MacOS Understanding and History, Advantages and Disadvantages


macOS Understanding and History, Advantages and Disadvantages – In a computer, there need to be 3 elements, namely the presence of hardware, software, and firmware. Software or software from a computer is divided into several types with different specifications and conditions. You may know the OS (operating system) or the operating system as part of the software.

MacOS Understanding and History Advantages and Disadvantages
MacOS Understanding and History, Advantages and Disadvantages

MacOS Understanding and History, Advantages and Disadvantages

As a good computer user, of course, you should be able to understand all the components that are related in order to determine the best, including being wise in choosing the operating system that will be used.

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The selection of an operating system can affect the use and use of your computer, in addition to the basic specifications of the computer, which are also often taken into consideration.

In general, various types of computers are more dominant using the Windows operating system in various versions as well.

But you know besides Microsoft Windows there are still other operating systems with quality that is not inferior of course.

One of them is the operating system that we will discuss this time, the name is MacOS or commonly called Macintosh Operating System.

In addition to discussing the notion of MacOS, we will also describe the history of the formation of MacOS with its various developments, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this one operating system.

As an operating system, macOS fame is still inferior compared to Windows. But make no mistake because it turns out that this MacOS operating system is the first time in the use of GUI or Graphical User Interface.

In addition, there are many other features and advantages that can be obtained by installing this operating system.

Besides being able to be used on computer devices, macOS can also be installed on other smartphones or gadgets according to the applicable provisions or specifications.

The assumption that this MacOS is part of Unix, as well as Linux, appears because of changing names to OS X and macOS X servers.

In addition, the use of the BSD kernel that is on the MacOS X server is also another factor that further strengthens this assumption.

macOS History

macOS operating system or the Macintosh Operating System was originally named OS X by the developer company Apple Inc.

Hearing Apple’s name maybe some people don’t expect it because it’s more identical to smartphone products with iOS as its operating system.

But it turned out that as one of the giant providers of various kinds of software, Apple Inc. also took part in launching macOS for the first time in 1986.

With the use of elegant design the creation of MacOS also involved important people namely Bill Atkinson, Jef Raskin, and Andy Hertzfeld.

macOS History
macOS History

Steve Jobs (left) and Bill Atkinson (right)

Jef Raskin as one of the people involved also took part in giving the Macintosh the name of his favorite apple.

After its first appearance in 1986, macOS underwent several developments or updates and even changed its name to the macOS X server in 2001 which is the successor of MacOS 8 and MacOS 9.

The use of “X” is also interpreted by some parties to be an obligation because of the use of Unix bases in its manufacture.

The MacOS X server is basically similar to the original version, but with a note that in covering software needs for management purposes on a larger scale computer.

In addition, there are other additional features provided such as SMTP, SMB, LDAP, and DNS with different OS licenses.

macOS advantages and disadvantages

macOS advantages and disadvantages
macOS advantages and disadvantages

Display MacOS

As an operating system certainly macOS has its own advantages and disadvantages. Various updates made do not mean that there is no shortage.

In detail we will provide below about the advantages and disadvantages of MacOS:

macOS advantages

  1. The use of GUI (Graphical User Interface) on macOS makes it look more attractive and elegant so it is suitable for design and multimedia purposes.
  2. The use of the UNIX base that is applied makes its use more stable and in terms of security is also very guaranteed (free of viruses, spyware, and malware).
  3. Compatible for all operating systems. This means you don’t have to worry about creating documents in certain formats such as PDF, HTML, MP3, Text, DOC, XLS, and others on MacOS because it can also run on other operating systems.
  4. In terms of ease of use is also quite guaranteed because you can directly try at the same time learn about how to use it, in addition to hardware support on macOS is also quite clear.
  5. To find data on your hard drive, internet usage is also very easy and can be done by entering keywords.
  6. The ability to backup systems is also very good and can be done automatically so you don’t have to worry about changes – changes that occur in data are not stored.
  7. And many more

macOS deficiency

  1. Behind all the advantages offered, it turns out MacOS still has many flaws, one of which is a fairly high price considering that Apple itself also always gives high prices on all its products including macOS operating systems.
  2. macOS operating system is more likely to be used only for graphic design purposes, even this system does not support gaming needs.
  3. On a macOS computer, it cannot be used in conjunction with other operating systems, unlike Windows which is also capable of running Linux even though in VirtualBox packaging.
  4. Apple as a developer also never gave licenses to all companies that want their hardware to support macOS, so that it cannot be assembled by anyone.

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So, Friends, This is the understanding of macOS and its advantages and disadvantages. In the above article also explained the brief history of how MacOS was made, so that your understanding of the macOS operating system becomes clearer.

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