21 Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill (Copywriting)


21 Tools to Improve Your Writing Skills (Copywriting) – Improving writing skills is important. Especially for people who work and relate to writing or who just started blogging.

21 Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill (Copywriting)

But the words are sometimes complicated because it’s not an easy thing to put them together into one sensible sentence, sounds good, and makes the reader feel something.

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As a marketer, improving writing skills also need to be considered and developed (because as a marketer, you should also be able to write).

Why is it important?

Can you imagine working as a marketer but not able to convey a message to prospective prospects or your customers well?

This will affect your business forward especially on promotional activities.

All you need to do now is find a suitable writing style for you, develop a vocabulary, ask for feedback and listen, and practice it.

This article will invite you to improve your writing skills by using the following useful tools.

Let’s get started!

Enhance Writing Skills with these 21 Tools!

Here are some tools that will help you in improving writing skills and you do not need to be confused again to search around with searching on the internet, just select and practice!

  1. https://www.dailypage.co/Daily Page

“One of the obstacles to the writer is the comforting lie we tell ourselves to stop writing and doing other things, the better.” Beth Dunn, HubSpot UX writer & editor said.

“If your fingers can still be moved, you can still write marks. Sit at the same time each day and start typing. “ He continued.

You want to get used to writing every day but do not know what to write? Daily Page will encourage you to write every morning.

Not only that, you have all day to write a response, and you can share it or save it for private.

  1. https://750words.com/

Another way to improve your writing skills is to do a “brain dump” exercise using tools like 750 Words.

“Brain pumping” means channeling what’s in your head onto paper without having to be afraid to convey ideas and personal things.

It’s not about blogging or updating status, it’s about you.

Write whatever you want on your personal account, without having to include your content title or your topic tag or share it with your friends.

What this tool can do is men tracking how many words you write, about 750 words (3 pages).

This tool is modified like a game, which will give you pleasure.

You will get points for writing. 2 points if writing 750 words and more points if you write consistently.

And every time you write, you’ll see a cool statistic that shows you how long you spend writing.

  1. http://twords.2lch.com/

Publishing content consistently is very important in the world of blogging.

A study concluded that companies that are committed to publishing regular and quality content for blogs tend to get more website traffic and leads.

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Tools like Towards will help you to be more committed to writing consistently.

Towards refer to themselves as “apps that nudge you to write.”

The point is this tool will notify you that you have not started writing and help yourself to be more responsible.

This tool will also men tracking posts you create. You can see the pattern of writing while being diligent in blogging vs. being lazy to write.

  1. https://kopywritingkourse.com/copywriting-exercises/

Basically, swipe files are just folders where you can keep important things you want to keep, like ads, copy, email, etc.

Save all the posts that make you click, sign up, funny stuff, or up to amaze you. The goal? To make it all a source of inspiration.

The form of a swipe file can be either physical or digital.

  • A physical file swipe can be a folder or collection of envelopes where you can save print ads, copy pieces, letters, etc.
  • Swipe files on the desktop can be digital folders, as you would normally see on your computer. Whenever you see something that interests you, live screenshots and drags the screenshot to swipe your folder.
  1. http://helpmewrite.co/

The best thing about writing is that you write something that your audience really wants to read. And, you can ask them to give you an idea!

When using Help me Write, you can post an idea of what’s on your mind.

Then, you can share those ideas with your network via Twitter, Facebook, email. Ask your audience what they read most often.

They will be happy to vote on favorite reading categories and you can pick topics and get better at managing your time.

  1. https://trello.com/

Writing efficiently and well organized is part of how to improve good writing skills.

Use tools like Trello to collect content ideas, share them with your team members, define deadlines, collaborate with other team members, men tracking progress, and transfer ideas from concept to completion.

At DigitalMarketerid, we added all the blog post ideas to Trello, converting all ideas into card form and we developed it with a note. After that, we move from the list with drag & drop.

  1. https://www.google.com/docs/about/

There are many ways to use Google Docs to improve your writing skills. For example, you can use it to research online about topics you want to write, find quotes or educational information.

You can use it to request edits or comments from your coworkers, even to have a dictionary that can be used internally among fellow team members.

  1. https://www.quora.com/ & 9. https://growth.org/top


Speaking of the source of the crowd, Quora is a great place for frequently asked questions if you want to reach other networks outside of your usual access.

Easy to find keywords, follow topics that you find interesting or post your questions.

If you’re looking for a special answer from an inbound marketer, you can visit inbound.org because there is a source of answers from professionals.

  1. https://otranscribe.com/

If you write something like an interview with someone, oTranscribe is a great tool that will help you in the transcript of the interview, and also gives you more time to write and analyze.

This is a web application for transcribing interviews created by Elliot Bentley, a graphic writer in the Wall Street Journal.

The audio player is integrated with the editor, meaning you do not have to go back and forth. You can pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward using a shortcut on the keyboard.

Every second, your transcripts will be saved automatically in browser storage, so it’s safe. You can export it to plain text or to Google Docs.

  1. https://coffitivity.com/

Ready to start writing? This is a tool that will boost your productivity! A study from the Univesity of Chicago found that a moderate or so-called “white noise” environmental noise will help people become more creative.

Creativity offers non-stop background café sounds with various variations, such as “Morning Murmur”, “University Undertones” “Lunchtime Lounge”, and “Brazil Bistro.”

  1. http://e.ggtimer.com/  & 13. https://tomato-timer.com/

If you like writing with little pressure or deadlines, tools like E.ggtimer.com and Tomato Timer are useful and free.

Both of these tools offer Pomodoro techniques: time management techniques invented by Francesco Cirillo.

  1. ZenPen

If you can not write well because your attention is easily distracted, you can use the ZenPen tool to block all distractions and focus on what you are writing.

ZenPen is a website that gives you a “minimalist writing zone.”

There are some minimalist features available to help you to style text, add hyperlinks, and quotes.

Once you are done, all you need to do is copy the text and paste it into your blog editor.

21 Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill (Copywriting)

  1. https://www.powerthesaurus.org/ & 16. https://www.thesaurus.com/

These 2 websites are a source where it provides a selection of frequently used words from the author community.

All of the suggested words here are genuine and are based on the editorial work of the author’s team as well as derived from visitor reviews.

So you can keep unique and interesting words to provoke your inspiration and creativity.

  1. http://getprompts.com/

If you like to write something or pour ideas using a mobile phone wherever you are, you can use this app.

Prompts will suggest what you should write next. This app will also track your writing habits, can remind to write regularly if you allow it, and it is possible to schedule a day and time based on written history.

  1. https://www.brainyquote.com/

You can find what you want like a quote from famous authors, political figures, celebrities, or public figures or other public figures to strengthen your writing or to inspire your readers.

BrainyQuote is a library full of millions of interesting allusions and you can search for various quotes based on the topic (peace, success, leadership, etc.) or characters (Aristotle, Dr. Seuss, Audrey Hepburn, etc.).

  1. http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

Ernest Hemingway is admired for his compact style of writing, therefore his last name is used for this one editing application.

Want to make your content easier to read? Just copy-paste your text into this free website application and then this app will assess your writing as well as identify opportunities to make it simpler.

First, this app will categorize your writing whether it is easy to read or not to grade.

Then you will be shown how to improve your writing to make it easier to read.


20.  https://app.grammarly.com/  & 21. http://www.correctica.com/

When the writing activity is over, it’s time to edit. Relying on human editors is not enough to check for errors in grammar.

Tools like Grammarly and Correctica are tools that are for triple-checking before you hit ” publish ” or ” send .”

And if you like to write in foreign languages like English, this tool will definitely help to perfect your writing!

Which Do You Choose?

So, now we’ve reached the end of the article, of the many tools mentioned about which do you want to try first?

Whatever is chosen may the above tools help you in improving your writing skills for the better and creating quality content!

Keep in mind, improve the writing skills do need to be sharpened and all the necessary process.

No matter if you as a marketer can not produce good writing, the most important is to remain diligent practice and the results will certainly look sooner or later!

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