25 Best Free Audio Provider Sites For Youtube Video Background


25 Best Free Audio Provider Sites For Youtube Video Background – One of the most important aspects of a video is determining audio, whether it’s for background, sound effects, or background music.

25 Best Free Audio Provider Sites For Youtube Video Background
25 Best Free Audio Provider Sites For Youtube Video Background

Be aware of the importance of audio in making a video, so in this discussion will be mentioned several sites that provide free audio that you might be able to try.

Best 25 Free Youtube Video background Sound Provider Sites List 2020

You who are involved in the creative world, such as YouTube or advertising, often find that the name is audio to mix and match with the video. Yes, the existence of audio is indeed difficult and easy to find.

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It’s hard to find because we don’t know where to look and it’s easy to find because we already know where to look for it.

There are so many free audio provider sites circulating in cyberspace. And here are the lists that have been selected and you can use for the process of making Youtube video background sound:

1. FindSounds

Finding free audio on https://FindSounds.com/ is very very easy because the website display is very simple and the download process is fairly easy.

This site provides several categories of files that you can download, including:

1. Animal sounds.

2. Bird sounds.

3. Holiday related sounds.

4. Household products.

5. Instruments / samples.

6. Machinery sounds.

7. Sounds of nature.

8. Noisemakers.

9. Office-related sounds.

10. Sounds by people.

11. Sports sounds.

12. TV / Movie effects.

13. Vehicle sounds.

14. Weapon sounds.

15. Misc. sounds.

To start the download process, all you have to do is click on one of the selected categories. Then select the audio you want to take, then press the play button and save.

2. GRSites

There are 1,980 sound effects provided by http://www.grsites.com/archive/sounds/ The download process is almost the same as FindSounds, which is easy and not complicated.

Some sound effects that are on GRSites:

1. Aircraft sound effects (68).

2. Animals sound effects (144).

3. Background sound effects (22).

4. Battle sound effects (47).

5. Bell sound effects (7).

6. Bird sound effects (44).

7. Car sound effects (87).

8. Cartoon sound effects (189).

9. Comics sound effects (27).

10. Electronics sound effects (31).

11. Emergency sound effects (32).

12. Farm sound effects (92).

13. Horror sound effects (20).

14. Household sound effects (61).

15. Industry sound effects (6).

The closing brackets indicate how many files are provided. Of course, there are still many more files to choose from and you can sort one by one.

3. SoundBible

WAV, MP3, and Zip formats are provided by http://soundbible.com/free-sound-effects-1.html for its users. Same as the previous sites, where you can listen to the types of the audio first. Then, if you are interested in one of the audio, then you can directly download it.

Some audio files on SoundBible:

1. Sawing wood.

2. Marbles.

3. Analog clock alarm.

4. Baby music box.

5. The aircraft takes off.

6. Doberman Pinscher.

7. Flock Seagulls.

8. Ice skating.

9. Firetruck.

10. Hyenas laugh.

As for the download process, you can directly click on the desired audio file. After that, there will be 3 types of download formats, as mentioned earlier, namely WAV, MP3, and Zip. Please click on one of them, then the audio file is yours.

4. Freesound

Your audio treasury is increasing and will never run out because the discussion of free audio provider sites has reached number 4. On this site number 4, there are approximately 1000 more audio collections.

And how to use it is quite easy, where the audio-audio that we are looking for is spread in the form of tags. There are tons of audio tags to choose from, such as:

1. People.

2. Percussion.

3. Rain.

4. Scary.

5. Space.

6. Techno.

7. Thunder.

8. Traffic.

9. Train.

10. Wind.

As for downloading, you are required to login first. The registration process is also quite easy and to prove it, please visit the official Freesound https://freesound.org/browse/tags/ website.

5. Orange Free Sounds

Besides sound effects, Orange Free Sounds also provides drum loops, synth loops, sound logos, and several other audio files. If Freesound has to register first, then Orange Free Sounds are not necessary.

You only need to find the audio file you need, then choose the WAV or MP3 format. And for those of you who want to insert Orange Free Sounds audio files to Youtube, you can choose the tag titled “free for commercial use”.

The following are some of the tags in Orange Free Sounds:

1. Ambiance.

2. Animal.

3. Audio loop.

4. Background.

5. Beat the bell.

6. Birds.

7. Cartoon.

8. Dreamy.

9. Farm.

10. Free for commercial use.

There are still many more tags to choose from. To find out more details, please explore the official Orange Free Sounds website http://www.orangefreesounds.com/category/sound-effects/.

6. Sounds Crate

You’re learning video editing, then looking for good audio to mix with your videos? If so, you might be able to look for it at https://soundscrate.com/.

Why Sounds Crate? Because here the audio file that is served is quite awesome and most importantly it is free, so you can freely use it.

You can choose various types of files through SFX / Music which are then divided into 4, namely:

1. Sound design.

2. Sound FX.

3. Royalty-free music.

4. Idents.

Besides searching for audio files here, users can also learn about video editing, because there is a tutorial menu for After Effects, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and HitFilm users.

7. Pachd

The audio files on this site may not be as many as the free audio provider sites before. However, in matters of use to matters of downloading files, http://www.pachd.com/sounds.html falls into the easiest category.

You only need to click on the audio file that you want to download, then it will be taken to a new page and there you can immediately save your downloaded results.

There are approximately 60 more files that you can download on Pachd, such as:

1. Aerosal can spray.

2. Bell ringing alarm.

3. Applause.

4. Bicycle pump.

5. Boiling soup.

6. Brushing carpet.

7. Camera click.

8. Camera focus.

9. Camera rewind.

10. Car interior, etc.

And the most important thing is that every file in Pachd can be used as much as you want, whether it’s for personal, non-commercial, or commercial.

8. sshhtt

This site also provides so many audio files, such as the 20th century, laugh, or benny hill theme. There are approximately 22 audio categories that you can choose from, including:

1. Ambient.

2. Animals.

3. Cartoon.

4. Christmas.

5. City.

6. Home.

7. Humor.

8. Marine.

9. Kids.

10. Mecanics, etc.

All you have to know is the Spanish-language http://www.sshhtt.com/ site and to download you are required to register first.

No need to panic or be confused in the registration process, because you can ask for help Google Translate.

9. Dramatic Publishing

On its official website, https://www.dramaticpublishing.com/free-sound-effects says it has been around since 1885. And they really focus on drama and musicals, so an official website is created, one of which contains free audio files for users.

In Dramatic Publishing there are about 30 sound effects that you can use which consist of several categories, such as:

1. Animals.

2. Natural sounds.

3. Households.

4. Transportation.

5. Public places.

6. Weapons.

7. People.

For the download process the same as the previous sites, where you just click on the desired audio and click the download button.

10. Youtube Audio Library

Talking about free audio provider sites, it’s incomplete if you don’t mention Youtube. To find your own Youtube audio library, you can log in with your Gmail account. After that, please log in to your Youtube account, click “create” and click “audio collection”.

If on the site beforehand there are several categories. Then in the Youtube audio library is also the same, where you just click “genre” and there will appear choices that you can use.

In addition, there are still several other options, such as:

1. Mood.

2. Instrument.

3. Duration.

4. Attribution.

How is it, your audio collection is increasing with this discussion?

Are There Other Sites?

In addition to the ten sites mentioned earlier, of course, there are still other sites that also provide the same service. And these sites are:

1. https://Directorzone.cyberlink.com/

2. https://Halloween.it/

3. https://Epidemicsound.com/

4.  https://Freemusicarchive.org/

5. https://Audioblocks.com/

6. https://Finalcutking.com/

7. https://Jamendo.com/

8. https:Soundjig.com/

9. https://Wav-sounds.com/

10. https://Soundimage.org/

11. https://Fxhome.com/

12. https://Salamisound.com/

13. https://Bensound.com/

14. https://Topfreeintro.com/

15. https://Jewelbeat.com/

Those are the fifteen additional sites that might be alternatives, besides the ten sites mentioned earlier. How is that enough?

Understanding Usage

One of the most important parts of audio downloads is understanding the license used. If in some of the sites mentioned earlier it cannot be used commercially, it should not be used commercially.

However, if there is a mention that it can be used for anything, aka free, then please use it as well as possible.

This is important to say because the audio problem is not something trivial. In fact, if ignored it can be forwarded to legal channels. So, before downloading audio on the sites mentioned earlier, don’t forget to read the terms.

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Now, your treasury is growing with the sites mentioned earlier. Of the 25 free audio provider sites mentioned earlier, which one have you used?

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