which one use to spend a lot of money on advertisements, in sending personal message less investment is required and use of social media is significant.

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The best part about sending the personally crafted message is that it connects you to the customer and helps you in understanding the needs of the customer very deeply.

It was reported that there has been an increase in sales when companies resorted to marketing using personal messages.

Introduction to the concept

Introduction to the conceptA personalized message can be defined as the SMS created using the subscriber data, time, country and age for the sake of providing the customer more valuable offers and news regarding the product at the right time.

It is a way of marketing the product personally to the customer. While sending a personalized message the name of the customer is written and presented in such a way that it seems that the company is writing personally to the person.

In this era of technology, where companies are focusing on managing the finances, marketing through conventional means becomes expensive whereas sending messages personally involves just a few bucks.

Reason for personalized messages

  1. Builds relationships

Sending personalized messages builds relationships and people have a feeling of non-computer communication. This creates trust in the mind of customers and it becomes a better way to understand the demands of the customers on different products.

  1. Provide more value

The best part of the personal message is that it provides relevant information to the customer about the product and no superfluous information is given to the customers regarding the product. Relevance forms one of the keys to a successful SMS campaign.

  1. Creating convenient communication for customers

Creating convenient communication for customers

It is often seen that communication via text message is instant, so less time is spent on seeing the message by a recipient. Creating a personalized message makes it easier to turn attention and offers a good deal rapidly.

  1. To the point interaction

It was seen in many companies that marketing done was much exaggerated so in the personal message marketing form businesses get straight to the point rather than building along the route. The SMS gives the power to reach the customer in a clear way giving a boost to the sales.

Steps for creating better-personalized messages

Steps for creating better-personalized messagesSegmentation of audience

The first step in creating a good personalized message is to define the audience you are targeting. The same kind of message to each person is not going to work and even if that works, it will not be able to generate a good response.

Businesses have to create different unique messages to a different crowd. Everyone is unique and you cannot create a personalized experience without respecting the differences between different crowds.

Take an example if your retail application is trying to drive early conversions among new users then you could limit the audience to users who have launched app less than a minute and not made a purchase yet.

Delivery channel

Once the content is created then you will have to decide the delivery platform through which you are going to send the message.

The delivery channel affects the way users perceive the message, regardless of the content. Mobile push, web push, in-app messages, and emails are popular delivery channels, which grabs the attention of the customer quickly.

Both web push notifications and mobile are valuable because they reach users outside the app. the above-mentioned applications help users to deal with the message on this platform and push the recipients to read the message instantly.

Message content

Message content

Once you get aware of the different types of the delivery channel to be used for sending the personal messages then comes the time to write the mobile message.

Content is a broad topic and few attributes are there which have to be considered to make good content. Four things have to be mentioned like name, location of the customer, technology and in-app behavior.

While sending the message it is a good idea to include the recipient’s first name in the message as it makes the message feel more direct and personal to the customer. One more way to make messages personalized is by viewing past browsing habits and preferences into account.

Message timing

Message timing

Once the written content is ready then it would be a waste to send the message immediately there are certain considerations to be taken into account. You cannot expect that people will read your messages directly. Timing is critical for reaching the users when they are willing to read the message.

Manual timing is quite difficult, though, as it becomes hard to send the message according to each time. Generalizations can be made like you can send the message on weekdays in the night and sending the promotions on the holidays.

One more solution is there when it comes to obtaining the optimal time of sending the message and that is the concept of optimal timing.

In this feature, the machine learning algorithm will be designed that analyzes the right time to send the message for each user of the application.

The algorithm will look at each user individually and will send the message when they are most likely to engage.

Testing the final product

It is always good to test the final personalized messages that you have created using the above steps.

There is a method of a/b testing in which you will have to put the message for testing and this testing method will tell you about the shortcomings if you have in the message.

try different personalization of the message for example if adding name affects the engagement rates then try modifying it to make it more interesting.

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It can be inferred from the above article that using the personalized message as a form of marketing could give you amazing results.

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